• Pony Month In Review - 40+ Events That Happened in January 2016

    January had some of the most interesting news yet, with the introcution of season 6 information, as well as the BIG Spring release date! We have McDonalds Toys, Tons of fun fan stuff, and loads of new EQD posts.

    Below the break, we recap it all. Go get your January in review, or catch up on what you may have missed if you weren't around!

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    Ponyille Race Track a Future Episode Hint?

    The MLP Facebook uploaded a new header image, with a mysterious race track. Get the post over here about it!

    New Chrome Ponies Hitting Tons of Stores Soon


    Information on that one over here!

    This Christmas PMV is Awesome

    And not just because that christmas tree has all the best ponies on it. Get it here!

    Episode Rewatch begins! Get Episode 1-2

    A new EQD series highlighting episodes every week while waiting for the hiatus to end. Check it out over here.

    Holiday Banner Event Ended

    Check out all the winners here!

    Pony History Begins

    A post happening on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday highlighting awesome fandom events, creations, and more from the old days! Check them all out here.

    Debates Begin

    EQD peoples battle it out over random topics! We hope to expand this to a bunch of weird things in the future, but for nowe we need all the feedback we can get.

    Get the debates so far over here.

    CMC Went Gangsta

    That happened.

    Coloratura Brushable Appears

    Coloratura Brushable My Little Pony Explore EquestriaColoratura Brushable My Little Pony Explore Equestria

    Check the infos on that one here!

    The Top 10 Animations of 2015!

     Check it out here!

    FiM Production Guy Leaves Friendship is Magic for ABC Family

    Information on Brian Lenard's new switch over here.

    Friendship is Witchcraft finally Returned! 

     HORSE WOMEN TIME. Get it here.

    MCDonalds Announced New Line of Pony Figures For February

    Happy Meal Toys MLP February 2016 Buttonbelle Starlight Glimmer Coco Pommel

    Time to get FAT

    Get them here.

    Friendship is Magic Comic #24 Released

    MLP: FF 24 Reg CVRMLP: FF 24 Sub CVR

    Gilda and Rarity this time. Get the infos here.

    Trixie Fixes Season 6

    Brony Musician Discovered to Be Dead

    A sad moment in the fandom. No one was really sure where he was until it was discovered now, years later.

    Information on that here.

    WE Are Borg Joins EQD Staff, and UNLEASES EDITORIALS

    Now with oldschool villains!
    And 5 Season 6 Epsides We want to See

    EQD Launches Disqus Comments

    Due to some issues with the commenting system we were using, we were forced to switch to Disqus comments. Old comments can be found archived underneath those in a link until we migrate them over.

    Info here.

    Equestria Girls Mini Launches a New Mini Series

    Equestria Girls Mini Twilight Sparkle Episode short

     Or at least we thought that was what was happening.

    Best SFM animations of 2015

    Get it here

    Twilight's Strange Castle

     Very Strange

    Hearthbreakers Has some Neat Early Notes!

     Check them out here!

    TheSlorg Joins EQD, and Pony Spotlights Begin

     Our newest Australian pony enthusiast brings on the SPOTLIGHTS! Check out his work so far at the spotlight tag here

    Season 6 Returning Character Revealed


    Aurora Plushies Expanded

    Aurora Shining Armor, Cadance, Coco Pommel, and Starlight Glimmer merchandise mlp
    Aurora has a new lineup of ponies on the way! Info here.

    EQD Suggestion Gathering

    We are looking to improve everything. Help us out!

    Main Comic #38 Released!

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #38 Released Today!My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #38 Released Today!My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #38 Released Today!
     "Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor, were we having a good time?"—Spock

    Go get it over here

    Wildstar Adds Pony Stuff

    Get it over here!

    Collector Pins from Enterplay Coming

    New My Little Pony Collectors Pins
     Yep, that is Flutterbee. You probably know what image I'm referencing. Info here.

    Patton Oswalt Discusses Pony on Conan

    Comedian Patton Oswalt Explains My Little Pony


    Season 6 Main Theme Revealed!

    Explore Equestria theme for season 6

     Get infos on that over here.

    EQD podcast Returns with Video Games

     Check em out over here!

    Pony Conventions of 2016 List Complete!

    Spotlight Splash Conventions Brony 2016

    Check it out here!

    Awesome Lego Animation

    Animation: My Lego Pony - Dental student

    Incredible I say. Truly incredible

    Our Mascots Got a Section

    GLORIOUS Spotlight Splash



    Jayson Thiessen Inteviewed here on EQD

    Jayson Thiessen Interview 2016

     Go get it over here!

    Friends Forever #27 First Look with Granny Smith and Pinkie Pie!

     My Little Pony: Friends Forever #27—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer! My Little Pony: Friends Forever #27—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer!

     Check it out over here!

    FiM Comic #41 First look Exclusively on EQD !

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #41—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer!My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #41—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer!My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #41—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer!

     Check it out here!

    Pony Licenced Through 2018 by Little Brown Books!

     Lyra and Bonbon LONG into the future!

    Drawfriend Stuff: Moth Ponies

    Awww yeah. Go get 50 moths here.

    Giant FIM Poster Officially Released

     Get it over here!



    Sweet Velvet is EVERYWHERE

    And I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Whitedreams has created a monster and I can't stop loving her. 

    Weird Pony Trends: The Tailmouth

     Enjoy it! New series if we can find enough strange things!

    EQD Recruits 2 Artists!

    Because Spotlight Splash and Rocket Tier needed more love, we have two new awesome artists. Introducing Allyster Black above

    And Pinipy Below!

    Hasbro Sued for Pirated Font

    Hasbro Being Sued By "Font Bros America" For Potentially Pirated Font

     Infos Here!

    5 Places for Exploring Equestria to Go with Vicodin!

    5 Places "Exploring Equestria" Could Go!

     Check it here!

    Ponified Steven Universe Intro

     Get it here!

    Seriously She's So Cute

    I swear I wont get sick of her after a month like all the other ponies.

    Shiny and Cadance Foal Revealed - Name and Season 6 Trailer!


    Get it here

    We Love Fine Confirms Chibi Figures

    We Love Fine Chibi Figures Wave 2 - Lyra Luna Celestia Fluttershy

    Get the full list here of their new ones !

    Gameloft's Pony Studio in New Zealand Shuts Down

    Check this madness out over here! No idea how it will effect the pony game.




    New Season 6 Pony Gets an Entire Art Post!

    Get it over here

    Terrifying? Or Amazing?

    Oh god the money

    Greatest Cake

    Full List of New Editorials - SEEKING NEW IDEAS!

    We added tons of new editorials  and we need tons of new suggestions and ideas for more!

    Go get em here and help us think of new ideas!

    Ted Cruz Endorses Applejack

    How... interesting

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