• Nightly Discussion #142

    Seems like we've gotten a lot more badass Twilight artwork since she got wings. I guess ascending to princesshood does that to you, huh?

    Time to talk my friends! Get to it!

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  • Disney PMVs: Oliver and Company

    If there is one thing Disney is good at, it's catchy tunes.  Be that from lions stalking the savannah, or dogs in New York.  We have another set of Disney PMVs for you all to absorb, based on Oliver and Company.  Get them below!

  • Twilight Sparkle Invades Toronto News Channel

    It looks like that costume that has been floating around up there in Canada has found it's way on to a Canadian television station, with a quiz for two kids in tow.  If you are curious about how well they did, you can check it out over here.

    (I wonder if we know who is in that costume?)

    Thanks to Alexander for the heads up!
  • Fix ANYTHING With Ponies

    You may or may not know this, but I'm not all ponies and video games.  When it comes to fixing things, give me a roll of duct tape and I'll make anything work.  Did you know this stuff played a huge role in saving the astronauts during Apollo 13? Duct tape is amazing.

    How do you improve duct tape? Add ponies to it.  Yes, we have our own branded version of the ultimate tape.  This fandom has reached a level of importance that warrants that.  Now plumbers, garage door repairmen, roofers, and everyone else can walz in and plaster houses and appliances with ponies for the sake of repair.  A win/win in my book.

    Found over on Amazon.

    Thanks to Ah Smaug for the heads up! 
  • Spotlight Music: Ameliorate / Dodge This

    RELAX, and then GET PUMPED. We hit both sides of the spectrum here. Both below the break!

    1.) Ponytronic - Ameliorate (Original Mix) (Instrumental - Soft Electronic)
    2.) Dodge This '14 - Rhyme Flow, IbeConCept, iBringDaLULZ, Clavi (Vocal - Rap)

  • Woalworths Listing New Twilight Sparkle Night Light

    The nights a bit too scary for you? Need to Twilight it up? Woalworths in the UK is listing this one available over on their main site.  Currently she clocks in at £16.  Hopefully she makes the rounds to other countries so we can all be graced by mysteriously glowing Twilight at night.  Just look at that confused expression she has in the promo image. 

    Thanks to Jayson for the heads up!

  • Story Updates - October 17th

    Story updates! Join Twilight Sparkle as she goes CRAZY.  Read things!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1321

    I want some Twilight Sparklean diplomacy in season 5.  I think watching her roll around with her super powered princess duties would be fun.  How would she quell the griffon empire uprising in the East? Or stop the Diamond Dog Armada in the south? Questions that need to be answered, with AWESOME.

    Now get some art below!

    [1] Source

  • Pinkie Pie has both Great Moments and Confusing Moments - Time to Analyze Her with Dr. Wolf!

    Pinkie Pie is one of those characters that has been an enigma since the beginning.  Her random personality type can be a bit confusing at times.  There were points throughout the seasons where she just sort of makes you question her sanity, then other times where she is the most sane of the bunch.

    So, join some semi-animation style analysis for a look into the psyche of Pinkie Pie below!

  • Comic: Just a Bit of Motivation / Boulder / Compromise / Crazy Future 24

    Not too often we get an inspirational comic like the one above! It's nice sometimes to get a perspective like this to help when things get rough.

    Comic time again guys! Click for full!

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  • Comic: Your Biggest Fan / A Radiant Future / Twilight and the Mop / Flower

    Better watch out Twi, looks like you've got some competition!

    Comics guys, click for full!

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  • Sombra, Daring Do, and Spitfire Completed Chinese Knockoffs Pop Up

    More of these guys appear to be hitting the completed state. I don't think we've ever seen a Sombra plushie around here.  I wouldn't mind picking up that Spitfire though.  It looks like they did a good job on it.  

    Expect them to eventually find hteir way on Ebay, or if you aren't in the USA or have a proxy handy, they tend to show up here.

    Thanks to Pukyguso for the heads up!

  • Spotlight Music: Nightmare Night Surprise / ᐳ=)

    We haven't seen a General Mumble song in a while.  Get that in the second slot, and some Nightmare Nights with Vocal Score in the first!

    1.) MLP Original - Nightmare Night Surprise (Vocal - EDM)
    2.) General Mumble - ᐳ=) (Remix)

  • Friend Off Revival - Rules and Guidelines

    A long, long time ago one of the first events to take place on Equestria Daily was the Friend Off, an event that got artists and writers together to make stories based on art and art based on stories. We haven't held the event for quite awhile for whatever reason, but seeing the HUGE number of artists and writers that have appeared since then I thought we'd give this a shot once more!

    So how does this all work? Well, to borrow from the ancient posts of yore...

    The Rules Are Simple:

    Artists: Take a story from FimFiction or our story archive and draw something about it.
    Writers: Take your favorite piece of artwork and write something about it.

    That's really all there is to it!

    What do I get out of it?

    Plenty of stories out there have nothing but simple artwork for their covers or covers made up of just stock images from Google. Plus it's cool just sometimes to visualize a scene from your favorite fic! The same can be said for amazing artwork as well, sometimes we just wonder what story is hiding in the background that made that scene possible. With just a little effort we can have a lot more amazing pictures as well as stories to help us last the hiatus!

    I'm in! Where do I post?

    Simple my friends! As usual we'd like you all to send in your creations to [email protected] with the subject line starting with Friend Off so we'd be able to sort the submissions.

    What do I send in my email?

    Also simple, when submitting a picture please provide a link to the accompanying fan fiction as well as a link to a source for your picture if you uploaded it anywhere (DeviantArt, ect).

    As for writers, please provide a link to or the picture that you've written a story for in the email as well as a link to your story. We can't host all the text lest the result post explode so include a link to a Google Doc or some other location where you're hosting the story. If you can provide a source to where you write (FimFic account, ect) that would be great too.

    How long is the event?

    The event will run from the moment this is posted to the end of October on the 31st, giving everyone about two weeks to kick their talents into gear!

    Sounds good! Are there any rules?

    Basically you can write or draw as to your heart's content as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

    • No porn though PG-13 and under situations are fine.
    • No extensive gore
    • No trolling stories or pics, serious participation only.
    • Get someone to proofread your story before submitting. It'll make it more enjoyable for everyone and I don't have the time to read everything.
    • As Seth said long ago, 'If you submit a stick figure with hooves, don't take it personally if it isn't posted.' While it's fun to include as many people as possible in events like these we'll probably be asserting a bit of quality control so that everyone has a good time.
    If there are any questions you can contact me at [email protected] and I'll do my best to answer them. Keep your eyes on this document though for updates just in case!

    Wonderful header by PixelPrism

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  • Rainbow Rocks Premieres Today on Discovery Family - Marathon in Celebration

    It's the 17th, which means Rainbow Rocks is about to make the jump to network TV.  If you weren't able to see it in theaters, this is a good excuse to finally catch it in higher quality.  It looks like there is a marathon happening today to celebrate it too! Head on down below the break for details on that one if you are interested in joining.

    Cinemaquestria Marathon:

  • Early Morning Discussion #17

    I really do love it when artists take the designs of the ponies and give them their own unique flaire! It makes them all look so distinct from one another and reinforces the personalities they have.

    Enough rambling though, time to say good morning to the day everyone!

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  • Untitled

    Minor spoilers for those who haven't seen RR. Be warned.

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