• Everfree Northwest Charity Auction Goes Internet!

    Do you guys want an opportunity to bid on the items in the Charity auction at Everfree Northwest, even though you can't attend the convention? It benefits the Seattle Children's Hospital!

    If that entices you, read on past the page break!

  • PMV: Yellow / SCUMPINK / BU2B (Brought Up To Believe)

    PMV TIME.  Primarily ones dealing with the world ending.  Not really. That is a cool picture though. 

    1.) PMV - Yellow
    2.) PMV - SCUMPINK (Party in the Key of Fear)
    3.) PMV - BU2B (Brought Up To Believe)

  • Music: Fluttershy's Goodbye // Ghastly Gorge // Dashy's Dream //

    And I realize you're mine!
    Indeed a fool of mine!
    And I realize you're mine!
    Indeed a fool of mine!

    What's the difference between a cat and this music post? Lots of things actually, but mostly the fact that there are no words in these songs. This hour we have some Fluttershy, some original music, and some Dash! Pleasantly caving in, I've come undone.

    1) DasDeer - Fluttershy's goodbye remade / 500 Subs!
    2) Neu KatalYst - Ghastly Gorge [Hard Mode]
    3) Doofcake - Dashy's Dream

  • Nicole Oliver at Everfree Northwest: Saturday Only

    What it says on the tin. Go and tell her how pretty her wings are (the answer is so pretty) this Saturday. Official press release below the break, where words are written by people not currently struggling to stay conscious.

  • Animation:Double Rainboom Promo #2!

    The team over at Double Rainboom has released their second huge promo for the upcoming full on episode! It just keeps getting better guys.  This fandom never ceases to amaze me.   Apparently the guy heading this, Zachary, is doing it for a college project.  Hopefully he lands something on the actual show in the future!

    Check it out above, or here in HD.

    Oh yeah, and they sent us an EQD banner to help show it off!

  • We Need Galacon Stuff!

    Trixie tries to look cool, but shes not psychic.

    As many of you have probably noticed, there has been a huge lack of Galacon coverage here on EQD!  We usually get flooded with information on stuff like this, but outside of the auction we haven't received any videos, information, or anything on the subject.  It taking place in Europe kind of put a damper on our ability to report on it directly. 

    So, we need your help! Did you attend Galacon?  Do you have videos of the crowds, booths, ect?  Send them on over to the [email protected] box with GALACON as the header.  Hopefully we can get enough for a good compilation of events!
  • Music: Letters to Celestia // Tale of the Brony // Love is in Bloom //

    Dead bull, with the life from the low!
    I’ll be massive conquistador!
    Give me soul, and show me the door!
    Metal heavy, soft at the core!

    Time for pony butts! Also music. This hour we have one vocal track and two remixes! Now, go on- make my day. What's the saga? It's ponies.

    1) Letters to Celestia (Acoustic Version) [750 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!]
    2) Tale of the Brony [Orchestral Medley by NomNom]
    3) Love is in Bloom - Orchestral Remix

  • Comic: A New Pet / The P Word / Dodo

    I seriously wonder what sort of pet Derpy would have. I can only imagine it would take after our favorite derp eyed mare and cause all sorts of mischief.

    More comics coming at you! Click for full.

  • Story Updates August 14th - Late Edition! (Morning)

    I derped and forgot to toss the story updates out last night! Have them now instead.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #533

    Now with 100% more page breaks or your money back! 

    It's a shame airships died out so early on in our history.  I guess Equestria never had a Hindenburg. 

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    The Flight of the Alicorn

  • Twilight Sparkle's Abilities as a Librarian

    Just how successful of a librarian is Twilight Sparkle?  This new article on Neatorama attempts to answer that! We tend to be blinded by her adorkableness, but technically she does have a pretty heavy responsibility maintaining what is essentially Ponyville's only center for knowledge and archiving. (Until they invent the internet at least!)

    Head on over here to check it out! 
  • Comic: The Notes They Don't Play / Total Eclipse / Sleepover With Twilight

    I would actually love for Lyra and Octavia to play something together in the show. Then again, I'd like to see a lot of things, heh.

    Time for comics you guys! Get them while they're hot!

  • Giggle at the Ghostly Source Filmmaker Edition

    They may be a little uncanny, but the source ponies do fulfill their purposes every once in a while!

    This is Giggle at the Ghostly, starring the TF2 Cast with Pinkie Pie.  Check it out after the break!

    (shes still creepy though!)

  • Instrumental Music: Forest of Myth / Daring Do's Adventures / Evening Star - Fleur de Lis

    Nighmare Moon is going to rot her teeth!

    We actually have a whole bunch of Daring Do this time around for those of you in the mood for some of that Indiana Jones/tribal style music.  And in the last slot, some Drums and Bass. Check them out below!

    1.) Forest of Myth (Tribal Orchestral)
    2.) Daring Do's Adventures (Orchestral)
    3.) {MLP:FiM} Evening Star - Fleur de Lis (Drums and Bass)

  • Story: Britannia & the Holy Hoof-Grenade


    Author: Hazelhooves
    Description: "...Captain Britannia of the Royal Equestrian Expeditionary Force is renown across Equestria as an adventurer, explorer and hero. Her name has graced headlines, honours lists and bookstore shelves with mention of her exploits, her achievements and her valour in service to Princess and Country. But what of the mare behind the myths?

    "In this first instalment, through the pen of Military Correspondent, Carbon Copy, we are introduced to a side of Britannia that the Equestrian public may not be aware of: what she was like as a young filly. For the first time, readers will find out what happened during her first adventure, travelling with her explorer father in far-off Zebrica and how she was forced to come face to face with probably her greatest challenge: her destiny..."

    A story about the B.U.C.K mascot written in the style of a historical biography of dubious credibility by an unreliable narrator set in the magical land we all know and love...or do we?
    Britannia & the Holy Hoof-Grenade

    Additional Tags: B.U.C.K Filly perilous adventure zebras

  • Nightly Roundup #407

    Seth may be the resident Trixie fanboy, but I've got to admit that she does look pretty awesome from time to time!

    Time for news you guys! Hope everything is well.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 13

    Sethisto is six inches tall. Don't listen to Ondore's lies - embrace the short. Ok, ok, I had too much fun messing with Twitter last night, and I had to do it again. So let's talk about Photo Finish and how everything she does is amazing, yeah? She certainly has da magicks. And so does this gallery, with all 468 fabulous ponies to show! It's a fashion show unlike any other, and it's bumped our grand total to 9377 images. Why, that's over ni-- *sound of a gunshot*

    ...Back from the hospital. Just in time to tell you that you should submit for Day 13 by following this link, and to contact me at [email protected] if there's any little thing you want to say.

    Well, we just got finished with the beautiful, so how about we move on to the bold? Tonight's theme is Draw a pony in command/Draw a pony in the lead. Some of them would probably appreciate it if you got them out of the lead, too. Cutie Mark Crusaders Alchemists, yay!

    Lastly but not leastly, we presently present to you the finest of mousses, mousses, mooses, and mouses ever assembled before your very eyes! That is to say, there's a lot of meece. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you lot are a very creative bunch, and I should no longer let it surprise me when you manage to find more interpretations for my themes than I initially counted on. I also want to make a very special shout out to one particular entry featuring Photo Finish and Sapphire Shores doing a fusion dance. If it wasn't a complex series of images it would have been tonight's feature. As it was, it broke my brain. Find it, and let it break yours, too!