• Nightly Roundup #690

    How about some more game related art since it keeps popping up in my dA box? Okami was one of my favorite PS2 games even though I unfortunately never got around to beating it. I've got to get a copy again someday and make that happen. Games are also relevant tonight because we have some game projects looking for help tonight so if you want to see some more pony games in the future please make sure to check out our Groups Looking for More section!

    On to the news guys!

  • YTPMV: Get These Ponies Out of Metropolis Zone / Tom's Pony / Discord Tombstone

    Simple YTPMV? Just normal YTPMV? I'm not sure what to call these. I don't know what to call a lot of things here on EQD though! I do miss the days when these had more effects.

    Onward to YTPMV's!

    1.) YTPMV Get These Ponies Out of The Metropolis Zone (2000 sub special)
    2.) Tom's Pony
    3.) YTPMV Discord Tombstone Remix (PonyDub)

  • Everfree Northwest Art Announcement

    Getting excited for Everfree Northwest? If not we've got some more stuff for you that might pique your interest! Everfree Northwest is pleased to announce artists and this year's art events happening at the convention. Check on after the break for the full details.

  • The Hub Sing-Along Saturdays

    The Hub is running a event on Saturdays (Starting on the 22nd) for those of you that love sing-along-stuff or have kids that love it. The pony specific episodes you can expect to find are Magical Mystery Cure and Winter Wrap up. Lyrics are available over on their website.

    Thanks to Phoenix for the heads up! 
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Filly Lyra / Ask BronyCon Ponies / Work Break Pony / Angelite Twilight / From the Desk of Mayor Mare

    Welcome once again to another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight! I have returned from the depths of the tumblr pony universe to bring you all a mix of tumblrs for you all to sit back and enjoy. I know it has been awhile since the last one so have five tonight to make up for it.

    As always, if you have a tumblr you would like to share, whether it is your own or someone elses, please make sure to send it my way at [email protected] for review and filing. Now, on to the tumblrs!

  • BronyCon Announces Amy Keating Rogers

    Tonight BronyCon is pleased to announce another addition to their guest list: The ever talented Amy Keating Rogers! Check out the official press release after the break.

  • Animation: E-Questria

    This just had to come out the day Seth posted a discussion about ponies suddenly being Transformers. Plus it fits in nicely with the video game header I had for last night's Roundup so win win! Click the picture to check out the awesome animated title screen.
  • Comic: Bloom / Royal Training / Thunderapples

    Sometimes a comic doesn't need a single word of dialogue to get a message across which really shows the power of the medium. Plus you can't get more slice of life than AJ and her family for sure.

    Comic time! Click for full.

  • Random Merch: Japanese Toy Show Stuff, Hot Topic, Cake, and More!

    Japan had a toy show a few days ago, with ponies running around pretty much everywhere.  Not all of it was new, though there were a few tiny things like the keychains above.  Their packaging is also a bit different on the movable toys with the button butt symbols. 

    Sakura Cheetah sent over the image above, along with this video showing off the entire thing

    And if Japan isn't your style, hit up the break for piles of random merch!

  • Equestria Girls Heading to Australia

    World Domination
    As Hasbro slowly rolls out Equestria Girls for the rest of the world, it looks like Australia is one of the first with an actual listing.  Village Cinemas has announced a 24th of August release date for the movie.   If you wanted to keep an eye on the page, you can find that here.

    Thanks to Indigo Rush for the heads up.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #839

    Always was a fan of lightning element stuff.

    Onward to art! 

    [1] Source
    Commission: Galloping Thundermare

  • MLP Press Release - Brand Growth and Future Plans

    A new press release has been posted detailing pony specifically across it's various marketing fronts.   It hits on the usual things, including Equestria Girls, the iOS/Android stuff, and books that are foating around Amazon.  Some of the neat tidbits to pull out of it include:
    • Loads more books coming worldwide
    • Equestria Girls Comics coming from IDW, Books from Little Brown Books, and Accessories from Fashion Angels
    • Hasbro focusing heavily on expanding plushie throughout 2013
    • Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were the most successful plush line in Build-A-Bear History
    • Twilight Sparkle coming to Build-A-Bear this Fall
    • Currently the #2 Toddler Toothpaste Brand 
    From toothpaste to comics, we seem to continue our world domination even if the fandom is shrinking a bit due to the haitus.  Now Hasbro needs to get a side series going between breaks so we aren't so bored out of our minds!  Keep the pony train rolling guys!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame, Masem, Daniel, and everyone else for digging around for us!
  • Discussion: Ponies are Now Transformers

    We have seen the commercials of ponies teaming up with the Transformers over on the Hub for a few years now. Their big two beginning shows were definitely the focus early on. So imagine if you will, a crossover series where all the ponies are now transformers.

    What would each of them transform into during travel?  I'm going to use the image above as an example of their normal robot form (and because Trixie is best bot, sorry Sweetie Bot), but they need a vehicle or, if Beast Wars is taken into account, an animal to swap into when  quick movement is required.

    You can run with the mane six, or any pony you wish.  If Derpy converts into a giant rolling muffin, then so be it.