• Physics Brony Trolls the Huffington Post

    As if Physics Brony wasn't awesome enough for his presentation, it looks like he managed to pull an epic troll off on The Huffington Post

    Trollestia would be proud! 

    (For those of you who don't know who Stephen Magnet is, hit up the FaQ button at the top that no one knows exists!)
  • Forum Signature Set

    For those of forum-goers out there that aren't already completely decked out in pony everything, an artist on photoshop has been pumping these things out left and right for pretty much every pony in the show.

    You can find a link to all of them below, and some overly cute filly ones after the break.

    Forum Signatures
  • Comic: Problem?

    And then Celestia disabled the mature content filter.  

    Please don't turn this into a debate in comments! 

  • Story: Made in Neighpon (Update Part 3!)

    [Normal] More Epic-length adventure stuff!  It is a bit weird to read with the present tense, but you can tell he put a lot of work into it!

    Author: MST3KFan (aka servo_chann)
    Description: Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent by Princess Celestia to the far east land of Neighpon to establish better relations, but things go wrong when a sinister plot involving an ancient evil planning to keep this from happening. With the help of another group of ponies, the gang will try and save things from becoming an international incident and much, much worse.
    Google Docs
    Made in Neighpon
    Made in Neighpon Part 2
    Made in Neighpon Part 3 (New!)

    Deviant Art
    Chapter 1 DA Part 1
    Chapter 1 DA Part 2
    Chapter 2 DA Part 1 
    Chapter 2 DA Part 2 
    Chapter 3 DA Part 1 (New!)
    Chapter 3 DA Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Cultural, Adventure, Friendship, Episode-Like
  • Papercraft Applejack

    Kna has released another in the Papercraft Pony Series, this time with Applejack! 

    You can find the link for below, as well as the guide!

    Papercraft Applejack

  • PMV: On to Pinkie Town // YTMPMV: Friendship is DEAD ZONE

    Did I say Rainbow Dash earlier? I meant Pinkie Pie.

    also a YTMPV

    1.) On to Pinkie Town
    2.) Friendship is DEAD ZONE

  • Story: A Terrible Secret

    [Normal] I knew what image this fic was based on the moment I read it.

    Author: Sword_Of_Squirrels

    Description: Rainbow Dash has been keeping a secret for a long time, ever since she was a young foal. Up till now, keeping that secret has been easy, but recent events have made this normally trivial task very difficult for her.

    A Terrible Secret

    Additional tags: Secrets, Lies, Truth, Short, Hair Care
  • My Little Band

    I don't really have a reason for posting this other than the fact that I broke my save button when I saw it. But where's Scratch?!
  • Take Me Home // Crazy Loop

    Video one:
    Step 1) Oh Boy, another dash PMV
    Step 2) This is pretty good...
    Step 3) Why do I have goosebumps?
    Step 5) Trixie who?

    1.) Rainbow Dash - Fly Away From Here -
    2.) Crazy Loop - Pretty sure Pinkie Pie Singing anything is awesome now.
    3.) Take Me Home Pony Roads

  • Drawfriend Stuff #91

    Why is it so hot outside? Edition

    Source 1

  • More Sonic Rainbooms

    Are you guys sick of these yet?

    Technically not a sonic rainboom, but an interesting photograph nonetheless! This particular phenomenon is produced by the low-pressure air over the fuselage of the aircraft sucking it into the loop getting so cold that the water vapor condenses. The plane also happened to be hitting the sun just right, producing a rainbow!

    One more picture after the break!

  • For those of you wondering...

    Yes, they did air it.

    Yes, it was unedited. Yes, it was the same version the blog received.

    Yes, it was fucking awesome.

    Poor Cereal and his iPad.
    Have an image and a Not-Fanfiction tag

    Also, I would like to announce... I love the Hub now. Even if they did give MLP the worst time slot ever last season.

    Stop editing my posts!
    - Cereal
  • My Little Musical

    Auditions for My Little Musical are now open! Have some copy paste!

    An audio production in the making, My Little Musical is a re-imagining of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that is currently looking for voice actors and musicians! Planned to be released as a concept album and radioplay in the future, this project needs help from all different angles to be lifted off the ground!
    SYNOPSIS: In the magical world of Equestria, all species have been able to coexist in peace for many years. However, when a group of adolescent dragons overstays its welcome in the tranquil town of Ponyville, the balance of the entire land is put into jeopardy. Can the magical Twilight, her young dragon assistant Spike, fashionista Rarity, and all of their friends calm the turmoil? Or will war break out in Equestria for the first time in over a thousand years? And will one pony‟s heart make a decision that could destroy the bonds that she and her friends have nurtured for so long?
    If you are interested in auditioning, or just want some extra information, check out the Ponychan thread!
  • Winter Wrap Up Chiptune // Winter Wrap Up Cover

    1.)Winter Wrap Up (chiptune)
    2.)MLP:FiM - Winter Wrap Up [Bass & Drum Cover]

  • Story: Split Love

    [Grimdark][Shipping][Sad] "This was intense..."- Pre-Reader #22-Appledash

    Author: Shadowdemon137
    Description: Pinkie Pie has loved Rainbow Dash ever since they met. But when Applejack gets in-between them, Pinkie Pie won't stand for it.
    Split Love

    Additional Tags: Insanity, Death, Love, Apples, Party
  • Ponycraft.org Teaser Video

    Seth's at work. That means I can upload all the Rarity-in-the-shower than I want.

    Anyway, the Ponycraft admin has sent us a delicious video teaser for his Minecraft pony server! This is seriously impressive stuff. Whenever I play Minecraft I usually settle for a nice little cottage. This guy built an entire city.

    Video after the break.

  • Daniel Ingram 91.8 "The Fan" Interview Recording

    For those that missed the live interview with Daniel Ingram the other day,  91.8 "The Fan" has tossed the recording up for the masses.

    Try to keep the comments to the interview, and avoid the anime music hate!

    Daniel Ingram Interview Recording
  • Broken Comment Box Fixed / Drawing Training Ground

    So, you all may have noticed the lack of a comment box at the bottom of posts earlier.

    I have no clue at all why it broke.  It broke on my beta blog too, and I haven't modified that one in a week.

    So I had to revert all templates back to default and rebuild everything.  Unfortunately, this means I lost my cool blue "reply" button, and star ratings refuse to move back to the bottom of posts.  They are now right below the title, driving my OCD absolutely insane. 

    You can still reply, it's just going to be a [Reply] next to people's names until I shop a new one. 
    In other news, the Drawing Training ground post was a huge success! Too much so actually...

    Poor Phoe can't be asked to do that every single night.  300 images takes a long time to upload/label.

    I am not completely sure how to handle this.  I have been stressing over for the past few hours.   The event is awesome, but that's too much work for one pony to handle!

    Maybe a random selection of 50 of them nightly would be best, but that still hurts the point of the event... to see people improve and grow over time.

    Maybe we can commandeer a ponychan thread every night and fill THAT up with them, but they wouldn't be stored forever.  I just don't know.

    If anyone has any ideas, feel free to email me.  I'm going to bed now though!  This broken code nonsense kept me up late yet again!
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 2

    My face when SO MANY PONIES (312!!!). I don't know quite what I was expecting when we launched this project, but this goes so far past that I don't even know what to say. And it's the first day. You're nuts and I love you for it. More on that after the page break.

    But with a new day comes a new theme! As before, please send your submissions to [email protected], using Artist Training Grounds Day 2 in the subject line and giving me the image and the name you want to be known by in the body. Attachments or links are both acceptable.

    The Theme of The Day

    Draw a pony jumping. Dynamic action poses are go! As always, exactly how you interpret the theme is up to you. If I don't see at least one pogo stick, I will be disappointed.