• Animation: MrPoniator's A Friend in Rage

    Some more Poniator goodness for you all to mull over! I don't know how this guy gets these out so frequently.
  • Breaking Down A Walk Cycle: Animation Analysis

    Well this sure is something!

    For all those interested in the animation of Pinkie's walk cycle in the Smile song, a helpful pony on Youtube has taken the liberty of deconstructing and analyzing the cycle frame by frame. You animation guys are gonna eat this up, trust me.

    Also, did you know Smile has a tempo of 160bpm? I didn't. Until just now.

    Find it after the break!

  • Story: Bureaucracy is Magic


    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: After overwhelming Ponyville's mayor, the main six must fill in as she takes a much needed vacation. Yet, only one pony can take the title of mayor at one time. Which of our favorite ponies will be the first substitute mayor? How long will she be able to last before passing the job to somepony else? And in the end, will Ponyville survive long enough for its real mayor to return?
    Bureaucracy is Magic

    Bureaucracy is Magic Alternate

    Additional Tags: Episode-like, mariachi, hoof fight, Twilight breakdown, One-shot
  • A Much Belated Update on Operation: Sharing Kindness

    Keeping the charity train a rolling (all night long), Operation: Sharing Kindness was a christmas charity that was looking to raise some money for Toys for Tots and Doctors Without Borders. There were some technical difficulties and the project kind of stalled, but it's ready to get back on track and reach it's goal of 5,000 dollars. Yet more technical difficulties (read: Phoe is stupid) have kept this update off the site for much longer than it should have been, but a good cause is a good cause no matter when it happens.

    I can imagine there are some of you out there reading this who are getting a little bit charity'd out right now. "But Phoe, I'm broke! I need that money to buy video games and food!" Important things, the both of them. But did you know that just a 10 dollar donation to this cause can enter you in a raffle to win a truckload of Steam games? And that the largest donation will win a custom pony plushie? I'm no expert, but this seems like a pretty good way to have your cake and eat it too.

    Check out the official statement from Moony below:

  • Animation on Display Followup

    Remember some time back when we reported that Animation on Display was featuring none other than Jayson Thiessen, Director and current Show Runner, on MLP? Well, that event occurred just this past weekend and was a resounding success!

    While Animation on Display is not strictly a convention focused on MLP, you all helped make the related pony panels and other fun events a worthwhile experience! Good show to everyone who attended and to the staff that helped set everything up.

    Quinnjaminn, who helped with the event, has generously provided some copy-paste and videos to share with you all after the break! Check them out if you want to hear about some of the creative process behind MLP, a special message from Jayson to the community, as well as other panel footage and general silliness.

  • Story Updates February 22nd (Evening)

    Story update time!  We have five in this little compilation.  Go read stuff.

  • Drawfriend stuff #341

    Rainbow Dash watching the sky edition!

    Have some pony art.

    Source 1

  • Felt Art Pony Competition for The Friendship Express (Releases on 2/28!)

    Shout Factory has given us a few Friendship Express DVD's to give out for their big release on the 28th of February, so what better way to distribute them than a good old fashioned contest.

    Due to the recent awesomeness of the felt ponies in the most recent episode, and Pixelkitties inspiring us with that amazing banner, we have decided on dedicating the event specifically to that!

    They also gave us an exclusive promo clip for it after the break similar to the other ones that have been floating around the internet.  They have assigned EQD  Pinkie Pie clop: first ambassador of smiles, because she is awesome. 

    Here's how it works:

    Create a pony scene out of construction paper or actual felt.  It cannot be digital, you must use physical materials. You can either do it out of a scene from the show, or from your own imagination.

    How do I submit? 

    Similar to the Equestrian Mock War Training Grounds, we will be using the Submission Page template for all entries. 

    Follow these simple steps:

    1.) Upload your image somewhere, be it Deviant Art, Imageshack, Livejournal, Facebook, or whatever.
    2.) Grab the URL of the image. (It MUST end in a file extention - examples: .png, .jpg, it will not work otherwise)  (TUTORIAL BELOW for Chrome/Firefox)
    3.)  Visit the submission page.  Fill out all relevant information.
    4.) The winners will be asked to take a physical picture of it being held up (to make sure it's not digital, so have a camera ready!)

    How do I win/What is the deadline?

    Sadly time constraints aren't allowing us to really do anything in depth with polls and such here, so the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges. 

    The final date will be Sunday February 26th at 11:59PM.  We will not be able to take late entries, so make sure you get them in before this time!

    The winners will be chosen and posted the following day.  You will be required to send us a picture of you (Your hands work) holding your physical copy of your submission for verification, your entry doesn't need to be in this format though.  

    If you have any trouble getting it to work, send an email to [email protected] and I will attempt to help you when I find time.

    Again, try to use the tutorials after the break! They explain it in depth!

    What are the Prizes? 

    First place will recieve 1 DVD + 1 My Little Pony Friendship Express Train Set  + 1 My Little Pony 11x17 Poster
      The Four Runners Up will each get a Friendship Express DVD

      Good luck everyone! And again, hit up after the break for tutorials on image capturing and submissions, as well as our Pinkie Pie teaser.

    • Flash: The Derp Chronicles 2

      So how exactly did Derpy find a way into that snowglobe?  Clearly there is some kind of creepy witchcraft going on here, or a chemical reaction.  Click above for the flash!
    • Comic: Miss Smartypants

      Click for full and heart attacks
      The daww levels, they are reaching critical mass!

      Twilight is back to best pony. Sorry Daring-Do, we had a good run.
    • YTPMV: Ponyrok / 馬月 / Fluttershy travels through a snowy field

      YTPMV Time! It's not even all video games this time around, amazing!

      1.) Ponyrok
      2.) 馬月
      3.) Fluttershy travels through a snowy field [No BGM]

    • Discussion: How has Friendship is Magic Affected you?

      You are here on EQD, so obviously you spend a lot of time on ponies.  As with all hobbies, it has probably had some kind of affect on your life. 

      So what is your story? Have you made a legion of new friends? Have you gone out and met them in real life?   Did you improve overall as an artist/musician/writer? 

      What did pony do to you?
    • Story: White Box

      [Sad/Bittersweet] Everyone says this one is amazing. The white/black swap has a point, so roll with it.

      Author: Chromosome
      Description: My name is Canvas. I remember because I wrote it in the corner of the white box. It takes twelve steps to get from the cot to the wall. And the lights hurt my eyes.
      White Box

      Additional Tags: I am a pretentious pony
    • Comic: Pinkie Pie Smile 1-2 / Zecora - Don't Go to the Forest / Pinkie's Creed

      Comic time! First off we have a pre-new episode comic, followed by a parody of Don't Go by The River Zecora style, and finally some Pinkie Pie pulling an Ezio Auditore.  Click all of them for full!

    • Random Videos: Moving On part 3 / Sandwich.wmv / Metal Gear Dash

      I think only the second one can really be classified as a PMV. Everything else is in a genre of it's own.

      1.) Moving On part 3
      2.) Sandwich.wmv
      3.) Metal Gear Dash

    • Derpy Day Means Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship - Coming March 1

      Last year marked the beginning of the very first Brony holiday: Derpy Day. It was a fun time for reflection, friendship, and realizing just how far I actually had to drive to find a bakery that would sell me a fresh muffin (the answer was ~30 miles, if you were curious). But one plucky Australian missed the date, and resolved to make up for it with something he called Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship. It was about delivering positive messages and cupcakes to strangers in exchange for impromptu renditions of the Evil Enchantress song, which I think turned out rather well.

      The funny thing about holidays is that they come once a year, and wouldn't you know it, it's almost March again. And March means marching orders, everypony. If you want to get involved in a fun and silly little project to make the lives of total strangers just a little bit brighter, then check below after this delicious page break. Page breaks: still sponsored by Brony Cola, the only cola I can ever think of.

    • Story: Tilt

      [Normal] Trixie on a Pinball? Oh lawdy

      Author: Passport Clean
      Description: Applejack is hell-bent on beating the high score on ‘Sea Pony Symphony’, her favorite pinball machine. Unfortunately the game has a dangerous twist in store for her. Will an unlikely retired pinball wizard be able to save her from a musical fate that is truly worse than death?
      Tilt Part 1
      Tilt Part 2

      Additional Tags: Actually has nothing to do with 'Tommy'.

      A 6 star Trixie story?! That's  not too common! 
    • Music: Friendship

      Hey foreign guys and early US people! It's late/early/a weird time, and I feel like posting some music, so have a new one from Aviators until we get updating going again!

      Also, TF2 is way too addicting. 

    • Story Updates February 22nd (Morning)

      Story update time! Just four tonight. Find them below!

    • Nightly Roundup #248

      I just drank a ton of grape juice.  It was good.

      Have some news!

    • Comic: Spilt Cider / What Has Been Seen

      Click for Full
      You know, all these cider comics give me a hankering for some of my own. Be right back as I head to the store!

      Before I dash off though, have some more CMC antics gone, terribly, terribly wrong.

      Click for Full