• Pony History of the Day: PONY.MOV

    You guys asked for them, so whether you like it or not we're going to be posting about the PONY.MOV series. The series has had a strong following since it's release, owing to the fact HotDiggedyDemon already had a big following from his flash works and the fact that APPLE.MOV when it was released in late 2011 was still one of the few examples of higher quality animation in the fandom.

    Love them or hate them they are still a part of our history and if you haven't seen them yet check on after the break for the full playlist and judge for yourself.

    Thanks to SpaceJam for suggesting the series in the last post and to all the others that suggested it before him!

    Super warning! The PONY.MOV series isn't for the faint of heart and is certainly within the mature category when ratings are concerned. 

    Also, Seth wanted me to put here that he doesn't care much for the PONY.MOV series either. Now that I have fulfilled that obligation I can get a cookie.

  • Music of the Day #618

    The power of Applejack compels you! To listen to music ofk the day. And spotlight. Go listen to that too. Slackers.

    Below the break, get your usual set, and remember, include the genre and type of song in (Vocal - Electronic) format in email submits! Songs that don't follow this are now officially turned away until they do include it.

  • Spotlight Acoustic Music: Wrath / If It Means Alot To You


    Then chill with some much more relaxing stuff in the second spot.

    Go get the music below.

    1.) Wrath - By Reverbrony feat. Ponysphere & John Thorsel (Vocal - Death Metal)
    2.) StealigShad3Z - If It Means Alot to You (Vocal - Acoustic)

  • Nightly Discussion #599

    As a biologist I love this sort of stuff! Really cool to see a pony broken down like this. I hope they do something similar for dragons, griffons and the like.

    Evening guys! Hope you are all doing well. Ready to discuss?
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  • Comic: Twilight the Redeemer / Mannequin / Checkout / Nova's Lab 4 / Come Home 1:26

    Twilight has done this so often now that Friendship has become serious business. I can only imagine this would be how she handles things if FiM was a more maturely rated show (or just an anime, stuff like this happens all the time).

    Comics! Click for full!

    Comic Updates:

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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1780

    Moonbutt is majestic too! Trixie isn't the only pony that pulls that off!

    Below the break, loads of art! That shouldn't be much of a surprise to all of you though. Now go!

    [1] Source

    Princess Luna - Cosmic Ballad by Shira-hedgie

  • Animation: KP's Final Fantasy

    Oh good! something other than review! KP has released a new animation ponifying oldschoolFinal Fantasy. Head on down below the break if that combination sounds fun to you!

  • Animation: The Ghosts of The Past Will Haunt Your Forever

    The past can really haunt a person. It might even seem to be a silly thing to others when you describe it to them, but it's still a part of you, something you have to learn to cope with. Whether it be in the form of Starlight Glimmer or Bojack Horseman, coping with the past is often something hard to do. I know the demons of my past frequently attack when I'm at my lowest or are the cause of bringing me down.

    Back in 2013 I experienced some of the toughest moments of my life, where a lot of what I believed and aspired to be changed within a short period of time. Though I found a new passion for teaching the subject I loved I couldn't help but think of myself as a failure for my change something I think compounds on the useless feeling I get when I do get depressed.

    It's been a long road to recovery, but as long as you want to recover it'll eventually get better. As they said in Bojack Horseman, 'It gets easier.'

    Anyhow, enough introspection, get a short but lovely animation for Starlight Glimmer.

  • Top 10 Pony Music Videos of 2015!

    We Are Borg back again with another 2015 Top 10. Over the past week I have watched over 100 PMVs that were released last year and that doesn’t even count the simple PMVs or the fantastic custom animation projects. Everyone thought I was crazy for watching every single one through its entirety but I was determined to bring you the cream of the crop, from beginning to end. It was really hard to choose just 10 and really I feel you could rearrange this list in any order. All these editors did a fantastic job.

    In years past we’ve been wowed with kinetic typographies, intense After Effects work, amazing lipsyncing and perfect timing. This year’s top videos were able to take all of those elements, balance them and really blow us away. We loved picking videos that were plain fun and some that had deeper meanings.

    Also, we called 2014 the year of collaboration, but with with 6 of our Top 10 being collaborations, our 2105 PMVs truly proved that friendship is magic again this year.

    So without further ado, please join us below for the Top 10 Pony Music Videos of 2015.

  • Top Ten Pony Songs of December 2015 - Community Voted

    10 pony songs chosen by the masses! Which songs topped the 2015 charts? Head on down below for all of them!

  • The Weirdest Pony Bike Ever Now Exists

    China loves creating oddities in ponyland. From giant inflatable Rainbow Dash dolls, to every knockoff idea on the planet, pony isn't exactly rare over there in the bootleg market. Sometimes, they amaze us. This is one of those times.

    A company called Hebei Zhengda Bicycle Co. is selling these... things. I guess we found a use for all of those unused pony heads for Hasbro's unreleased giant brushable line or something.

    You can find more colors over here.

    Thanks to Richard for sending it!

  • Early Morning Discussion #400

    With wings I wonder if Twilight has improved at dancing or if she is still as adorkably bad at it as ever? Oh well, she has fun and that is all that matters.

    Morning guys. Thanks for the kind words in the ND, I'm feeling a little better at the time of writing this so I hope things will improve by the time I wake up. Enjoy your day and have fun chatting.

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