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    As always, you can get all of it on the Main Page! Equestria Daily Updates every hour to give each fan creation or big news lots of time in the spotlight. Everything we post goes to the main page! Some posts include multiple videos, or in the case of daily art galleries, 50+ drawings!

    Quick Specific Categories:

    Season 7 Episode News - All news about the upcoming season 7 episodes in Spring, from trailers to synopsis, to who will be writing each episode. You can turn this off to avoid spoilers by clicking the gear, but we usually keep spoilers after the page break, so you need to click the post to see them.

    My Little Pony Movie - All things My Little pony movie, from actors to bits of news and whatever else leaks out of Hasbro's marketing department! 

    Equestria Girls - Ponies in humanland! Equestria Girls has multiple dedicated sections covering each movie and release specifically, but here you can find all news on the upcoming three 2017 episode shorts, along with merchandise!

    Pony Toys - Stay up to date on every piece of pony merch Hasbro and their licencees are releasing, from plushies to brushables and cake! 

    Official Pony Comic - The official comic series is going on strong with 50 issues already released! Find news on upcoming books and interviews with the artists and writers here!

    Interviews - Get the lowdown on pony from the creators themselves! We regularly interview big names from the cartoon, comics, community, and Hasbro

    Quick Specific Categories:

    Fan Comics - Comics made by fans of the show, from silly one-shots to epic 100 page multi-parters. Simply click the images on the posts to get the full size versions and read them!

    Official Comics - The official comic series. The same tag as the news section!

    Quick Specific Categories:

    Drawing Galleries - The daily best drawn pony art from people around the fandom! You can usually find around 40 pictures in here, though sometimes we have special themed ones with hundreds!

    Plushie Galleries - Super high quality fan-made plushie version of ponies, griffons, and more!

    Custom Pony Galleries - A place where people take regular store bought pony figures, and paint and modify them to look like other ponies, or even ponified versions of characters from other shows!

    Cosplay Galleries  - People dressing up like ponies!

    Craft Galleries - Where you can see all sorts of cool pony crafts, from sculptures to custom guitars and cars!

    Desktop Wallpaper Galleries - Wallpapers for your computer background! 

    Saturday/ Sunday Weekly Livestream Post - Watch artists draw ponies and either learn from their skills, or talk about how awesome they are!

    Quick Specific Categories:  

    Pony Music Videos - Normal music with ponies as the music video! Includes ponified trailers of movies.

    Animation - From epic 10 minute long fan-created episodes, to shorts like you'd see from Fluffle Puff, this is where you get your fan-made animation! 

    3D/SFM Animation - Primarily built in Source Film Maker, this is where you will find 3D Ponies animated to do everything from parody a TV show to completely original Derpy Hooves stories.

    Analysis  - Brony Analyzers diving into the show and figuring out what makes it tick!

    Video Games - Where you can go to find news and links to completed and upcoming fan-made pony games. For a directory on completed games to play right now, along with mods for your PC games also check out the Game Index .

    Music - One of the oldest and largest sides of the fandom. This is where you will find both remixes of show tunes, along with completely original tracks dedicated to cartoon equines.  Be sure to check out the music archive to sort by genres if you want a specific sound.

    Here is where you will find all the top 10's, toy reviews, analysis, and pony spotlights from our team of writers here at EQD! We have a plethora of interesting articles to dig through, with many more created weekly!

    Quick Specific Categories: 

    Pony Spotlight - Diving into EVERYTHING involving specific ponies, from air time to lore.

    Top 10's - Lists of the best of a specific category!

    Pony Fandom History - Retelling of times long past within the brony/pony fandom.

    Review - Comic and Toy Reviews

    Episode followup - Analyzing pony episodes, pointing out things you may have missed, and madness

    Artist Spotlight - Picking a great fandom artist and spotlighting them!

    Quick Specific Categories: 

    EQD Discussion Posts - Here we where we ask a question, and you answer! It can be silly, fun, serious, or just a regular place to talk about a topic.

    Side bar Poll Results - We run polls every week here on EQD! This is where you get the results of those. 

    Brony Conventions - Looking to meet other bronies in real life? A convention is the perfect place! Alternatively we have a Meetup Map to find local smaller get together if you want something a bit less pricey. 

    Nightly Roundup - This is where all the minor news from around the fandom happens! From podcasts releasing episodes to successful meetup groups shots. It's pretty extensive, so check it out some time !

    Charity Projects - The Brony fandom loves it's charity, and this is where we report on all the good stuff we do!

    Fanfiction has a LOT of tags! Search my character or genre using the drop down menu on the navigation bar. We extensively review what we post, so expect only the better ones!

    (Some) Quick Specific Categories: 

    Normal - Slice of life episode style!
    Adventure - Ponies on an ADVENTURE!
    Sad - Tearjerker pony fics!
    Shipping - Romance between two characters
    Comedy - Funny Pony Fics

    There are tons more! Check out the dropdown on the nav bar.

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    Best of Brony Lists, Databases and Archives!

    Brony Meetup Map - Find a group, usually hosted on Facebook or Meetup.com, of nearby pony fans.

    Conventions - A list of all conventions happening this year throughout the world!

    Tutorials and Guides - Learn how to draw ponies, edit pony videos, create pony music, or BE A PONY

    Game Index - Find the best pony games, mods for games, and more in one spot!

    Best PMV Archive - The Best Pony Music Videos of the last 6 years!

    Best Animation Archive - Dedicate an afternoon to an evening of nonstop fan animation, because this is where you find an easy to use list of the best of it.

    Best 3D Animation Archive - 3d Ponies get animation love too! Get the best of these after finishing up the normal animation archive!

    Best Music Archive - Treat your ears to our extensive collection of pony music sorted by genre.

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