• Welovefine: New Phone Cases and Shirts

    Welovefine has added a couple of new designs to both their shirt selection, as well as their phone cases.  As usual, Tsitras newest one is pretty damn awesome.  Head on over to this page to check them all out!  It looks like the bubbly one also comes in a messenger bag. 

  • Instrumental Music: Interstate BFF/Octavia's Secret - Sim Gretina/Spriteful Sprites feat Icky

    And now, music. Glorious, instrumental music. All of which is awesome, most of which features Octavia, and at least some of which I'm sure Scratch would listen to regularly. Nah, that's all three - she's a mare with good taste. Anywhoozle, go ahead and have those. I'm sick and need to pass out again before the next wave of stuff comes in.

    1) Interstate BFF -Nekaxa
    2) Octavia's Secret - Sim Gretina
    3) Spriteful Sprites feat Icky - H8 Seed

  • Equestria Inquirer Interviews Cathey Weseluck

    Equestria Inquirer bugged Cathy Weseluck for an interview at EFNW.  Check it out after the break!

  • Drawfriend #536

    It wouldn't be a day at Equestria Daily without a Drawfriend, now would it? Good thing I'm here and not anywhere else, that's for sure. Shame I'm not a super techpony like Cereal, though, because a few of these entries kind of necessitate black magic that I do not possess. Oh well. Avante, Drawfriend!

    Source 1

  • Comics: Quarrel/A Special Gift

    Hey there, everybody! Enjoying Everfree Northwest? Or are you, like me, stuck at home? Well, fear not gentle readers. I'm here to provide you your daily dose of d'aww. Click above for a little ditty serving as an alternative resolution to Putting Your Hoof Down, or click below to find out how Applejack got her hat. Again. That darn hat has more origin stories than AJ herself.

  • The Great Galacon Galleria!

    Bizzaam! We asked you guys to share with us your Galacon images and videos, and you delivered... in spades! We got so much content that there's simply no way for us to show every picture or clip or story, but we've unscientifically selected some of the best, most relevant, and silliest parts of the highly successful European brony convention.

    With love from Germany, check it all out below the break!
  • Yugioh Re-enacted by Ponies

    Twilight Sparkle is Yugioh? Pinkie is that character I don't remember the name of?  Sounds good to me!

    The same guys that brought you those Star Wars, and Harry Potter as ponies has brought us yet another neat little animation.  Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Music Remix: Reading For Days / "Love is in Bloom"- Acapella / Party With Pinkie At Planet Wisp

    We have some new vocal/dubstep stuff with a whole plethora of people behind it, followed by some Acapella Love is in Bloom, and finishing with Pinkie Pie invading some planet to Alex S music. Check them out below!

    1.) Vinyl Scratch & The Living Tombstone - Reading For Days [OFFICIAL] [HD]
    2.) "Love is in Bloom"- Acapella Version (Alpha)
    3.) Party With Pinkie At Planet Wisp

  • Story: Moments Worth Sharing


    Author: TheBandBrony
    Description: After a very stressful day visiting her prized student in Ponyville, Princess Celestia is left alone to contemplate and watch the sunset. From an outsider's perspective, she has everything she could ever want. But has she ever really had anything at all?
    Moments Worth Sharing
    Additional Tags: Celestia studies the sunset sadly.

  • Vocal Music: Viva la Desarmonia / Paper Wings / Background Living

    Parodies, paper wings, and Lyra with Bonbon, its time to sing about ponies! Head on down past the break for it!

    1.) Viva la Desarmonia (MLP Parody)
    2.) Paper Wings - Blaze & Pipsqueak (BUCK SONG) 03
    3.) Background Living

  • Everfree Northwest and BUCK Livestreams

    My phone is lacking on pony images.  

    Waffles!  At least that is what we are heading out to do.  You should go check out the livstream of BUCK and EFNW on EFR's Livestream while we do that!  It starts at 9 am pacific time.
  • Story Updates August 17th (Morning)

    Story updates: Mobile edition.  Apparently my new cell phone has some pretty badass 4g for this.

  • Story: Long Distance (Update Complete!)


    Author: Ezn
    Description: A communication scholar from Canterlot, a mailmare from Fillydelphia, and a zebra diplomat in training, brought together by a hunger for knowledge, embark on a journey of discovery to the mysterious homeland of the dragons.
     All Links Below the Break! 

  • Nightly Roundup #410

    Everfree Northwest is already starting to kick into full gear if my Twitter feed is to be believed. I hope everyone who is attending has a lot of fun and comes back with a lot of fond memories! Wish I could partake in the events, but I'm moving tomorrow and will be gone for a couple days handling that. Oh well, there is always next year!

    Short one tonight folks! Check it out after the break.

  • Lee Tockar Twitter Challange!

    So Cereal and I just ran into Lee Tocker at Everfree Northwest and he has a challenge for you:

    Follow him on twitter. For every thousand twitter followers, Lee Tockar is donating money to charity. CHARGE!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 16

    That is the single most evil puzzle ever conceived. Quake in fear, gentle readers, for one day you too may know the horrors of... The Sky! Sorry, we're a bit short on our budget for dramatic music and lightning flashes, but if you close your eyes and imagine really hard, you'll... you're right, I'm sorry. We'll get a kickstarter going. But, in the meantime, let's entertain ourselves with the remainder of these 400 puzzling ponies. Are these pernicious and perilous puzzle ponies purporting to purloin your perfectly planned evening and free time? Perhaps! They and their fellows join the ranks of successful NATG themes to combine for a grand total of 10725 images, which is an unheard of number anywhere this side of DeviantART Canyon. And considering most of you post there, that's basically cheating. I declare victory in the name of Equestria.

    To submit for Day 16, you'll want to use this submitter. As a reminder, the current make-up gallery is still running, and will continue to do so until the end of the weekend (that being Sunday). You can find the submitter for that here. And, as always, feel free to contact me with all of your comments, questions, and tiny fruits at [email protected]

    Our theme for tonight is absolutely bursting with potential, both sappy and sweet, scheduled, meticulous, and downright adventuresome. Let your imagination be your guide as you Draw a romantic pony/Draw a pony on a date! Perhaps you care not for the sweet taste of shipping, but there are flavors here to suit any palate! Don't be late!

    And now, we come to my favorite part of any evening: the gallery. Pony, or not pony? That is the question! We're now officially past the halfway point, and I can imagine there are a lot of you out there going, "Phoooooeeeeeeee, I can't do this! It's hard and I'm tired and why are you asking me to go swimming?" And believe me, I understand. I stay up until the closing of each gallery to make sure I have an understanding for exactly how hard you're working, and so I can feel the grind right alongside you. We're in this together, I promise. And so, if fatigue has you down and you're not sure why you should bother, remember all that you've achieved so far. You are making incredible progress, and wherever you are, there is a tiny Phoe beside you. I believe in you! So get out there, and keep drawing! If you've been on the fence this whole time, it's not to late to start. Why not give tonight a shot?