• Nightly Roundup #643

    I've watched a little bit of the Japanese episodes of pony and I've got to say they did a pretty good job of it! Hopefully the show garners a ton of fans over there and we get a flood of artwork and other projects as a result.

    News time guys, sit back and relax while you catch up on tonight's tidbits.

  • Animation: Fog of War

    Sniper ponies who aren't an Australian Twilight Sparkle with a machete and jar of mysterious yellow liquid? What madness is this you ask?  Why, it's a new animation about a team of two ponies who set out on a sniping mission.  If you like war stuff, this might be a fun one for you! Check it out below the break.

  • NeoZhinzo Analysis: What are the Elements of Harmony?

    NeoZhinzo has dug far, far too deeply into the nature of the Elements of Harmony--and has come back up with some surprising conclusions about what we've seen in the show. Headcanon accepted, sir. Check out his analysis beneath the break.

  • Musiquestria Tour Announced!

    With a long summer without pony on the horizon we can thankfully count on the fandom to provide us with great fun to get us through! This summer, Musiquestria is hoping to tour the USA, bringing live pony music to fans across the country! Check on after the break for the full details and video or click the logo above to go to their Indiegogo campaign.

  • Equestria Daily, Fanfiction, and You: A Survey

    It was one of you, wasn't it?!

    (EDIT: Because 3,000 of you have already given us feedback in various combinations of civility, insight, and shrieking, we will be closing the survey at 5:00 PM blog time. Please don't delay taking it if you have things to tell us!)

    Nostalgia's a funny thing. The only reason I got into the pony fandom was because I enjoyed the fanfiction I found after I'd exhausted all of the episodes from Season 1. Things were a lot different for fics back then, and I've been around to see a lot change since those halcyon days of 2011 -- I mean, yore.

    I'm sure you guys have things to say about the current state of affairs regarding fanfiction on Equestria Daily. If you do, this is your time to speak up. Even if you mash the "No-Fanfiction" button on the sidebar there every time you visit this site, we've prepared some questions for you guys that'd really help us with understanding how to handle fanfiction here from this point on.

    Fair warning: this survey is meant to be in-depth. In particular, we want to know how EQD presents fanfiction from a reader's perspective, and from an author's perspective, and we're also proposing a change or two to the pre-reading process here as well. Plan on taking 30 minutes to fill it out all the way, but most of the questions within are optional if you're pressed for time, have no strong opinions one way or the other, or honestly don't know.

    I know I'm asking a lot from you guys, but it would really mean a lot to the pre-readers, the blogponies, and myself if you guys helped us out here. We can fix problems better if we know what to look for!

    Are you ready, then? CHAAARGE! Survey's closed! Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and feedback!
  • Album Compilation - April 26th

    Honestly, I still prefer the red eyes.

    We have a bunch of albums for you all today.  Included in this one are:
    • Tombstone Remixes (The Living Tombstone) 
    • From All Sides (Aviators) 
    • Pony Chronicles (John Scigulinsky)  
    • Story of an Original Character (Belgerum)
    • Music by Octavia Vol. 1 (Music by Octavia) 
    • Beyond Our Reach (The Lesser Knowns)
    Head on down below the break for more information and links!

  • Tons of Pony Books on the Way

    Also included in that Little, Brown, and Company catalogue are a bunch of pony books. It took me a while to find some time to compile it, so sorry about the lateness!   Some are a continuation of that single pony series I talked about yesterday, and others are spinoffs covering various topics.  Head on down below the break for snippets of all of them!

    Probably the most relevant one here is the synopsis for the Rainbow Dash chapter book.  Daring Do fans are going to like that one! 

    Now with less buried by posts!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #786

    Dash was made for action movies, and steampunk goggles, and belts with zippers. 

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Hungry like the wolf.

  • Equestria Girls Synopsis Expanded - Via Book Version

    Buried deep within the confines of the most recent catalogue from Hachette Book Group, is a small blurb about Equestria Girls.  I think the mirror bit has been released already, but this is a much more complete synopsis than anything that has popped up so far.

    Also another note: It says it's a chapter book, but I'm pretty sure this book version of the movie. 
    Get an exciting longer story in our first Super Special chapter
    book for MY LITTLE PONY. In an effort to regain her stolen crown,
    Princess Twilight Sparkle steps through a magical mirror, into a
    completely new world where some things have changed, but true
    friendships remain magical!
    G. M. Berrow is a writer and television-industry professional living in
    Brooklyn, New York. When she was little, she aspired to become either
    a princess or a magical pony. Things seem to be right on schedule.
    Thanks to Kein for the heads up!
  • Awesome PMV: Heartmender Aviators Remix

    ALL HAIL THE MUFFIN QUEEN.   At least that's what I thought when i saw this part of the PMV.  We have another one with more custom animations than should be allowed in something of this length.  Awesome PMV it totally is.  Find it below the break.

  • Story: An Instance of Happiness (Update Part 6!)

    [Normal] [Sad] [Comedy] [Slice of Life]

    Author: AidanMaxwell
    Description: Tinder Lightheart, a compassionate colt nearing adulthood, operates an orphanage previously run by his parents, with help from his brother Warden and his sister Airy. Together, the Lightheart siblings raise young orphans and see them off to new homes, giving them a chance to experience what true love and a family feels like. One filly, Felicity Gardens, has been in the orphanage for far too long, and while Tinder's fears for her growth, an unseen entity looms ever closer that threatens to rip apart everything he has worked to achieve. A story of turmoil and misfortune, "An Instance of Happiness" follows Tinder Lightheart and his family as they learn what a true family is, and discover it through their hardships, complicated further by the meddling mischievousness of Felicity.
    An Instance of Happiness (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Family is more than blood
  • Poll Results: Do you have an OC Pony? If so, what is it?

    Pfff... pegasus.  I'll just go unicorn and summon my own wings.  Just avoid leathery or feathered so you can escape that alicorn stigma.  No one seems to care about butterfly!

    Onward to the next poll:  Theme song round 2, now with Japan.   Which country has the best main theme?   I've seen rumblings that the English version is getting a new one come season four, though that's all rumors and speculation right now. 

    Have some refresher:


  • Bronycurious: Characterization Followup

    The other day, we posted up Digibrony's take on characterization, and the comments were all over the place, which is perfectly natural for a topic like this.  Everyone watches this show for a different reason, and everyone sees the characters in a completely different light.  Have another analysis following up on the earlier discussion.  Which one do you agree with more?

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