• Comic: Darn It, Pinkie Pie! / Pie R Chaos / The Hero Equestria Deserves

    Pinkie is a mystery all her own, completely defying everything logical in Equestria. In science books, the laws of nature include a footnote specifying Pinkie Pie as the exception I bet!

    Comics guys. Click for full!

  • Art For Kiki's Fund Currently Auctioning on eBay

    The only thing cooler than a pony is a pony in a suit. The only thing cooler than a pony in a suit is a pony in a suit with a good cause. Twilight and company are such snappy dressers because they have the best of all possible causes - bringing smiles to people's faces, and getting the word out on charity. Yes, ponies help save lives!

    For the brony community, one of the causes we are most familiar with and enthusiastic about is Kiki's Fund, the effort to help 7 year old Kiki Havivy survive a very difficult fight with cancer. Efforts to raise more money are both continuous and continuously needed, because medical costs are a daily reality.

    Today, the face of that effort takes the form of an art auction, generously donated by a large number of artists from the pony community. From Powerpuff Girls to Ponies to Oil Canvas Paintings (which are also ponies), these pieces are cool, rare, and autographed by Tara Strong. With the proceeds going to such a great cause, how can we lose? I'll tell you how: we can't.

    Go and check out the available items!
  • John de Lancie Interviewed on Trek Core

    John seems to be the target of interviews just about everywhere these days! That or I just didn't notice it before.  A Star Trek fansite going by the name of "Trek Core" has done a pretty long one with him, primarily focusing on his role in the their show.  At the end of the interview is an entire section dedicated to pony though! Check it out here!
  • More So Soft Dolls on Taobao

    It looks like these "So Soft" ponies are  expanding pretty rapidly in the near future.  Whatshisgame sends over these images from another seller over there.   He also made an interesting note about the upcoming Princess Skyla version:
    Here’s the show-relevant part: while it was previously assumed based on So Soft Newborn Princess Skyla’s boxart that Skyla is actually a school-age filly in the present day (due to the previous So Soft dolls having present-day boxart), Littlest So Soft Pinkie Pie’s boxart showing Pinkie as a school-age filly suggests that Hasbro has started using school-age filly boxart to represent baby fillies, and since we haven’t seen any toys of Skyla as a school-age filly, the speculation that Princess Skyla will be Princess Cadance and Shining Armor’s baby now looks a bit more likely (if Skyla is even going to appear on the show in the first place).
     I'm going to stick with the new molded toys regardless! Hope you collectors can pick them up though!

  • Poll Results: Best Non-Main Character Nightmare Night Costume

    Hey now, Derpy was cool and all, but she won on a gimmick! Everyone knows Zecora was clearly the best dressed for Nightmare Night.  I wouldn't mind if she went witch mode all the time!

    And keeping with the costume/Halloween theme: Are you dressing as a pony for Halloween?   Hit the poll up on the side bar!

    We need poll ideas.  If you have one, send it to the submit box!
  • Pony Pack Added to Dungeon Adventures Minature Set

    A couple of days ago in a Nightly Roundup, we mentioned a Impact! Miniatures kickstarter, where one of their characters looked pretty heavily based on a FiM pony:

    Apparently you guys loved this idea so much, that they have decided to add an entire section for them, complete with all three main ponies plus a few bonus types (Seen above). 

    Honestly these things are pretty badass.  If they came out in their own set I'd be all over it, and I haven't played tabletop games in 4 years!  Maybe it's time to dust off the old Dungeons and Dragons books...

    Anyway, check it out here!

    Thanks to the armada of people that submit it!
  • IDW Opens Pony Comic Section on Their Forums

    IDW Publishing has opened up a section dedicated to all things pony for those of you that want to bug them in a more official location.  Right now the editor hops on and answers questions every once in a while, so far leading with a small blurb about the use of fan favorite characters in the series:
    We'll definitely be SEEING the supporting characters, but the focus will be on the mane six. The Cutiemark Crusaders will play an important role in the first story arc. As we go on, I can see us showing the spotlight on fan favorite characters more, but for the most part, plan on a similar ratio of character time to the cartoon. They'll play a role, but won't be the central focus.
     Along with a bit of information about Luna, one-shot stories, and a new villian in part 2:

    Outside of one of the covers, Luna won't be appearing in the first story arc. Doesn't mean we won't see her later. You'll see the pony commonly referred to as Derpy in #1. (I think as someone officially involved with the official licensed product, I'm not supposed to formally refer to her as Derpy. I probably will in the future though, as that's what everyone knows her as... not an official endorsement of the name though!!!)

    And yeah, Andy is really a master of visual gags. There's great stuff, so many background jokes... tons of fun. Katie, being an artist, knows how to write a good visual gag too.
    Anything is possible (well, not ANYTHING), but don't count on it in the near future. Pony will be it's own thing for a while. If we do one-shots, you'll definitely see Fluttershy get her own book. Speaking of which...

    I'd say there's a good chance of seeing one-shot stories focusing on characters. Sometime!

    Yeah, the first storyline see's the return of an established villain. Story arc #2 will see someone new. Lots of potential to explore with this series!
    Head on over here if you want to join in!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #595

    A simple scene expanded upon to a full on art masterpiece! That's what we do to pony right here.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    MLP - Far Away From Home
  • Story Updates October 14th (Afternoon)

    Lots of stories today! Head on down past the break for all of them!

  • Story: The Flight of the Alicorn (Update Sequel Part 2!)

    [Adventure] This sounds really epic.

    Author: Ponydora Prancypants
    Description: Rarity's exploits in "Sweet and Elite" set in motion a chain of events that finds the unicorn dressmaker the victim of a plot against Equestria, and shipwrecked in a dangerous wilderness far from home with her least favorite stallion, the boorish Prince Blueblood. Rarity will learn of dreadful treachery at home and abroad, and she will have to find out whether there is any substance beneath Blueblood's obnoxious veneer in order to save not only herself, but her entire nation.
    The Flight of the Alicorn

    The Flight of the Alicorn: The Abyssal Forge (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Steampunk, Conspiracy, Airshipping
  • Las Pegasus' Unicon Announces “Grand Ponylian”

    More news incoming from the upcoming Unicon in Las Vegas! Today we have a press release from those folks about the music event they have planned for Friday and Saturday night of the convention. Whet your appetite and feast your ears on the press release below for more information:

    Las Pegasus Unicon is proud to announce our “Grand Ponylian” with many special Brony Musician Guest Appearances. The “Grand Ponylian” will take place at the convention on both Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, February 23rd. At the event we will be turning 50% of our entire event space (over 20,000 sq ft) into one huge dance party. So come have some fun with us, and party all night. We are happy to announce the attendance of:

    Tarby, HeyLasFas, Yelling at Cats, Ibeabronyrapper, Aviators, F3nning and Cyril the Wolf.

    There will also be panels at the convention that these talented musicians will be participating in.

    Keep an eye out for updates on other musicians and Voice Actors coming soon!

  • PMV: ABC / boats & birds; / Everypony Talks PMV : LyraBon

    Kinda shippy this time around in the last two slots! Luckily we start off with something not shippy at all for all you anti-shippy people to not ship about. If you do like to ship, hopefully Twilight/Luna or Lyra/Bonbon are your OTP's!

    1.) PMV - ABC
    2.) boats & birds; twilight/luna ♥
    3.) Everypony Talks PMV / LyraBon (preview???)

  • Story: Canterlot Cantata (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Ringcaat
    Description: "A Canterlot Wedding" ended well, but the situation was delicate for a while. What if that night's events had gone differently? This three-parter explores what might have befallen Queen Chrysalis's schemes if she and Twilight had chosen alternate paths....
    Canterlot Cantata (Update Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate universes; serious; emotional; meticulous

  • Spotlight Music: Fall Weather Friends / The voice of nature / Dodge This

    We have another mixture of music for you all! The first is an acoustic instrumental track, followed by a bit of Fluttershy ambiance with some samples and light singing, and in the last slot is some rap. Check them out below!

    1.) Fall Weather Friends - Original MLP Song by CrimzonAE (Acoustic)
    2.) Fluttershy - The voice of nature
    3.) Dodge This-Ibe And Flowny Befriend Vinyl Scratch [1500 sub special]

  • More Completely Ridiculous Looking FiM Knockoffs

    Just in case you wanted to expand your "Set Funny Pony" collection, a Swedish dollar store has added a whole bunch of them to their inventory.   Honestly I'm more worried about all the poor kids out there who want a Pinkie Pie or Rarity, but will end up with this instead:

     Anyway, head on down past the break for all the completely ridiculous images!

    Thanks to DSludge for them!
  • Name Clarification on New Villian from Nayuki

    Pic Unrelated but awesome

    Nayuki, one of the FiM layout artists who hangs out on the Allspark Forum, dropped some clarification on the new villain's name.   Head on down past the break for it to avoid any spoilers!

  • Gameloft Posts about Upcoming Pony Game

    I love when everything all comes together nice and cleanlike.    The screenshot from a few weeks ago, followed by the one just yesterday are both now 100% confirmed for the upcoming Gameloft mobile game.  As noted already, this is looking to be a sim style game, where you take the role of Twilight Sparkle and build your own Ponyville. 

    Head on over to their blog for more!

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up!

  • Click it

    Yeah, you should click it.
  • Nightly Roundup # 467

    More Luna because Cal gets a fuzzy brain when he does Roundups really late. Suggest a header for tomorrow down in the comments and help fight Fuzzy Calpain Brain Syndrome!

    News time pony folk! Check out the daily dose after the break.