• Story: The Flight of the Alicorn (Update Sequel Part 2!)

    [Adventure] This sounds really epic.

    Author: Ponydora Prancypants
    Description: Rarity's exploits in "Sweet and Elite" set in motion a chain of events that finds the unicorn dressmaker the victim of a plot against Equestria, and shipwrecked in a dangerous wilderness far from home with her least favorite stallion, the boorish Prince Blueblood. Rarity will learn of dreadful treachery at home and abroad, and she will have to find out whether there is any substance beneath Blueblood's obnoxious veneer in order to save not only herself, but her entire nation.
    The Flight of the Alicorn

    The Flight of the Alicorn: The Abyssal Forge (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Steampunk, Conspiracy, Airshipping


    1. I agree with that message.

      Steampunk, shipping, adventure, conspiracy, it's got it all.....

    2. Woah, I'll have to check into this sometime

    3. sounds farfetched. extremely.

      also, where does poni.0au.de come from when it's clearly fimfiction? i'd love to know how that happens.

    4. Airshipping... dat term. lol Sounds kinda interesting.

    5. We need a shipping story involving...THE POSTAL SERVICE! Or a story that claims it's about "shipping", only for it to turn out to be about mailmares and with a complete lack of romance.

    6. @XTUX345

      we have that already. several.

      one was about Derpy losing her job, IIRC.

    7. @wackypony's first comment

      What is this I don't even..........

      Hmm.....it's about time that somebrony made a crossover fic of Top Gun

    8. ....
      I wanna read this fic.

      It's not often that I want to do that.

    9. Author: Ponydora Prancypants- NOW WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT BEFORE, HMM?

      anyways, this is a suprisingly good fic so far

    10. Though at the time I read it it only had two chapters, they do a brilliant job of capturing the torn mind of Rarity during the events of Sweet and Elite, as well as expanding the political scene that is the upper-class of Canterlot. I can't wait for more.

    11. @wackypony


      Well, at least that was only my "epic troll plan backup #2". My other plans are still intact, =P

    12. @wackypony

      poni.0au.de is what the redirect is if someone types fimfiction.com instead of fimfiction.net, is all.

    13. "Airshipping." Hahaha!

      Sounds interesting, but I must play the "I'm in college and have no time to invest in new fanfictions" card.

    14. @ChaosDX1

      that's never a real excuse, unless you're an ultimate procrastinator, like me.

    15. @ChaosDX1

      Haha, I find they keep me sane XD


    17. ooooooh! Another steampunk story :D This sparks my curiosity in particular. Can't wait to read!

    18. Now this fic has some potential :D


    19. Magical Trevor approves of this fic! Keep writing, please!

      ~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

    20. I'm thrilled to be on Equestria Daily and I hope you all enjoy. A pre-reader comment suggested that I clarify what the "Alicorn" of the title is, and that this is not about some alicorn OC. If you look closely at the story image, you'll see that it's the name of Blueblood's airship. This is a story about intrigue and airships, and I have to admit it owes a lot to a couple of films (namely "The African Queen" and "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country") but that said I try to stay as close to the show as possible.

    21. I'm surprised the idea of Prince Blueblood actually being descended from Princess Platinum never occurred to me before now, it just makes so much sense...

    22. This does look quite interesting, will add it to the pile.

    23. I love the explanation this gives for the Rarity/Prince Blueblood interaction we saw in Sweet & Elite, and I cannot wait to read more.

    24. Also, just in case this wasn't obvious, this entire story is inspired by the world famous America's Cup sailing regatta, which is being held right in my very own backyard next year. Of course, it would be even more exciting if they used airships instead of sailboats, but c'est la vie.

    25. Wait a second
      Prince BB and Rarity stuck together
      that is cruel dude, that is cruel
      but an amazing idea

    26. I've been waiting for this story to come out for some time.

      (this is a copy of the FFN review, minus the intro bit here)

      First, the structure of this story is excellent. You either have solid proofers working with you, or you handle self-correction better than I. Very, very few errors are to be found, and are generally minor ones that don't detract from the prose or the narration. For example:
      : in chapter 2
      She felt like she could say anything any get away with it,
      She felt like she could say anything (and) get away with it,

      Enough of the mundane "proofreader" response, though. The setting of the story is fabulous, and you do a superb job of describing in detail where the scenes take place, why, and how the characters fit into it. The vocabulary on display is top-notch, and I found myself smiling, because many of these little details were also matters that I had researched for Best Night Ever, not so long ago. In fact, reading this, I'd been prompted to make some changes to a hypothetical sequel, mostly in use of names (Polaris/Polaire for example, I'll have to pick another name now).

      Beyond simply being constructed well and executed with loving detail (I am a reader and writer in love of good details and beefy narratives), the premise of the story is interesting on both a individual character level, and on a meta 'universe' level. This is very important, since while the meta-events drive the sum of the plot forward, it is the individual-level events and motivations that ground the reader and establish empathy with the words on the page.... or the words on the screen in this case.

      I heartily recommend this fic, even incomplete at just 3 chapters so far, to anyone and everyone.
      Slap-slap-kiss! I'll admit I'm kind of a sucker for it.

      -Capn Chryssalid

    27. @Capn_Chryssalid

      Capn, you are the alpha and omega of MLP fanfic authors, and a far, far better writer than myself. I accept, but do not flatter myself to think I deserve, your praise. Thank you! I'll continue to set a high bar for myself with this story.

      Now, if anyone reading this hasn't yet read CapnChryssalid's "The Best Night Ever," for pony's sake go read it! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/11/story-best-night-ever.html

    28. I agree wholeheartedly. It's authors like you and Cap'n Chryssalid who can create such marvelous alternative perspectives of a particular character and shed him in a perfectly different light. Long since had the askblublood tumblr already altered the way I view the fair Prince, and stories such as these serve to solidify my belief that Prince Blueblood is simply somepony misunderstood.

    29. cant read. too much derpy. will but on to do list.

    30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    31. @ponydoraprancypants I'm all a-tingle, for this is a wonderful mystery! And like the manga demon, Nougami Neuro, I gain POWER from solving and consuming mysteries!

      I already have my complex theory laid out and all the evidence supporting it!

      But I shall give no names or specific clues! That'd spoil the fun. I'll only say that the pieces became very evident by chapter 4, and chapter 5 provided the final fragments I needed to upgrade what had been a hypothesis to a theory. That is to say, my hypothesis predicted a few things must happen given my suspicions, and at least one did.

      Oh, and author, I just noticed that you were inspired by Star Trek 6! A fellow Trekker, then? It may not have been the best mystery, but it was a fun ride. :3

      One flaw in it was the essentially heat-seeking photon torpedo near the end. If it was so easy to engineer one, then why in god's name didn't they ALWAYS use them to lock in on plasma exhaust! Good lord, were they saying all that time (and afterward, since that little development was promptly forgotten) they could have had photon torpedos that just danced along and followed the target, and never bothered to make them? Talk about a tactical failure!

      Anyway, that has nothing to do with mystery at hoof. But it was a clever distraction to misdirect everypony's analytical thought processes away from sleuthing this story! Now when you all try, you will be only able to conjour mental images of Kirk, Spock, and Klingons! Bwah ha ha ha!! >:3

      (had to edit a few glaring grammar mistakes from my first post of this. My kingdom for an edit function!)

    32. Something's wrong.
      I can't give this more 5 stars.
      FIX IT.

      I loved that dinner scene and the course meals. Very well handled, both in terms of perspective, setting, and in how it tied into the plot as a whole. I read it twice, and the fun was doubled (also because I'm wondering if you snuck in some little reference there to potential foul play).

      The race begins!
      But... I get the feeling there's going to be quite a few more eventful surprises than all this preparation would indicate. I can't wait. This and "Anthropology" are always a thrill to see updated - my favorite fics - and what a joy it is that we're getting new chapters so frequently. Good times!

      Also, bear in mind that there has been (and continues to be) some issues regarding anonymous parties spamming the star rating system of certain fics with 1's, artificially depressing the rating.

    33. @ponydoraprancypants *suddenly, the gryphon ship is hit by a photon torpedo!*

      Rarity: Fancypants! Are we firing torpedoes?!

      Fancypants: I didn't even know we'd invented photon torpedoes yet!

      *Klingon bird-of-prey decloaks* Sorry about that! We're thought it was Kronos-1! Our bad!


    34. @Alondro

      lol. It's not THAT closely inspired by the film.

    35. @ponydoraprancypants I couldn't resist. Chaos and all that. As founder of the Jersey Discords, I do have an image to maintain! >:3 *trolololo*

    36. Chapter 9: Mind= blblblbhelbelbrelbldhdebhlnm.

    37. Indeed. My mind has also had a pleasant little trip thanks to chapter 9. On a more specific note, I continue to be impressed by the high quality of writing int his story, and I'm excited to see it entering the second post-revel phase. There's so much of the race left? Ah, and with all the buildup of the Impenetrable Jungle below, I actually wonder if Rarity will experience a little of it firsthand, before getting back into the race again to save the day. So enjoyable, this fic.

    38. I swear this story gets more awesome with every update, and it started pretty awesome in the first place.

    39. A-freaking-mazing.

      Just read the entire thing. I was just sucked in by the quality and thought that went behind writing this carefully woven conspiracy.

    40. I do so love this fic.

      But don't forget to keep your FFN version up to date as well! It is easier for some of us to comment there, rather than here.

    41. I'm catching up! I'm on chapter 11, so it's downright painful when I have to pull myself away to attend to real life. I was going to wait until I was current to start commenting, but where's the fun in that?

      The writing is outstanding, and you've done a masterful job of capturing the various personalities of the known characters. What I especially appreciate is that the world building you do comes across as quite natural extensions of the show. The level of intrigue is of course much heightened from the show, but it fits well within the world created.

      I'll be returning to it eagerly the first chance I get (which will probably be sooner than I really should, what with deadlines and all... but I don't really need to sleep all that much.)

    42. I'm all caught up, and ready to comment on the latest chapter (14). I'm really enjoying the offbeat ways the rest of the mane six are being worked into guest appearances, from Rarity's prophetic dream to this dream/projection. Not just because I miss the rest of the cast, but because it's great to get to see the juicy drama that's unfolding back in Ponyville as word of Rarity's apparent death is delivered. Hopefully the others will all come around to Twilight's side and not just assume she's gone off her rocker again.

      The Heavenstone is an interesting concept that you've introduced, both in its history and in the unusual ways it it playing into the current events of the plot. I honestly don't know where you're going with that yet, but it's an intriguing mystery.

      I do appreciate that Blueblood isn't turning from a heel too quickly. He was such an ass to both Rarity and Applejack that it wouldn't be believable as the same character if his faults weren't ingrained enough to be a real struggle to overcome. He's made some real strides, but then they've been in some most unusual circumstances. I'm not necessarily a believer that the "real" you comes out under extreme situations... We don't usually live under extreme situations, and most often we quickly return to our usual selves once those situations are resolved. Glad to see that Rarity is staying wary of Blueblood, despite his occasional bouts of gallantry.

      And Piranhasprites? That sounds like a very bad way to go out. Looking forward to seeing our heroine and camel companion avoid it!

    43. Apparently I'm the only one here without a FIMfiction account. I need to get with the times... all of the cool kids are commenting over there.

      Well, now we know how Khufu stayed alive despite pretty much all sides wanting him dead... he's a right crafty bastard. You do have to admire him though... If a hero falls into your lap (or rescues you from certain death), why waste the opportunity with honesty and thank yous when you can manipulate her into doing something heroic that she would never attempt to do otherwise? For me, the question is now whether any of the botonist stuff was true (there could be so many shades to the lie... Does the plant need special harvesting at all? Are the griffins holding the botonist in a different building to distill the plant? Did Khufu intend to help Blueblood or just go his merry way?) My guess is Khufu just plucked the flower the moment Rarity was out of site, went and cured Blueblood and in essence traded the dangerous rescue mission for the easy one... but I'm eager to get the next chapter and find out.

      And I'm sure all of the fashionable attendees at the Royal Wedding will be wearing Pirahnasprite jewelry this year.

      Good stuff, as always!

    44. @Harwick I have but one question... HOW THE BUCK IS THIS NOT 6-STAR?!?!?! Did anyone one-star it?! GIVE ME THEIR NAMES!! I SHALL GUT THEM ALIVE FOR THE GLORY OF-*WHAM!!*

      *A mysterious leonine character carrying a baseball bat in one paw drags the unconscious human out with her other and smiles* Charles gets a little crazy when he has too much coffee. He'll be fine... as long as I didn't just kill him... oh well! *drag drag drag*

    45. The link in this article can easily give problems later on when a serverchange is finalized.
      You should change it to http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6007/The-Flight-of-the-Alicorn

    46. The link in this article can easily give problems later on when a serverchange is finalized.
      You should change it to http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6007/The-Flight-of-the-Alicorn

    47. If you haven't yet...

      Please read this amazing story. You won't regret it.

    48. It's finished, now there's no excuse not to read it!

    49. @djthomp

      Wait! I have an excuse! Now that it's over, the fan-community for it will mostly be gone, and therefore, it'll be slightly less fun to read, because you can't get to talk to other people about it, and stuff...!

      Actually, I meant to read this a long time ago, when it first started, but never got around to it. Now it's over, and I still haven't even begun it, and I can't help but feel a tiny bit sad because of that.

      Maybe I will start it... Someday.