• Gaming Index

    Gamer Rage By Sophiecabra Gamers can now game on with EqD's very own gaming index! The purpose of this list is to provide a centralized resource for gaming pony fans who are looking for guilds, pony games, modifications and more for their pony gaming purposes.
    What can you contribute to the index? This is mainly what we are looking for:
    • Guilds/clans/teams from all sorts of games
    • Pony modifications for non-pony games
    • Server information for Minecraft, Starbound, Terraria and other such games.
    • Information on pony games (My Little Investigations, Minty's Fresh Adventure, ect)
    • Short Flash Games
    • Tabletop pony game information
    If you'd like to contribute to the index, please send your emails to submit@equestriadaily.com with Gaming: Whatever it is you're sending in as the header and we'll file it.
    For more detailed pony gaming news please visit Equestria Gaming.
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