• Animation - Brony Polka (3 Minute Teaser)

    Viva Reverie has returned with another awesome project. It's still a work in progress, but he has a whopping three minutes of it released already. Enjoy some of the best of the best of the music side of the fandom remade below!

  • Story Updates - July 13

    Story updates time!  Sweetie Belle is in a forest. Don't you want to know why?

    Go get them below!

  • Top 10 Pony Songs - June 2016

    The votes are in, and the songs chosen. The top 10 pony songs of June 2016 was filled with both big names and new names. It's kinda cool to see the mish mash.

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  • Nightly Discussion #773

    Twilight doesn't look too bad in overalls! They seem to work for her, especially as a kid. Stay adorable Twilight!

    Evening my friends, ready to chat?
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  • Custom Compilation #143

    I have to say my favorite customs are not only the ones that do a great job on the hair and body but include clothing as well. It must be hard to make clothing that small that fits well on the custom.

    Customs are here again guys! In the suggestion thread we got a few people asking for more compilations. Compilation post times are based on what you guys send in and in the past two months we received 4 emails for customs. Send in your work or work you know of so we can bring this feature back to full strength!

    [1] Source

    Countess Coloratura version 2.0 by LightningSilver-Mana

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1954

    Remember that one time when you were commissions to draw a cute Rainbow Dash, but she kept trying to force you to draw her awesome instead? When she stole your pencil and drew a terrible awesome version and tried to send that to the commissioner on your account followed by a string of insults from said commissioner wondering where their hard earned money went? Good times.

    Get the arts below.

    [1] Source

    Blatant Lies (Collab with WhiteDiamonds) by CaptainPudgeMuffin

  • Hasbro Acquires Animation Studio Boulder Media

    News coming out of Variety about a recent acquisition by Hasbro of an animation studio in Dublin called Boulder Media, the company behind "Wander Over Yonder" and "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends".

    According to Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner,

    “With Boulder, we will deliver the highest quality animation that will engage our audiences with deep storytelling and great characters in a very cost-efficient manner.” 
    and according to chief content officer Stephen Davis, 

    “As one of the largest independent studios producing animation in Hollywood, the time is right for Hasbro to acquire its own animation studio, allowing us to expand our animation and storytelling capabilities even further.”
     As for what this means for Hasbro the article goes on to state:

    "The Boulder team will be taking the reins of some of the toy giant’s intellectual property. Hasbro appears to be learning the same lesson most TV networks have learned over the last few years: Owning your shows is the way to go."

    What properties or shows this will affect or if it will affect the movie in production was not elaborated on in the article, but it's an interesting twist all the same. We'll have to see what is to come and before people panic about it affecting the show in any way remember that the show has been in good hands so far and I doubt Hasbro would want to meddle with something that is doing so well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

    Thanks to Jason for sending it in!


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  • Toy Review: Guardians of Chocolate Milk or Disappointment of a Demigod

    WeAreBorg back again with my second ever merch review. Ya’ll liked the first enough that I plan on continuing these reviews regularly. As you can see, this time around I have some of the hottest toys hitting online shelves right now-Guardians of Harmony: Fan Series Discord and Celestia. I was supposed to have gotten Nightmare Moon as well, but Sunbutt managed to banish her UPS box to another zipcode, so we’ll see her later on.

    Join me below for big toys, chocolate milk, and some serious scowls.

  • Josh Haber and Mike Vogel Are Writers for Episode 13

    Writers for the first episode of the second half of season 6 have been revealed! Looks like Josh Haber and Mike Vogel will be taking the helm for this romp.

    Thanks to MegaSean45 for sending it in!


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  • EQDs Guide to MLP at SDCC 2016 - Exclusives, Events, and More!

    One week from today, the greatest pop culture and entertainment event in the world will open its doors to the public once again! Yes! Line-Con 2016 is back in San Diego this year!

    While waiting in lines is boat loads of fun—after all, why else would we do it every year—I hear that there are some amazing things at the end of those lines that are there for your enjoyment. Yes, I happen to agree that that is complete and total madness.

    We go to the sold out to capacity Line-Con to stand in lines. We do not go to Line-Con to obtain limited in quantities exclusive toys and variant comic covers, to watch sneak peeks of our favorite TV shows and Movies, to participate in pup culture panels, to (insert reason why SDCC is great here).

    I know it's hard but at Comic-Con International, you will be spending a vast majority of time waiting in lines. If you're attending you will not be able to see most of the convention, probably won't get tickets to the world premiere of Star Trek: Beyond, and sleep will be done in sleeping bags outside of the convention center for anything in H Hall.

    So to help those attending the convention prioritize their time, I've gone through, sorted, and complied everything My Little Pony related that's going to be happening at SDCC this year into one convenient Mega Post.

    Of course only people with strong constitutions, nerves of steel, and a never say die attitude can handle the information after the break! And/or those fortunate enough to get their hands on one of those incredibly hard to obtain San Diego Comic-Con badges.

    You'll find the information to your SDCC MLP Loot after the break!

  • Spotlight Electronic Music: Perception / Cantatic / Adrift

    Three vastly different electronic tracks for you all to choose from or consume all of today.

    1.) Pony Music - Perception (Vocal Chopping - Melodic Dubstep)
    2.) Cantastic-Party Mix (Cantatic Album) (Instrumental - EDM)
    3.) ExplodingPonyToast - Adrift (Vocal Chopping - Chill)

  • PMV: Broken Record / Edge Of The World

    Motion graphics and effects dominate this PMV post here! I'm going to start trying to sneak out a low effect PMV here and there as the awesome ones come in, but these guys are still the most common now days, and both are really cool.

    Go get them below!

  • GalaCon Cosplay Announcements

    GalaCon is only just over two weeks away! For those heading to Ludwigsburg, Germany this year the con has put up two more announcements regarding the cosplay contest.

    Find it over here or below the break!

  • New Character And Guest Star For Upcoming Episode Revealed - Stranger than Fanfiction

    Entertainment Weekly just put up an article announcing a new character for an upcoming episode and revealed that a guest voice actor will be voicing him.

    Find the announcement over here or below the break!

  • Gigantic 718 Pokerap Pony PMV

    Pokemon has a... scary amount of characters now days. I didn't even realize I had probably interacted with all of those throughout the years. 718 total in this video alone. Someone took the entire pokerap and assigned a pony to every single pokemon, with excellent voice synching for the talking bits. I'm almost terrified in between bouts of being impressed!

    Go get it below.

  • Morning Discussion #554

    How many of you guys remember your own dreams? It's always been hit or miss with me, either remembering quite vividly the dreams I had or seemingly nothing at all.

    Anyhow, morning everyone! Ready for Wednesday?
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