• More Blind Bag Collectables - Diamond Tiara and Apple bloom

    I seem to recall a begging for fillies a few days back in one of these blindbag leak posts.  Looks like you guys are getting your wish! Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara have popped up on Ebay by yet another Chinese seller.    I'm hoping for a Cheerilee to finish this set off!

    Thanks to whatshisgame again for the diggin! 
  • Walmart Posters - Actual Files this Time!

    Good news! We finally have the actual image files for the Walmart posters.   Someone sent over the villians, season two, and Royal Wedding ones in their original 200dpi states.

    Hit up this imgur album for the set!  Sadly no map yet, but I'll see if I can snag that one as well.   Now go set your wallpapers!

    Looks like imgur did nuke the quality some.  Hit up this page for infos. 
  • Galacon Livestream

    EFR is livestreaming Galacon for all you people who don't live in Europe! It starts in 3 hours, check it out here!
  • Photo Finish Joins Hoity Toity for Future Mini Figures!

    It looks like Photo Finish is on her way! I'm going to assume the set will roll with Rarity and the earlier announced Hoity Toity, though we can't confirm anything yet  I'm just glad Hasbro is finally giving us some accurate figures to collect! Keep it up!

    This one was found from one of the ebay sellers from China.  You can find the page for that here!

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up again!
  • Equestria Inquirer #49

    The 49th installment of the Equestria Inquirer has been released! Check out the text version here, and the video after the break!

    And the synopsis of course:
    "This may in fact be the funniest episode we've done. And it's all because we threw out the scripts and started running around with scissors. Joe hits his head on the table, TechRat does an unwilling skydive, Truthy brings the truth, and Lttmoose invents a new language that may be pirate, we're not sure."

  • Story: I Do

    [Shipping] [Comedy]

    Author: kits
    Description: When Applejack and Rainbow Dash wake up, hungover and in the same bed, they've only one question: how can we get even? A day spent tormenting their friends by turning one of their hopes on its ear pays off, but not quite in the way anypony expected.

    I Do

    Additional Tags: pranking, nothing is as it seem
  • Convention Compilation - August 10th

    Can you handle all the pony conventions?! Cause I can't!  We are going to pass anime soon!

    Below the break you will find:

    Ponycon AU - Date and Venue Announcement + More
    Brony Fan Faire - Guest Announcements and PMV contest
    BUCK - Promo Video
    Bronycon - Sponsored Meet and OC Contest 
    Brony Beach Minicon - Budding Friendships Announced

    If you would like to submit a convention press release, toss it over to [email protected], preferably not in PDF form.

  • Story: Friendship Was Magic

    [Sad] [Dark] "Don't let the 'Dark' tag scare you off; this is, after the fashion of the Discord episodes, all about how even the darkest of times can contain light for our favorite ponies. This is one of my favorite stories I've read from this fandom, and carries every possible recommendation from me." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Error732
    Description: In Equestria's decaying future, Applebloom seeks out the now disparate bearers of the Elements of Harmony, hoping to save the Apple family from destitution.

    Friendship Was Magic

    Additional Tags: Applebloom in Equestria's dark future.
  • Wallpaper Compilation #62


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  • Plushie Compilation #76

    We certainly don't see very many pet plushies so why don't we let Angel have the spotlight for once? Besides, he's rather persuasive...

    Plushies everywhere again guys! I swear these compilations keep growing and growing! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Comic: Winona Speaks / Taking Things Literally / Item Quest

    I wonder how many species of critter in Equestria can actually talk? Maybe we'll find out some more next season I guess!

    Comics coming at you. Click for full!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #529

    Biased Best Mare Trixie edition! Looks like she had to move into a doghouse sized wagon... poor girl.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Bronies React to Collegehumor's My Little Brony

    The bronies react series has released yet another installment, this time dedicated to the My Little Brony short on Collegehumor.  Check it out after the break!

  • Pony Gangnam Style

    Apparently this is a thing. Check it out after the break! 

    (Based on this apparently)

  • Equestria Model Contest Extended!

    The complexity of this one has lead quite a few people to beg for an extension, so we are giving you guys a bunch of extra time to create your popsicle stick Ponyvilles and cottonball Cloudsdales!

    The same rules still apply, but the deadline has been changed to the 20th of August at 12:00 PM PST, or one day after Everfree Northwest.  

    If you have no clue what this is, head on over to this post for information on it. 

    So far we have received some really awesome entries! Keep em comin!
  • I Don't Have a Favorite Pony

    Some may know him from Scishow, others from Crash Course, but I'm sure you have all run into him at some point on your various Youtube excursions. Vlog Brother Hank Green has created a new song dedicated to our ponies, or at least an attempt to refute any evidence that he is into them in any way. Check it out above!

    (Oh god the poor submit box) 
  • Disney PMV's: Tangled Edition

    It's Tangled edition this time around in the Disney PMV section.   Some had to be posted up on Dailymotion instead due to copyright issues, but the video quality is the same.  Check them out in the links below!

    When Will My Life Begin
    Mother Knows Best
    When Will My Life Begin Reprise
    I've Got a Dream
    Healing Incantation
    Mother Knows Best Reprise
    I See the Light
  • Pinkie Invades Official Mass Effect Facebook Wall

    How much longer do you think it's going to take before every major corporation / company / franchise has its own official OC pony to represent it? You guys have done a decent job of ponifying everything, but it's on another level when the companies actually post them for everyone to see.

    Regardless, a Pinkie Pie has shown up on the official Mass Effect Facebook wall. I didn't read the comments and can only assume they're full of complaining. Go balance that out.

  • Vocal Music: Aphelion / The Doctor's Lullaby Vocal Cover

    Arr, we be servin' up vocal melodies for ye scurvy dogs.   Dive on down below mateys. 

    1.) Aphelion - Jeff Burgess
    2.) Coconeru - The Doctor's Lullaby Vocal Cover

  • Story: Midnight Fragments

    [Sad] [Slice of Life] "This is a rare blend of both poetry and prose that takes the best of both realms. There is a story here, and it is artfully told." ~ Prereader 137

    Author: TrelaTyraelis
    Description: The story of Echo, the blind wonderbolt appeared only as a background pony, of whom we caught a glimpse in the second season. This story is for her and every background character brought to the light and given a story from the various artists of the fandom, that gave life to what now are the backbones of the fandom itself.

    Midnight Fragments

    Additional Tags: Tragedy, Catharsis, Innocence, Blindness, Liberation
  • Story Updates August 10th (Morning)

    Would you accept a Pinkie Pie for christmas?

    I wouldn't, my house would be a mess before we even finished opening presents!

  • Nightly Roundup #403

    Pretty sure this can only end well. No flaws in this little plan whatsoever, no sirree!

    News time everyone! Get it while it's fresh off the presses!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 9

    Humans, Lyra! Humans! Trying new things can be scary, and it takes a very brave sort of person to try them. All of you have that bravery, and you have it in spades. We're at Day 9 now, and the first real waves of fatigue are starting to set in. 'Can I do this?' 'What can I do today?' 'Can I keep it up all thirty days?' Yes, you can do it. I know you can, even though it's tough, because I know you care. You want to have fun. That's what we're here to do, after all. So when I tell you that today's gallery contains 572 exploratory and experimental ponies, I want you to understand that this number represents just how hard a thing these training grounds can be. I want you to understand how unbelievably proud I am of that number. Our grand total is now 7242. This is historic, ladies and gentlemen. It's never been done before. When August gives way to September, this will go down as one of the greatest creative efforts by a group of people ever. Hold your heads up high.

    But we can do better. The Training Grounds can be better. If there's a problem with being a part of such a historically huge number of drawings, it's the feeling of being lost in the crowd. It's hard to stay motivated when it feels like nobody's watching, but we can fix this, and I'm going to lead the charge. Starting tonight, I have an extra bit of homework for each of you: as you click through the gallery, follow a couple of links back to their home galleries. And when you get there, leave a comment. You don't have to say much, just give a small compliment or point out how they might be able to improve some detail. To a burgeoning artist, this tiny little gesture can mean the world, and if we each find just a few pictures to do it for, it'll help us all become better and stronger. I'm going to be looking for images to comment on from now on. I hope you'll join me.

    To submit for Day 9, follow this link to the submitter and fill out the form as per usual. You're a smart bunch, you know the drill by now. And remember, if you'd like to ask a question or chat with me, send me a line at [email protected] If you're asking about a late entry, though, please wait until our first make-up gallery is announced on Day 15. All ponies will be counted, this I promise.

    For today, we're bringing back one of the most popular themes from last year, and something that's sure to get your motors turning: Draw a pony dressed as or from your favorite video game, movie, or book/Draw a media pony. Bonus challenge: how many of you are awesome enough to know about Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure? Come on, show me your moves!

    As for tonight these New Horizons represent some of the most clever entries to date. I'm blown away by how much creativity you guys are bringing to this. Your ideas are wonderfully unique and charming. I'm eating them up. Which is starting to get unhealthy I think. Can art make you fat? I hope not...