• Music: Twilight Ethereal // Sapphire Shores // Twilight Sparkle's Mind Is A Curious Place

    Don't fall asleep don't fall asleep don't fall asleep don't fall asleep that's how they get you they want you they're coming don't fall asleep oh hey look music how did this get here?

    1) Twilight Ethereal
    2) Sapphire Shores
    3) Twilight Sparkle's Mind Is A Curious Place (spoilers: best song)
  • Hasbro's Q3 Earnings Review Transcript

    As active and engaged fans of a show, it sometimes behooves us (teehee, I'm so witty!) to pretend we're sophisticated businessponies and comb through the parent company's financial information. They make this stuff public for a reason, and it's kind of fun to speculate! Nightmare Moon and her other corporate overlords recently went over their earnings, losses, and projections, and a certain property beginning with 'My' and ending with 'Little Pony' featured somewhat prominently in the proceedings.

    I'll link the transcript at the end of this (thank you, seekingalpha.com!), but there's a lot of business talk that's either boring or not pony relevant, so here are some cliffs notes:

    - Sales of My Little Pony toys are up. This is still considered progress in their Girls' line of toys.
    - They are spending more money than before on The Hub.
    - Ratings on The Hub are at their highest ever, with Friendship is Magic as a headliner. The channel is now able to directly compete for ratings with more established Saturday programming.
    - There are going to be new pony toys in 2012
    - This seems silly to point out, but reading this transcript in its entirety really emphasized how shrewd these people are. They have a long term plan for their ponies and it is making them a ton of new money.
    - I dare you not to laugh every time one of them unironically brings up the Battleship movie.

    They never directly referenced the secondary markets in the Q&A, but with their channel doing so well and merchandise flying off the shelves, we can expect them to put a lot more time and attention into ponies in the future. See? I told you this stuff was fun.

    Q3 2011 Results Transcript
  • Story: Equestria Hockey League (Update Story 2 Part 2 )


    Author: XFizzle
    Description: Spending most of her time studying indoors through the winter season, Twilight Sparkle is given an assignment by Princess Celestia: to form and lead Ponyville's new EHL team, the Ponyville Golden Leafs. Twilight and company hit the rink to learn about hockey and to begin their journey towards the Celestia Cup.
    All Links after the break! 

  • Comics: Dis Problem/ High Expectations

     I have not laughed as hard at a comic submission as I have at the above comic in a long, long time. How long? I don't remember. That's how funny I found it. It was, to quote a certain someone, "Priceless!"

    But enough about Lesson Zero, eh? It's time to start getting psyched up for Luna! Are you ready for next week? She is!
  • Story: Final Dream of a Filly

    [Sad] "... a touching story... in the vein of Forever is Forever..." - Pre-Reader #I Speak In Sentence Fragments

    Author: AmberWings
    Description: No one expects to go to sleep and never wake up. There's always tomorrow, or the next day. There was always time. So, when a young life is extinguished before its time, it becomes especially difficult to handle. When the spirit of that life is forced to face and accept her death, what will become of her afterlife? Scootaloo will soon be faced with this tragedy, and this is her story.
    Final Dreams of a Filly: Chapter 1
    Final Dreams of a Filly: Chapter 2
    Final Dreams of a Filly: Chapter 3
    Final Dreams of a Filly: Chapter 4

    Additional Tags: Death, Choice, Mourning, Living, Love
  • An Interview With Princess Celestia

    No, really. The good folk over at the podcast 'Friendship is Madness' scored an interview with Nicole Oliver, who voices Celestia and Cheerilee. Discussion topics include ponies, voice acting, and a little bit of an unofficial confirmation for a third Season. Unofficially I think we already knew that much, but it's still neat. For once in my life rather than prattling on about something ad nauseum I'm just going to drop the link and let you listen. Enjoy!

    Friendship is Madness
  • Comic: A Sight for Really Sore Eyes (Updated and Completed!)

    Guess what, everypony? I'm still employed here! (Haha, it's so funny that I ever worried they could get rid of me!) That means more comics, more meandering introductory paragraphs, and more adorable little ponies doing the things that adorable little ponies do! I'll bet you can hardly contain your excitement!

    Set your faces to d'aww, because the following images contain diabetes-inducing amounts of marshmallow equines experiencing feelings. With their hearts. Which are made of... I dunno, gummis, I guess? We never did get around to figuring out their insides. Which is neither here nor there. Enjoy some PinkieShy!
  • Drawfriend #218

    Keheheheheeeeeheeee~ It's fun, fun, funfunfunfunfun to be in charge! All the fluffiest clouds, the sweetest candy in the jar I could never open, pony hare-- *thud*

    Oh what now? Seth just what do you think you're... what, Drawfriend? Nonsense. They don't need... oh, fine. Don't cry about it. No, your bindings are not too tight, stop being a wuss. Now, where was I? Oh right. Heeheeee!

    Source 1 

  • Discussion: Pony Dreams

    So. Dreams. Dreams about ponies. With all of the influence ponies seem to have on our conscious brains, it seems only natural that sooner or later they would seep into our unconscious thoughts as well. I've been told this is a really popular topic of discussion on Ponychan, so I thought that it might be fun to play with it here, as well.

    Let's discuss, then! As for myself, I remember very vividly a dream where I woke up on the couch and suddenly was a pony. It was extremely surreal and full of panic moments, such as wondering how I was supposed to pick up my fiancee at the airport when I could no longer grip the steering wheel of my car (or reach the pedals!), and then again when I realized I would have to quit EqD and spent the next I'm not sure how long trying to nudge my laptop open with my nose to tell Seth. It was an amazingly vivid experience, and I can even still remember the tactile sensations of things like a blanket brushing up against a wing. My brain does weird things to me sometimes. But what about you guys? Have you dreamed about ponies? What sort of dreams did you have? How did they feel, and what did you think about them? If you could pick one to have, what kind of dream would you want?
  • PMV: Majora's Little Pony // Japanese Pony Pokey // Real Life Sonic Rainboom

    Never quite got the Majora's Mask jokes. Link is a total stoic; it's the player who's strained and cracking after a few cycles. Ah well. At least I know I'm not the only pony who was thinking it when the sun was all like "tick tock".

    1) Majora's Little Pony
    2) Pony Pokey in Japanese
    3) Real Life Sonic Rainboom (...dude)
  • Comics: Big Macintosh's Secret/Better Days

    I keep watching the end of Lesson Zero, and for the life of me I can't convince myself that Big Macintosh didn't deck Lyra in order to secure Smartypants for himself. Seriously, go watch that sequence, I'll wait. If it wasn't him then it had to have been Bon Bon, because they're all right there and she's the only one laid out on the ground holding her face. Makes ya think.

    Also, adult Scootaloo is the smuggest looking pony I have ever laid eyes on. Click the comic below and tell me if she ever loses that self-satisfied smirk at any point before the last panel. My goodness.

  • Music: I Threw This Party Just For You // Dreaming, Waiting // The Elements of Harmony

    There is no rhyme or reason to the grouping of these songs. I just get bored if I have to listen to only one style of music, is all. Aren't you glad we're getting to know each other?

    1) I Threw This Party Just For You
    2) The Elements of Harmony
    3) Dreaming, Waiting
  • Comics: Valcron Special Edition

     I'm sure you ponies all know who Valcron is, right? Well, here's your quick crash course if you don't, in the form of a trio of Lesson Zero inspired comics. I swear, he draws some of the most distinctive and adorable looking eyes of any artist in this fandom. It may not be show accurate, but it's so cute my heart almost explodes.

    Find the other two after a page break!
  • Rainbow Dash Pulls a Kevin Flynn

    The thing that you are staring at right now is the monitor for a Sun Microsystems SPARCstation 2 workstation. It's a 21 year old machine owned by a brony answering to the moniker of Hoagiebot, which he recently displayed at a vintage computer convention in Illinois. You may be wondering what this has to do with ponies. You may be wondering why you should care about what is for all intents and purposes a very (very!) old computer with a Rainbow Dash wallpaper. Well, this machine is older than some of you reading this. Actually, it's older than a lot of you reading this, if I remember my polls correctly.  So it functions a heck of a lot differently than any computer you're used to handling - long story short, it is a heck of an accomplishment to have taken these wallpapers and convinced this SPARCstation to display them. And it is awesome. Come on, every so often we're allowed to geek out about this kind of thing!

    Below the break, find enclosed some other images and a technical explanation of what went into this as written by the man himself. Enjoy!
  • Story: Easy Come, Caprese Go

    [Normal] I'm... not really sure how to pronounce that title. Cuh-pree-zee? Iono.

    Author: Heliopause
    Description: Rarity is unprepared when success comes from an unexpected source.
    Easy Come, Caprese Go

    Additional Tags: Episode style, Slice of Life
  • Goooooooood Morning, EqD!

    Well hello there, sleepy heads! Did you have a nice night? I hope so, because we are going to have some fun today~
  • Nightly Roundup #130.HA!

    Lock me away in your sugar mines for a month, will you Seth? I'll bet you and Cereal had a big laugh about it. Well, who's laughing now? This blog is now MINE! Hhheh...heheheheHAHAHAHA oh god my lungs. 

    Now, let's see. What was he up to? Ah, a Nightly Roundup. How cute. Well, we mustn't keep the ponies waiting for their news. Let's finish this, and do it properly this time...
  • Nightly Roundup #130

    Neighsayers gonna neigh.

    Have a roundup.

  • Music: I'm Tardy! // TACTICAL RAINUKE // Rarity's Song

    That episode really was absolutely fantastic.

    Have some more music!

    1.) I'm Tardy!
    3.) Rarity's Song