• Behind the Scenes Bridle Gossip Production!

    Someone uploaded a video to youtube of a bunch of behind the scenes shots for Bridle Gossip!  It's pretty fascinating to see how everything comes togeather.  You can find the embed after the break!

    Thanks to Brian for the heads up.
  • Music: FLUTTER / Celestia's Theme (Orchestral) / Luna's Lament

    Outside of Pinkie Trigger, I usually don't "get" these types of songs, but this one was pretty cool!

    Also an extension on Celestia's theme, and more Luna stuff, because you can throw Luna on anything and call it pony!

    1.) FLUTTER
    2.) Celestia's Theme - Orchestral
    3.) Luna's Lament

  • Story: Sharing the Magic (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] Pinkie with magic? That's a scary prospect.

    Author: StoryBirth
    Description: Pinkie Pie finds out that she can suddenly perform magic. She thinks that this ability is a curse that Twilight Sparkle laid on her. Is this new ability a curse from Twilight and can she manage to control her new talent?
    Google Documents
    Sharing the Magic Part 1
    Sharing the Magic Part 2 
    Sharing the Magic Part 3
    Sharing the Magic Part 4 (New!)

    FF.net All Links
    Sharing the Magic

    Additional Tags: Magic, Secrets, Teleportation
  • Drawfriend Stuff #122

     Awesome Crossover Edition!

    There are a ton of these sketchy things in this group.  I found a lot of them pretty entertaining.  I've set them all up in one big pile for those of you who aren't into them, just skip to #16!


    Source 1
  • PMV: Pony Hard / TransforMares 3: Dark of the NightMare / Ponydolia

    Random PMV time!

    Also an awesome image. 

    1.) Pony Hard
    2.) TransforMares 3: Dark of the NightMare Moon (A different version!)
    3.) Elena Siegmane - Ponydolia

  • Minecraft Compilation Time

    You guys just keep on filling my box with minecraft, so lets do another compilation! 

    This continent sized My Little Pony logo is brought to you by the people over at ponycraft.org.  It took 4 days to build, and used over 10,000 blocks. 

    It's almost a calming experience building ridiculously large structures in this game. Back before the pony craze started, I could spend many an hour just piling blocks up.  It was..nice.  Almost like one of those zen sand pit things. 

    But Ponycraft.org isn't the only one busting out pixel art.  I think everyone who spends time in the endless bounds of the minecraftean universe has given at least some consideration to our favorite little equines.  After the break, you can find a few more random pixeled ponies.  Enjoy!

    And be sure to check out the various pony minecraft servers...


  • 3D Spinny Twilight Sparkle


    Twilight Sparkle is finally here, and she spins.  I heard you guys liked Spinning ponies, so have another spinning pony for your spinning pony collection so you can have a desktop filled with spinning ponies while you spin around in your spinning computer char and sing Winter Wrap Up. 

    Spinning Twilight Sparkle
  • July 15 Officially Brony Appreciation Day!

    The official MLP Twitter age has declared July 15 to be Brony Appreciation Day!

    Whether this means something amazing is going to happen on that date or not remains to be seen! It's still pretty cool regardless. 

    You can find the page here!

    Thanks to Kein for the info! 
  • Story: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

    [Sad] "POST IT WITH A VENGEANCE." - Pre-reader #13

    Author: Somber
    Description: What does it mean to have a dream? What does it take to hold on
    to that dream and make it a reality? And what does it cost when it's
    all taken away from you?
    Blood, Sweat and Tears

    Additional Tags: Background, OC, Happy Ending
  • Ponies Around the World Event

    A brony by the name of Vaum recommended this event to me, and I thought it would be a cool idea!

    Our collective community covers pretty much every corner of the globe, from over here in the western part of the USA, to the Asian nations in the far east.  I think it's time to show our favorite ponies the sights of good old Earth!

    -Update: (Modified some things) 

    So what the hell is this event?!

    This one will be pretty simple;  find any landmark in your area, be it the Great Pyramids or Disney Land, grab a pony toy, and take a picture!  Bonus points for creativity.  You obviously don't need to include yourself, but cool people will!

    If you don't have a pony toy.. I guess a picture of your favorite pony is fine, though Papercraft Ponies would be cooler,  and minor landmarks are fine too, if nothing huge is around you.

    Where/How do I send the image?

    Send your pictures to [email protected] (Preferably resized so I don't have to spend a week modifying everything, I know how much you guys love taking 6mb pictures, but think of my sanity! It's already waning on a daily basis!).

    In the email's subject line add: PONIES AROUND THE WORLD

    Somewhere on the image, include your name (Real or online fake name, either or), and the location, postcard style, be it with MSpaint or whatever else you want.  If you can't figure it out,  let me know and I'll just caption your image with the name you provide in email. If you fail to provide any name whatsoever, I'll make one up! There are a ton of ways I can switch the letters around in The Great And Powerful Trixie!

    What is the deadline?

    This is kind of an experiment, so I'm going to create a tentative deadline for 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday July 13th.  That gives you one solid week.  If I don't get enough entries, I'll extend it.  I know this one might be a bit difficult to fit in with everyone's busy schedules, but for the sake of not being surprisingly overwhelmed like poor Cereal with his writing event, I'm going with the safe route. 

    Now go take pictures of ponies!
  • The Single Greatest Coloring Book Ever

    Every so often a project comes along that is so startlingly amazing that I simply do not have the capacity to gush about it enough. There is so much going on within the 84 pages of this book, assembled, composed, and created by one Garrett Gilchrist, that I daresay anypony could easily lose hours upon hours of their life going through it. Now, I can hear you out there asking me why you should care about a coloring book. Let me tell you!

    This is an "all ages" book. What that really means is that it was created specifically for you bronies, always out there looking for your next pony hit and feeling a little bit guilty about picking up the youth-centric official books. What you'll find inside here is a vectoriffic pile of ponies featuring just about all of your favorite ponies, ready for your inks and photo editing software to bring them into glorious color. You'll also find a storybook version of the pilot episode, which is both fun to read and a great way to introduce the series to any younger relatives you might have who don't get the Hub (and trust me, parents will thank you for saving them from the other children's programming out there). There are crosswords, mazes, and puzzles designed to be intellectually stimulating for adult minds as well as for kids. And also one of my favorite things in the world: nonograms! If you're not familiar with those there's a detailed explanation in the book itself, but the best way I've found to describe them is sort of "drawing a picture by way of Minesweeper". Look at numbers, logically deduce the location of the squares you are meant to color. Gaze in awe upon the visage of the Great and Powerful Trixie. In short, this book is amazing. It is bursting to capacity with love and effort and creativity. Download it and have fun, everypony!

    Pony Coloring Book Download
  • Cereal Receives a Pony Shot Glass

    Well, Cereal and the other two responsible blog authors, in any case.

    Yep! We were all once again gifted some free pony stuff by a very, very generous pony by the name of Bermuda Brony, to avoid using his real name- just in case. He's actually in Bermuda, so, the name makes sense! You're awesome, BB! I would just like to inform you that it is indeed the best thing you could possibly fill with your favorite adult beverage. Or soda, depending on your age.

    In the spirit of totally embarrassing yet another kind and talented member of the community who was nice enough to give me free stuff, I have taken the liberty of unboxing his package for you all to see.

    Pictures galore, ordering and pricing information, and Seth's glass as well after the break!

  • Custom Blindbag Luna / Sculpted Pinkie Pie

    This Luna! Its glorious!  This is actually one of those tiny little blindbag ponies recolored with a horn addition.  Pretty impressive if you think about the size of these things.  

    Done by Lady Draconic (Just in case you don't see it in the actual image!

    Also a bouncy Pinkie Pie statue, because bouncy Pinkie Pie is cool too.  

  • Official My Little Pony Youtube Page Announced on Facebook

    Now this is interesting news. There now exists an official My Little Pony channel on Youtube. I checked it, and there's currently nine uploads, which includes some Hub commercials, the Equestria Girls short, some clips from the show, and a Celestia toy commercial.

    Depending on the way you slice it, this could either mean that Hasbro and the Hub are fully embracing Youtube and all the benefits it has to offer, including fan offerings, or that they're establishing a legitimate foothold on the site in order to keep pony episodes from being uploaded. Somehow I doubt that it's the latter, considering that the fan-captured episodes online at the moment have been there for months. You think they would have done something about them by now if they found them objectionable.

    Fun fact, though- the clips hosted on the official channel are of significantly lower quality than the 1080p offerings we have now. I kind of giggled.
  • Huge Oregon Brony Meetup

    Organizers: Nathan on the Left in front, PK on the Right
    On Thursday, June 30th well over twenty bronies descended upon Guardian Games in Portland, OR to partake in the first big meetup for that area.

    Various fan artists, fic writers and fans of all kinds came together to watch episodes, talk shop and share in the community from 1-5pm. Among the things featured were a Jeopardy-esqe trivia game made in flash, iron-on shirt decals, and hot off the press fan art. One of the biggest highlights of the event was a Q&A sessions with Eurobeat Brony via Skype in which he confirmed that he will be doing a remix of Singing Telegram, the song featured in the episode Party of One!

    More pictures can be found here.

    (Copypasta Courtesy of Nathan!)
  • PMV: The Beatles - Medley / Dream Theater / The Pony Car Song

    This is the final part of that beatles album compilation thing that has been spread across various pmv posts.

    Also some Dream theater and a random thingy!

    1.) My Little Pony: The Beatles - Medley (part 3/3)
    2.) Dream Theater PMV: Fluttershy - The Silent Man
    3.) The Pony Car Song

  • Story: Derpy's Bebop (Update Complete!)

    [Slice of Life][Shipping]

    Author: TrelaTyraelis
    Description: A journey inside Ditzy's mind, dealing with something she had never experienced before.
    Derpy's Bebop (New part 4!)

    Additional Tags: D'aaaww ; Love; Tree hitting; mistakes
  • Nightly Roundup #28

    Twilight Sparkle Edition!



  • Map of Equestria and Portal Pony Mod!

    A team that has been working on a huge Portal 2.5 pony map project has released a massive as-accurate-as-possible map of Equestria, built by studying various locations throughout all 26 episodes of the first season.
    It's pretty interesting on it's own, and if you check out the gallery you will see just how extensive their research on the subject was. They covered pretty much every corner of the land with photo proof on where each location is actually found.  

    Apparently this is only part of the equation though.  The team has been working on a portal mod for a while now, that closely resembles the storyline found in Better Living Through Science and Ponies (Probably one of the best crossovers on the site).  They need some help though! If you know anything about the source engine, primarily creating textures/models, you can contact [email protected] to off your assistance!

    The image above is a very rough draft version of the boots found in the story (A combination of portal guns and longfall boots).