• Animation: New Math by Tom Neighrer / Fluffle Puff Tales: "Bubbles"

    You need to learn math, so have a pony do it. Head on down past the break to enlighten that 85% hereditary math sector of your brain. 

    And since you are all here, have a bonus derpy thing too below! Just cause~

  • Comic: The Sweetie Belle Problem / Under the Clouds / Amateur / No Questions / The Last Marshmallow / Sisterhood

    Humans? In my comic post?! Don't worry, they don't last long.  We have those, old memes, Pinkie Pie multiparters, and cannibalism.  Click for full! 

  • 300 Million People Accidently Stumbled into Ponyland

    Or more specifically, a couple hundred thousand refreshed the site way too many times!  Happy 300 million hits everyone!  As always I'd like to thank the swarms of people who have stuck with us over the last two years.  We have an armada of freelance reporters, the fanfic and music review teams, the comment bombarding super fans, the swarms of artists, musicians, video editors, and the average pony fan just looking for something to check out all contributing to this awesome fandom.  You guys kept it going, and hopefully we all have another year of crazy pony shenanigans to look forward to!

    With season 3 ending relatively soon, I'm sure the next break is going to be an interesting one.  Hopefully the 4th will begin sooner than they usually do, or I might lose my mind!

    And with that, onward to another year!  It's not like we actually need episodes to keep this train going, right?

    Have a sample of what we plan to do with EQD in a few weeks.  Hope you all like snoop dog lion and bling!

    Click for 20% Cooler EQD
    And as always, thanks to the artists of the MLP Vector Club for the banner vectors!
  • Hastings Comic #4 Variant

    It looks like Hastings also has their issue #4 comic up on facebook, this time dedicated primarily to Fluttershy.  I for one welcome these snow ponies, and place them second only to the Doctor Who covers!

    Check out their facebook here!

    Thanks to Sebastian for the heads up!
  • Andrew Francis Not Braeburn

    After viewing Over a Barrel for the first time today, Andrew Francis found out the voice used for the final cut for Braeburn was not his own but that of Michael Dangerfield. Understandably, this was quite a shock for Mr. Francis and sort of bummed him out as you can tell in the tweet embedded above.

    The original tweets of his discovery appear to be deleted, but you can still visit his Twitter account and drop him some well wishes! He did make an awesome Shining Armor and no one can say Twily like him! Also, congratulations on Michael Dangerfield for doing a bang up job on Braeburn, we appreciate the work you put into our Applelosa loving pony.

    Andrew Francis Twitter

  • BREAKING NEWS: Equestrian Outhouses are FAKE

    Twitter Source
    The Goddess of all things pony has spoken!  It appears that the few outhouses we have seen in FiM were fake product placement to sell us toy sets in the future!  That dream you had a week ago about how fun it would be to play with portable pony potties? It was all a result of subliminal marketing.

    The ponies of Equestria control many things, from the weather to the seasons, but earth ponies were always a mystery! Any pony can drop a seed and grow a tree, but it takes deep rooted earthy magic to do it just right. Or more specifically, magically infused earth pony fertilizer. 

    So next time you write up a Human in Equestria fic, be sure to stay realistic and include a section on how awkward it is without toilets. 
  • Plushie Compilation #100

    We've done it everyone! One hundred plushie compilations! Think about that for a second, if we assume on the low end that each of these compilations had at least 25 plushies in them, that would mean we've featured at least 2500 plushies since we started this feature. That's a lot of plushies and I'm sure we'll see many more to come as pony keep pressing onward.

    Great job plush makers! Keep up the wonderful work.

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #683

    It has taken me a week to decide on which Horoscope pony is the best, and after a fierce battle between Leo and Cancer, Capricorn came out of nowhere. 

    Have a poll too! Hit up the side bar and vote on your favorite.

    Onward to art!

    [6] Source

  • Saturday Livestreams

    Yet another Saturday is upon us so you know what that means, right? Yep, it's time for Saturday Livestreams, where artists from all over the community get together to share how they practice their craft with the curious masses. We've got a good assortment today, so check out our list after the break!

    If you'd like to partake in the livestreaming madness, send me an email at [email protected] with your name, a gallery of your work (optional), a link to your livestream, a banner (also optional) and what you'll be working on during the stream. Anyone that is creating something pony related is welcome to join, whether it be videos, music, art, or sculpting, so don't be afraid to send me a message! Livestreams are always on Saturday starting at 4pm EST / 1pm PST and the streams must conform with our content rules, so take that into consideration before submitting.

  • We Love Fine Shirts - Even More!

    The flood! It never ends! We Love Fine has released a whole bunch of new shirts over the last few days, with everything from season 2 jokes to artistic Nouveau.

    You know the drill! Head on over to their pony section for all the new ones, or get a quick glimpes after the break!

  • Story: Compiler (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Smoking Gun
    Description: You're never too young to learn something new.

    With computers becoming a new hit in Equestria, Twilight and Spike travel back to Canterlot so that she can learn all she can about these new devices and how they work. Meeting the colorful staff and students, Twilight slowly starts to learn that not all problems can be solved with a solution in the book.

    Maybe she should try a video tutorial.
    Compiler (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Twilight is a computer nerd
  • New Pony Promo With Scenes From Upcoming Episode

    The Hub released a new promo today with scenes from a couple of future episodes.  There aren't a huge amount of new scenes here, but It's pretty epic regardless! Head on down past the break to find it!

    Thanks to Higgspony for the heads up!

  • Hastings Comic #3 Exclusive Pops Up on Ebay

    As with their last few exclusives, Hastings is rolling with yet another snow theme for their 3rd cover.  This one popped up, and sold, over on Ebay.  It may have been a leak, or someone selling a pre-order early, but we haven't posted that cover yet. 

    There isn't a listing for it on their website, so it might be another one you need to actually go physically pick up!  I don't remember any online listing for the Rainbow Dash variant they had for the 1st either, so it's not too surprising. 

    Anyway, good luck tracking it down once it officially releases in a few days!

    Thanks to Evan for the heads up!
  • Unicon Announces Seven More Voice Actors

    You thought the fine folks at Las Pegasus Unicon were done with the announcements? I think not! I have here a press release that everyone thinking of attending should take note of, because it has a boatload of voice actor appearances contained within. It's kind of like a chocolate egg filled with caramel, except instead of caramel it's actually people! What's a person, anyway? A miserable pile of ponies, that's what.

    Oh, and some ticket offers, too.

    Check out the full press release after the break.

  • Season 3 Episode 12 Revealed : Games Ponies Play

    It looks like the 12th episode of season three has been announced on Zap2it. Can you handle the anticipation!?

    Anyway, head on down past the break for the synopsis.

  • Untitled

    making fun of applejack now a promotable offence on EqD
  • Nightly Roundup #551

    Oftentimes it's nice to sit back and relax, spending your evening listening to some calming, quiet music while you wind down from the day. Absolutely fantastic when you just want to rid yourself of some stress.

    So why not read some pony news and listen to your favorite beats while you wrap up (or start for some of you) your day? Check it all out after the break.