• Nightly Roundup #551

    Oftentimes it's nice to sit back and relax, spending your evening listening to some calming, quiet music while you wind down from the day. Absolutely fantastic when you just want to rid yourself of some stress.

    So why not read some pony news and listen to your favorite beats while you wrap up (or start for some of you) your day? Check it all out after the break.

    Dutch Television Interviews Bronies and Laserpon3

    Ponies in the news again and this time from the Netherlands where none other than Laserpon3 resides. Not wanting to disappoint, he put on one of his ever fantastic laser shows for the television broadcast which I'm sure was enough to turn a few heads. Take a look at the full quote below for links and further information!

    On December 10th 2012, a news item aired on local Dutch television explaining the brony phenomenon.
    They were looking for bronies living in Zuid-Holland (South Holland) so me and Laserpon3 teamed up to do our best to put is in good light for Dutch Joe Public.
    Laserpon3 is incredibly busy (as always) and thus I took the liberty to finally add English subtitles to the item and smack it onto YouTube.

    Little Pinkie Pie Adventure - Teaser Trailer

    Swedish Radio Interviews Bronies

    It's not just the Netherlands getting in on the pony business today, but Sweden as well! A few pony fans were recently interviewed about their love for the show and how it has affected their lives. A summary of the interview can be found below along with the source.

    So short summary for those who don't speak Swedish: 3 brothers from Stockholm in Sweden named Dennis, Kenneth and Alexander talk about how MLP changed their lives and how they became to be bronies and how even the Swedish government allowed one of them to change his middle name to Fluttershy. And one of them talks about how he one day brought a pony shirt to school and no one ever talked to him again except for his teachers who thought he was really brave to stand up against whats considered to be not normal. And the rest of the interview is really positive towards bronies.

    Anyway here is a link to the actuall program.

    Apple Bloom in Domino Form!

    She's even adorable when she is a bunch of dominoes!

    Vinyl Scratch Cosplay Makes Magazine Cover

    Yep, that's right, some more pony in the news! This time we've got some cosplay making it to the cover page of the San Diego Reader. I've got to admit, that is a pretty good looking cosplay! For the whole article (which isn't completely pony related) click below!

    Article Link


    Voice of Equestria - Episode 26

    Copy Paste:

    Sorry for taking so long getting this one up, but hey, better late than never, right?  This week, we continue our string of consecutive eps with guests; this time we've got MisterShoebox, or Shoe for short, here with us to discuss the Fallout Equestria Radio Play project and a fair bit of interesting news.  Come check it out!

    Le Poney Blanc Interviews Feather

    Copy Paste:

    There is some time, I interviewed Feather for "Le Poney Blanc" (EQD French) about his creations.
    If you are interested, here is the google docs. As the article in French available here.

    Brony Clubhouse Network's Anime Los Angeles Coverage

    Copy Paste:

    This is the Brony Clubhouse Network's YouTube coverage of Animé Los Angeles!

    In it, we interview a variety of cosplayers as well as sit down with the talented Rina-Chan! To top it all off, we have a short interview with Solrac!

    If you like what you see, come follow us over on Twitter and Facebook:


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Saskatchewan Bronies Facebook Page

    Copy Paste:


    I was personally quite surprised that there was no dedicated page on Facebook for the bronies that inhabit the fine Canadian province of Saskatchewan. So I made one; but of course, this barn could still use some raising! Our farmers and oil industry workers are just as honest and hard-working as our dear Applejack, so its only fitting that she's our unofficial mascot for now (if we get big enough to have our own mascot, it might either be farming, oil, or Roughriders related I don't know.)
    Pony RP Forum Looking for Mods and Players

    Copy Paste:

    Name: Dimensional Xanatos
    RP type: PBP Mega-Crossover Roleplay

    Needed: Players, Experienced & Knowledgable (within their Fandoms) moderators, especially Moderators for the Equestria board.

    Description: Dimensional Xanatos is a Mega-Crossover Play-by-Post roleplay board that covers multiple settings and universes. We are just starting up but pride ourselves on being easy going and not telling others how to roleplay as long as everyone is having fun.
    Wiltshire/Swindon Bronies!

    Copy Paste:

     Hey, I'm from a group of Bronies in Wiltshire who're looking for perhaps some new bronies to meet! We live near the Swindon area and are lookin' to maybe gain some new members! We've currently got around 12 members. Join us in hangin' around Swindon, visiting such places as Subway and McDonalds, in perhaps searching shops for ponies... In perhaps seeing awesome films at the ol' cinema!

    So, if you live anywhere near us, give me a Skype contact request at;

    Or email me here;

    Hope ta see some of you about!!


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