• Goodnight, Everypony!

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  • Flash: Music is Magic / Friendship Vulcan

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    We have 2 Flash videos from Lentoto this time around. The first is a really neat music pony compilation thing, and the second is some parody of some show I never watched but I'm sure a bunch of you will recognize.  I heard some scout crits in there at least!

  • Epic Trixie Poster to Benefit BroNYCon

    As some of you may have probably figured, a brony convention happens over in New York city every few months, which is arguably the easiest place for massive amounts of people to gather at.  The big problem faced with something of this scale is cost.   Feeding/Providing chairs for 300+ people is expensive, and as the event continues to grow to even larger numbers the amount of funds needed will also increase.  So far, Purple Tinker has payed for pretty much everything out of pocket, but she needs help.

    I'll let her copy paste explain the rest after the break! 

  • Story: The Monster Mash (Update Chapter 6!)


    Author: Fred M. Sloniker
    Description: Six ponies. Six encounters with the supernatural.

    Each of the chapters of this fic is an independent story featuring one of the Mane Six having an encounter with the supernatural. They are presented as one story because of their common theme. The stories written so far are:

    Fluttershy: The Curse of the Night When Angel falls sick, Fluttershy ventures into the Everfree Forest at night to find a remedy. Though she faces danger, she escapes... but not unchanged.
    Rarity: Blood and Water You know the story.  Rarity gets seduced by a creature of the night, and her friends don't realize what's happening until it's too late.  They find the vampire who turned her and destroy him.  But then what happens?
    Rainbow Dash: The Big Battle Discord's defeat didn't erase every trace of his influence on Equestria.  Fortunately, hard-working ponies are already gathering the remnants of his power into Manehattan for easy disposal.  What could possibly go wrong?
    Pinkie Pie: Gallows Humor Pinkie Pie, Ponyville's premiere prankster, is dead.  So why haven't the pranks stopped?
    Applejack: One of the Herd Applejack may be in charge of Ponyville's biggest farming community, but that doesn't mean she can't take a break now and then.  Besides, tonight's meteor shower should be even better than last night's...
    Twilight Sparkle: The Case of Wild Clover the Warder It's a boring day in Canterlot, and Twilight Sparkle has time to kill.  Maybe picking up an old lot of books will brighten her mood.
    The Monster Mash (New Chapter 6!)

    Additional Tags: "Werewolves, Vampires, Kaiju, Ghosts, Spores, Mythos"
  • PMV: Ponyvarium / Super Pony Time 2 / Luna wanna go to the moon

    I know I usually stress quality over length when it comes to PMV's, but you gotta give this guy credit for going a full twenty two minutes.

    We also have some PMV hell, and a quicky Luna thing.

    1.) Ponyvarium [PMV]
    2.) Super Pony Time 2
    3.) Luna wanna go to the moon

  • Story: A Cup of Joe

    [Normal] It's Descendant, and it's based off that image, so just read it alright?

    Author: The Descendant
    Description: Pony Joe awakens before the dawn each morning, readies himself for his day, and them walks through Cantelot's cold and silent streets to his doughnut shop.

    Life has become pretty mundane for Joe, but as he serves his customers and chats with his regulars he realizes that he has come to rely on that repetition...he relies on it to keep from remembering.

    As a casual utterance by a new customer sends Joe into a spiral of haunting memories we learn about his life...and what he must give up if he wishes to move beyond his past.
    A Cup of Joe Chapter 1: Plain
    A Cup of Joe Chapter 2: Cinnamon
    A Cup of Joe Chapter 3: Sugar

    Additional Tags: Pony Joe Celestia Luna Twilight Spike Guardsponies
  • Story Updates October 14th

    MC Luna says it's update time, so have some updates.

    As always send any broken things to [email protected]

  • Drawfriend Stuff #215

    Coming a bit late this time around. Once again you guys have produced an insane amount of art. Have at it!

    Also: Blogger seems to have brought back their image viewer thingy.  It's good for small posts, but drawfriends send it straight to the moon.  If you want to avoid the load times, right click and open in new window.  It bypasses it.

    And in other news, I'm starting the halloween rotation early.  We already got 30 banners... you guys are crazy.

    Banner for the Day Source: Quaraezha

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  • Brony Movie Night #18

    Bronystate is having its usual movie night, as well as a few events.  All information in the poster above!

    And for those uninterested in anything but pony, be sure to check out their live stream of season two episode 3 tomorrow morning!
  • Dealing with the Media PSA

    A few days ago I tossed up a casting call for a documentary.  I didn't really research the company, which I admit, was my bad.  I tend to get a lot of things from the media, so I'm pretty jaded to all of it at this point.

    Some of the New York bronies + Bejoty have put togeather a quick PSA For you all to browse through.  It gives some good tips on dealing with the media as a whole.  This fandom is growing at an astonishing rate, so it is only natural that several TV agencies will be all over it.  Please take a few minutes and read over the information after the break.  Knowledge will benefit us all.

    Now with a live reading for the lazy ones out there. 

  • Story: The Night's Rebellion

    [Grimdark] [Adventure]

    Author: Levatis
    Description: It is said that history is written by the victors, but does that make it true? As new tides sweep across the shores of the past they carve out old tales that have been long forgotten. Tales of a dark and troubling past. Tales of a time before there was a Mare in the Moon.

    The year marks the 30th since Celestia ascended to the throne of Equestria. Troubling news stirs the nation of Equestria; old enemies are spotted along the northern border, and a peculiar case of missing ponies spreads across the realm like wildfire. While Celestia is preoccupied with the foreign threat the responsibility falls to Princess Luna to uncover the mysteries of the missing ponies. As the tightly knit weave of deception and power comes undone will Luna be able to look at her kingdom the same way again? Or will she shoulder the burden of justice? Even if it means going against the ponies she's grown to love.

    The Night's Rebellion: Part I
    The Night's Rebellion: Part II
    The Night's Rebellion: Part III

    Additional Tags: Very long, betrayal, deception, rebellion
  • Music: Sunshine and Celery Stalks / Fighting is Magic - Applejack / Beyond the Blue

    New stuff from Pinkie Pie Swear! And it's awesome as always, even if Applejack is focus this time around.

    Speaking of Applejack, the stage theme you have probably heard in all the Fighting is Magic trailers is available below as well.

    And finally some atmospheric music, because we don't get much atmospheric stuff.

    1.) PinkiePieSwear - Sunshine and Celery Stalks
    2.) MLP Fighting is Magic - Applejack Stage Theme
    3.) Beyond the Blue

  • Story: Friendship is Sanctioned (Update Part 11!)

    [Crossover] [Sci-Fi] [Adventure] [Comedy]

    Author: Blue Legend
    Description: The Warp is a blessing and a curse to the Imperium of Mankind: it is integral to all psychic powers and vital for faster-than-light travel. However, it also the home of Chaos, a cruel force that corrupts all it touches. In the early 42nd millennium, a group of rebels hijack a freighter to travel to the Clearing, a hidden place within the Warp that resists the Chaos taint. A team of elite Imperial warriors are sent after them, but they are unprepared for the strange world that awaits...

    Friendship is Sanctioned (New Part 11!)

    Friendship is Sanctioned (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Warhammer 40k, SPEHSS MAHRENS, heresy
  • Comic: Awkward Moments / Twilight Squarepants

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    How many characterizations of Luna can we bust out before her big debut on the 22nd?! I almost want to run another Luna event just to see!

    Also some Spongebob parody nonsense below.  

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  • Story: A New Harmony (Update Complete!)

    [Sad] [Dark]

    Author: Pascoite
    Description: Twilight Sparkle has defeated Discord, but she lacked the discipline to do a proper job of it. He's ready for a rematch, but he's recruited three ponies to be his unwitting minions, and nopony will know he's behind it until it's too late. Everypony is in for some serious mind games.

    A New Harmony (All Links) (New Chapter 4!)

    Additional Tags: Sweetie Belle, Discord, Conspiracy, Light Humor, Psychological Warfare
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  • Nightly Roundup #127

    This image is awesome.  I want to play MTG With these two. 

    Anyway, have some news while I build a portal to go do that (And an up to date deck.)