• Nightly Roundup #698

    It's all right Twilight, I honestly am glad you stayed roughly the same size as you're just cuter that way! Besides, you already have to get used to the wings do you really want to get used to the long legs too?

    News time guys! Check it out after the break.

  • Music of the Day #133

    A vending machine with peanut butter crackers, on wheels.  I think she's screwed this time. 

    Onward to music!  We have 12 in this one, all below.  It looks like Orchestral kind of dominates this set, so hopefully you like that type of music!

  • Convention Compilation - June 28th

    Feeling Fluttershy? No better way to cure that than forcing yourself into social situations! Have some conventions headlines: 

    Summer Sun Celebration/BUCK - AcousticBrony's Hot Minute!
    PonyCon AU 2014 - Pozible Announcement
    Brony Fan Fair Visual Novel - Lights in the Sky
    Grand Brony Gala Animation

    And full press releases below the break. 

  • Nayuki on EqG Background Humans and What Makes a Background Pony

    Some more interesting news from Nayuki, a layout artist from the show. Like some of you, I noticed a distinct lack of both Lyra and Bonbon in the movie and there is apparently a reason for that! According to Nayuki, the students you see running around the movie are not actually based on any background pony designs which means, as Nayuki points out, you all are free to design not only pony versions of background characters from the movie but EqG versions of background ponies from the show.

    Things might contain slight spoilers for the movie after this point, so proceed at your own caution.

    So what exactly is a background pony then? I mean, we saw Vinyl Scratch in the movie so what is she then? Well, according once again to Nayuki, characters like Vinyl Scratch, Cheerilee, the Cakes that showed up are actually secondary characters while background characters are ones that are used for crowd filler and are ponies they aren't afraid of cloning if they have to fill a large crowd. The more you know!

  • EqG Coming To Germany

    According to a Nickelodeon press release sent to us today it would appear that Equestria Girls will be hitting Germany August 3rd. While the press release doesn't give any indication of other countries that might be getting EqG in Europe at least we know that it is coming!

    Thanks to Gerjet of GalaCon for the heads up!
  • Leapfrog Explorer Game Revealed

    Ponies have moved on to the world of learning games, via Leapfrog.   It looks like the goal of the game is to complete a series of challenges and recover the Elements of Harmony to defeat Discord.  The Leapfrog Website has a trailer up that explains it all in detail, or pick it up on Amazon where it is in stock.  

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!

  • SDCC Deadpool Variant Features Ponies!

    Deadpool and ponies together at last as Marvel reveals their exclusive ComicCon variant they will be releasing in limited quantities at the convention! Only 1500 will be available so get yours while you can if you are going to be at the convention!

  • New Blindbags and Brushables Popping up on Taobao and Ebay

    All of these have actually been popping up for about a week now in various shapes forms and sizes.  There appear to be a full set of transluscent crystal pony brushables joining Pinkie Pie on that front (Images below the break), along with what appears to be a new set of blindbags.

    Head on down below the break for images of everything!   Thanks to Christine, Candygram, and everyone else that sent them in over the last few days. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #848

    All of this beach art lately is making me really want to head to the beach! I think it's time for a vacation.  Who should I have take over the blog while I'm gone? 

    And have some art while you decide!

    [1] Source
    Luna and Celestia At The Beach

  • Trixie Dance


    I still say she should have been the villian in Equestria Girls! Her personality is perfect for it!
  • Story Updates - June 28th

    Story Updates, Changeling edition.   Go read stuff!

  • PMV/Animation: My Little Pony: Closer

    What happens when an animator makes a PMV?  Some combo thingy, that's what! This one is pretty damn awesome, but that's expected when GalaxyArtForever is at the helm.  Check it out below the break!

  • Story: Rocks

    [Sad] "Be warned: this is not a happy story. You will likely need to read something cheerful afterward. 'Rocks' is a stunning portrait in words, bleak and beautiful, and must be sipped like a fine wine." ~Pre-Reader Noir Voice

    Author: NTSTS
    Description: On the Pie family farm, there are only rocks. It's a life Pinkie moved away from. Back home, after a tragic event, her sister Inkie wonders if she should do the same. After all; it's hard to have a life worth living, with only rocks.

    Additional Tags: Here, there were only rocks
  • Derpy Joins Rainbow Dash with Hot Pants

    Derpy saw those bedroomy looking eyes on Rainbow Dash's hot pants and knew she could compete directly for best eye style. I'm still leaning toward Dash on this one, but I'm sure you Derpy fans will find something to love with emblazoning your lower regions with a gray pegasus or twenty.  Pick them up over here!

    Thanks to crystalpony1 for the heads up!

    (Should I ask for art of Derpy wearing Derpy hot pants? Probably not) 
  • UK - Top 3 Shirts Chosen in Tee Shirt Contest on Truffle Shuffle

    Truffle Shuffle has announced their top three shirts from the contest they held for all you UK and European pony fans out there.  These three were the ones that came out on top.  Orders aren't yet available, but I'll toss something up when they are!
  • Another 1 Day Shirt Available

    Looking for a cheap pony shirt? Another one of those flash tee sites has a Rainbow Dash available right now for the rest of the day.  Design is above.  Head on over here if you want it!

    Thanks to Runo for the heads up. 
  • Last Minute Hashbrony Orders Cancelled

    Some sad news has popped up for those that ran in last minute to try to get their hands on a 3D printed Derpy, Vinyl, and Octavia.  It looks like a mass email has been sent out to everyone saying that these orders will be cancelled and credited back to their owners store accounts.  It was a longshot, but I think a lot of people were hoping for the best there.  Have the email text:
    "Hi [Name Hidden],

    We are really sad to have to tell you this, but we can not print your pony order 261830. As you may or may not be aware, Shapeways recently received a DMCA Takedown Letter from Hasbro, who are the copyright holders of all things My Little Pony related. What this means is, once we get a letter like this, we ask the designer to take down their model and we usually give them 24 hours to do so. Because these ponies are so popular (and awesome) we got a lot of orders like yours in that 24 hours and we would love to print them all!

    Unfortunately, the law says otherwise. Once we have a DMCA Takedown letter, Shapeways is informed that these ponies are copyright violations, so for us to print them knowing they are copyright violations would mean breaking the law. The maximum penalty for "willful infringement of copyright" is $150,000 per item. That's a lot of ponies!

    While we do everything in our power to support our community, we hope you can understand that in this case we have to comply with existing laws. Shapeways simply can not afford to take this risk to print your order.

    Obviously, we know this is very disappointing, so we have already issued a Store Credit that you can use to buy anything on the site. If you would like a full refund instead, please email us at [email protected]"
    Now we get to see how much these suddenly rare items go for on ebay! Yay internet.

    Thanks to everyone for letting us know! 
  • More New Equestria Girls Dolls

    Another pair of Equestria Girls dolls, or sets in this case, have popped up.  Honestly I'd buy them just for the Celestia and Twilight figures if those two had molded tails.  I'm way too lazy for that brushable thing though!

    I'm sure we can expect to see pre-orders or even sales of these pop up soonish. Thanks to McKenzie for the heads up!