• Convention Compilation - June 28th

    Feeling Fluttershy? No better way to cure that than forcing yourself into social situations! Have some conventions headlines: 

    Summer Sun Celebration/BUCK - AcousticBrony's Hot Minute!
    PonyCon AU 2014 - Pozible Announcement
    Brony Fan Fair Visual Novel - Lights in the Sky
    Grand Brony Gala Animation

    And full press releases below the break. 

    AcousticBrony's Hot Minute!

    This is the first in a series for the Summer Sun Celebration, Europe's biggest briny music festival! Each of the artist's will have their very own Hot Minute, as well as some as yet unannounced special guest performers!

    The Summer Sun Celebration is happening on the 23rd of August 2013 at Manchester Central int he UK, Tickets are only £15, so go on over to http://summersuncelebration.co.uk for more info, and to see who else will be getting their very own Hot Minute!

    PonyCon AU 2014 - Pozible Announcement

    Get ready for PonyCon AU: Marebourne! Australia’s second pony convention and the followup to the extremely successful PonyCon AU. The 2014 convention will run over the first weekend of February, 2014. The PonyCon team also has a Pozible fundraiser (Australian Kickstarter) currently running, aiming to acquire enough to fly Andrea Libman and Peter New down to Australia, so they can host panels and signings for the fans. So come visit us Down Under next year, for the best Australia has to offer!

    Brony Fan Fair Visual Novel - Lights in the Sky

    Lights in the Sky

    A Brony Fan Fair visual novel
    Lights in the Sky is the story of Rising Star’s journey to find her cutie mark. As a farm filly, Rising Star tries hard to fulfill the responsibilities given to her by her older sister, Heartland. But an opportunity arises where she finds that her heart’s desire may rest outside the boundaries of the Star Fields family farm. Rising Star will be put to the test as she is forced to decide between adherence to her sister’s wishes or the yearning to follow her own dreams.


    Lights in the Sky is a short and sweet creation of Peter Jiang, Chairman for Brony Fan Fair. The visual novel was a final project for the "Writing and Narration for Video Games" spring semester class at the University of Texas at Austin taught by Sheldon Pacotti (writer on Deus Ex) and is developed for younger audiences. Pacotti comments: "...[A]s a work of interactive fiction -- from what I've seen -- it succeeds on every level. There is conflict, exploration, a sense of adventure, and the writing always stays safely in the established My Little Pony universe."
    Let us know what you think of the game by tweeting @PeterCJiang on Twitter or using the hashtag #BronyFanFair on Twitter or Facebook.


    Windows: [Mirror 1]
    Mac OS X: [Mirror 1]
    Linux: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]

    Grand Brony Gala Animation