• My Little Caramelldansen

    Why not? Lets do some Caramelldansen!
  • And Then There Was Megapony

    I'm sorry if you don't understand why this is awesome, but it is

    A little while ago we got a submission in from a brony named Khao linking us to a video you'll be able to see below the page break. I thought it was really cool (especially the last five or so seconds), but didn't really have the context to fully appreciate what it was.

    And what is it, I hear you asking? Why, my fine fillies and gentlecolts, it's a Mega Man game! With ponies! No no, not a ROM hack. Not like a simple respriting or something (although in all honesty that would be pretty cool). This is going to be it's own game with its own level design, put together in Game Maker 8.

    Now, this may not be of the same scope as something like Fighting is Magic or My Little Investigations (I don't even have a website to link you to), but it's also a much simpler project to complete and we should have it in relatively short order. And, for somepony like me who has spent most of her life obsessively playing classic Mega Man games, this is going to be like a dream come true. Now, who's going to step up to the plate and make Lyra the star of Mega Man X? Come on, don't make me beg.

    But while I'm begging, don't forget to go spam Khao's youtube with encouragement and thoughts and whatnot.
  • Instrumental Music: The Shadowbolts, / Glixed - Cloud Chaser / The Doctrine

     We have two electronic tracks and an industrial style one for you all tonight.  Is there any genre Mandopony can't do?

    1.) The Shadowbolts, Pt. 1 - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (Industrial / Dark)
    2.) Glixed - Cloud Chaser (Electronic/Rock)
    3.) The Doctrine (Electronic)

  • Convention Compilation - May 25th

    Time to compile some convention news for the week! Lots of neat stuff this time around. Check out the headlines below, and press releases after the break.

    Bronycon Book Contest
    PON3 Con - Running of the Leaves
    EquestriaCon Merges with BronyFanFair: One Convention in Austin, Texas!
    BUCK - Vendor Tickets half price, Early Pegasus Tickets Ending Sunday
    Bronycon Old Gray Mare Charity Auction

  • Vocal Music: Aviators - Constellations / Mash & Slash With Dash / The Fourth Wall / Changeling Street Fight

    I hope you guys are in the mood for some rap music tonight, cause we have three of them here for you.

    We also have a new Aviators Track to start us off for those that don't like rap! And Celestia going over Niagara for those that don't like music at all.  This post has something for everyone.

    1.) Aviators - Constellations
    2.) [Rap] Mash & Slash With Dash (Original by H8_Seed)
    3.) Meelz - The Fourth Wall
    4.) Koroshi-Ya - Changeling Street Fight

  • German Marathon on Nickelodeon

    For all you German bronies out there, Nickelodeon is having a pony marathon! Check out the promo after the break, or just go watch it. Why are you here anyway with this going on? Yeesh. It starts at 11:45!
  • Bronycon Livestream: Sunday, May 27

    Have you ever wanted to know what a livestream with Discord looks like? Sunday's your chance to find out! The guys at Bronycon are going to be hosting a livestream featuring none other than Mr. John De Lancie himself. It's sure to be... well, you know.

    When it goes live, you'll find the stream at: http://www.livestream.com/feulnerplays

    Late Breaking News! BronyCon hosting Livestream with John de Lancie!

    BronyCon will be hosting a Livestream this Sunday, May 27th at 5 PM Eastern with John de Lancie, the voice of Discord and an Executive Producer of “BronyCon: The Documentary”! He will be speaking with us and the viewers about the convention, the Kickstarter, and a couple of plans he and the crew have for the documentary as they move forward.

    We’ll be taking questions as we go along, and Mr. de Lancie has a couple of additional things he would like to discuss. If you have any questions about the documentary project, this is definitely the place to go.

    If you don’t know what all of this documentary hubbub is about, you can find all of the information leading up to the project in the links below.

    And of course, even though the documentary has reached its goal of $60,000, more backers mean a better film, and, of course, more swag for you, the generous backer.

    BronyCon: The Documentary

    BronyCon Summer 2012
    Meadowlands Convention Center
    Secaucus, NJ 07097
  • Music Remix: Russian Gypsy Jazz English Cover / Pinkie Pie's Overworld / Love Is In Bloom (Sim Gretina Remix) / Cyrricky - Big Brother

    Remix time! We have a Mic cover of the Russian Pinkie's Brew song, Pinkie Pie invading Mario, and Love is in Bloom + BBBFF remixed yet again! Find them all below.

    1.) [Singing] Pinkie's Brew: Russian Gypsy Jazz English Cover
    2.) Pinkie Pie's Overworld
    3.) Twilight - Love Is In Bloom (Sim Gretina Remix)
    4.) Cyrricky - Big Brother

  • Drawfriend Stuff #457

    Evolution edition! I for one am perfectly alright with our current pony outcome.

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Mare-a-Thons Tonight!

    We have two this time around. Both Bronystate and Filly are doing their weekly events.  Find the information and links below!

  • Corrections and Updates Regarding WhiteDove and Hasbro

    SUPER IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION/UPDATE: In a statement we have received from WhiteDove herself, she has asked us to clarify that Hasbro has only contacted DeviantART and asked them to ask her to remove her commission prices. Nothing else has occurred, heavily implying Hasbro is content to pursue the barest minimum of legal actions for all the reasons listed below. A Lyra-approved thumbs up to them.

    Earlier this week, Equestria Daily reported on Hasbro's Request of takedown against WhiteDove's DeviantART plushie commissions. The article erroneously cited trademark law as an explanation for Hasbro's actions.

    Trademark law does require vigorous defense in order to maintain the holding: it's "use it or lose it", and very very harsh. But it would only apply in this instance if WhiteDove were to place official MLP logos on her work, or were to otherwise claim she was selling official merchandise. This is not the case. Therefore, copyright law applies instead. A copyright is issued at the creation of an intellectual property and granted to the legal entity with ownership of that creation without them having to do anything. It does not need to be defended in order to be maintained.

    However, failure to defend your copyright voids an important protection in the event of a large-scale infractions. Namely, any lawsuit resulting from such an event would be limited in scope to the damages incurred by the copyright infringement. If Hasbro continues to actively defend their copyright, then they are entitled to seek the value of a license the franchise (in any and all endeavors), instead - an estimated cost difference of $100,000,000. The true figure may be more or less, but it gives you an idea of how much less effective a deterrent such a lawsuit would be to potential rivals.

    Regardless of the motivations behind the cease and desist, WhiteDove would be able to retain her ability to sell plushies if she acquires a license to market products from Hasbro. Since the initial article ran, multiple helpful bronies have suggested this to her on her DeviantART profile, and she has declared in the comments section her intention to seek such a license. We would like to wish her good luck.

    A special thank you to superpony and legal expert Anarion for contacting me with clarifications and helping to ensure Equestria Daily does its part not to spread misinformation.

    Edit/Addendum: It turns out that Hasbro actually claims Trademark over each and every individual character. This means that Hasbro is motivated on both sides of the spectrum to act in many individual cases, as failure to do so would not only cost them millions, but potentially lose their ownership over Twilight Sparkle or her friends. The long and short of it is that this situation is massively, massively complicated, and anyone who commissions FiM works or is considering it should take this information into their calculations.

    Note: White Dove did not recieve a Cease and Desist directly from Hasbro.  Deviant Art asked her to remove the plushies after being contacted themselves.
  • Equestria Gaming Arcade Goes Live

    There's been a lot of little pony games made over the course of our fandom. Most of them are pretty great, especially when you're bored and looking to kill a little bit of time in between projects. But with each of them being independent projects it can get a little tricky to keep track of all of them. Maybe some oldies but goodies slip from between your fingertips, and you forget where they've gone off to.

    Well, no more! In association with Equestria Gaming, The Equestria Gaming Arcade is a website dedicated to compiling all of the little gems that have popped up and given you a one-stop place to play each and every one of them. Early reports are that everyone who has been there has already vanished off the face of the earth. Are you brave enough to explore it?

    It just went live, so go check it out for yourself!

  • Game: Welcome to Ponyville Demonstration and Casting Call

    The visual novel style game, Welcome to Ponyville, is making leaps and bounds in progress.   Right now they have a pretty impressive foundation set up, and released a sixteen minute long demo video a few days ago to show off their romance and voice systems. 

    They are also looking to fill a few more roles.  Check out their official casting call here!

    And of course, the demo video after the break. 
  • Story: 4 Conversations About 1 Thing

    [Sad][Random][Slice of Life]

    Author: Gofindnova
    Description: In which Luna and Celestia discuss nothing in particular, and nothing of interest occurs, across four brief points in time as Luna readjusts to life in Equestria.
    4 Conversations About 1 Thing

    Additional Tags: Friendship, Letters, Talking heads, Nostalgia
  • German MLP Comic Translated

    Another one of those crazy comics from the German My Little Pony Magazine has been released! luckily for us, we have good old "previous" here to translate for us.  As is the norm for these, the story is a bit ridiculous.  It's official though, so you MUST read it and absolutely everything about it is now canon!

    In other words, you guys are totally rufus.

    Find the other pages after the break! 

  • Instrumental Music: The Wonderbolts / My Scooter Will Go On / Innocence

    We have a bunch of instrumental tracks for you all this time around! Check the group out after the break!

    1.) The Wonderbolts, Pt. 1 - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (Orchestral)
    2.) Glixed - My Scooter Will Go On (Electronic/Rock)
    3.) DJ Manjaro - Innocence (Techno)

  • PMV: Pony should Pony Pony / Extraterrestrial / This Day Aria - Pinkie Madness

    PMV time! That last one actually pulls off Pinkie Pie rolling as the two Cadence styles surprisingly well!

    1.) Pony Should Pony Pony PMV
    2.) Extraterrestrial | AMV
    3.) This Day Aria - Pinkie Madness - PMV HD - MLP FiM

  • Story: Our Professional Lives

    [M/M Shipping] I never thought I'd see this one!

    Author: GingerNutGin
    Description: After finally retiring from his full-time job as a caretaker for the Canterlot Petting Zoo; Snails finds himself lost in a void of uncertainty. No longer will he have to work a day in his life, but at what cost? Distraught and laden with melancholic dread; the stallion hastily seeks the comfort of his dear childhood friend, Snips. They talk over their futures, and eventually, their very lives.
    Our Professional Lives

    Additional Tags: rusting, subtle, wasted time, renewal
  • Untitled

  • Story Updates May 25th (Morning)

    Seven story updates tonight.  Find them below!

  • Nightly Roundup #329

    Derpy edition because this late at night I feel pretty derpy myself. Time again for the news everyone! Check it all out after the break.

     Update: Calpain here, didn't notice that little, um, feature until someone finally sent me an email. Thanks for the heads up guys! Have some Twilight instead