• Nightly Roundup #329

    Derpy edition because this late at night I feel pretty derpy myself. Time again for the news everyone! Check it all out after the break.

     Update: Calpain here, didn't notice that little, um, feature until someone finally sent me an email. Thanks for the heads up guys! Have some Twilight instead

    Music Is War Project

    In the spirit of the Fighting is Magic game, another project has popped up featuring the well known musicians in the fandom as fighters! Check out the video below. Also check out their tumblr here!

    New Chess Piece for Today!

    Our chess Brony is at it again with a new chess piece, this time it's Discord! No video this time but check out his photo gallery here.

    Flim Flam Brothers Live!

    Ever wanted to see the Flim Flam song live? Well check it out above if you have!

    Pony Cakes Once Again!

    Call of Duty 3 Team Scores 1st Place!

    Looks like a Call of Duty 3 clan scored first place in a recent clan operation. Check out the info below!

    On Sunday, May 20th, the My Little Pony Clan of Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 3 participated in a ClOp (Clan Operation) and got 1st place out of 27,711 other Clans.  It was amazing and we won through the power of Teamwork, Friendship, and Love!  Also a special shout out to John, who worked really hard to organize us and help things go smoothly!  Go Clan Pony!

    The Mane6 - Table Talk Episode 3

    Star Wars Radio Play Featuring Tara Strong!

    Tara Strong recently participated in a Star Wars radio play where she used her Twilight Sparkle voice to play as Aunt Beru and Han Solo. Check out the details and video below.

    Recently at ECCC 2012, a panel was hosted featuring Billy West, Tara Strong, Maurice LaMarche, John DiMaggio, Kevin Conroy, Jess Harnell and Rob Paulsen reading aloud the script for Star Wars in various character voices. Notable that Tara does Twilight Sparkle twice in the video, once as Aunt Beru (1 line only) and again as Han Solo (much better). Not a lot of pony, but its amazing either way so please consider sharing this around. Its lengthy at an hour and 20 minutes, but after it was over I wanted more.

    Positive Brony Article from WKDQ

    Yesterday I reported a not so postive article on Bronies. Well today we've got a much more positive article. While their facts aren't exactly 100% correct (they think a major character in the show is a pony named Starsong) it's still nice to see a positive article. You can check the article out below.

    WKDQ Article


    Ultra Wave Radio Show
    My name is Andy (TallBrony91 in the Pony Community), and I have been doing a radio show called "Ultra Wave" for the past few months which is a music request show dedicated to the communities of Sonic The Hedgehog and of course My Little Pony (both communities having there own separate shows).

    I have done in total 3 MLP Music Shows, here are a few links below from SoundCloud & YouTube of the shows:

    My Little Pony Music Request Show (24th March 2012)

    My Little Pony Social Networking Special (5th April 2012)

    My Little Pony Music Request Show (14th April 2012)

    The next live show I will be doing is on this Saturday at 12AM UK Time or in the US, this Friday at 7PM Eastern Time & 4PM Pacific Time, here are the links to the streams where it will be broadcasting live:

    I also have profiles on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr in case people want to keep updated on any upcoming and future shows:

    And I also have a e-mail address as well if people want to send some music requests for the show at any time, the address is: [email protected]

    Sainted Bronies Episode 3
    Check out their channel for a synopsis of their program!


    Successful Meetups

    DC Brony Meetup
    Copy Paste:
    The DC Bronies go to an amusement park! We decided to meet up for one member’s birthday at Hershey Park. Coasters, spinney rides, and ponies, oh my! One member turned out to be very successful at the arcade games, winning a toaster, a raccoon, a Hello Kitty plushie, a stingray plushie, and a hat! Long lines were fought with obnoxious bouts of singing, (mostly This Day Aria). One member’s RD hoodie garnered A LOT of attention from the other park-goers, even if others were borrowing it! Turns out, there is a very large number of bronies in the middle and high school choir and band scene. Who knew? After roughly 12 hours of rides and very little food, we had a HUGE dinner at Red Robin! Bottomless fries, anypony? Said one member, with a moniker based on a certain scaly pet of Pinkie's, “A crazy fun time spent with friends on a gorgeous day!" Said the Birthday girl, "It was a blast! We met others in the community, not only a part of the official groups, but people that were just walking around that were fans of the show. Over all, BEST DAY EVER!"

    For more information on bronies in the DC Area, head to:


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    St. Louis, MO Meetup
    The St. Louis, MO Brony group is looking for some more people to hangout with! Check out their Facebook page for more details.

    Facebook Page