• Brony Census Reminder

    Yeah, I know I used a voting picture for a survey, close enough! After all, you are being counted so it's pretty much the same thing, right? Anyhow the Brony Census is coming to a close in roughly a week and they'd like to remind you all to make your voice heard so we can get a better idea about the demographics of the fandom. Check after the break for the link and the brief official blurb from them!

  • Princess Twilight Toy In Action

    It looks like most of this toy is going to follow the same trend as the other large talking pony toys, including the corny lines.  It's obviously not really a brony-centered toy, but I'm sure some of you will get a kick out of hearing Twilight be a pretty pinkish-purple princess. 

    Head on down below to check it's motions and voice clips out!

  • Steven Magnet is Actually Steven Magnet, and more Toys!

    This is another view of those toys announced earlier.  It looks like not only do we have a name for the Manticor now (Manny Roar), but Steven Magnet actually pulled off the name Steven Magnet.  I want this set sobad.

    Oh, and Fluttershy finally has her own mold, which was in the earlier images.  It only took 2 years!

    Toyark also has better views of all the toys, and a few more including:

    Silver Spoon
    And one of those tattoo color-able ponies in the form of Luna.  Find those below and after the break!

    Thanks to Pegasus Resue Brigade and Thomas for the heads up!

  • MLP Comic #4 Hot Topic Variant Found

    This one has been landing in our inbox from quite a few sources today! Looks like another comic cover variant has been found and it's incredibly adorable. Found on Hot Topic's site for preorder we have Lyra celebrating her favorite green holiday. Party on!

    If you're looking to preorder the issue, you can find it on Hot Topic here.

    Thanks to all of you who sent it in!
  • Regarding the Fighting is Magic Takedown: A Followup Editorial

    Disclaimer: Equestria Daily does not employ any legal experts. The following editorial is highly speculative, and although it attempts to be informative, it represents only our best understanding of the situation and the underlying laws. Please consult with an actual lawyer when taking any actions based on the opinions expressed below, and help avoid the spread of legal misinformation. Thank you.

    After two years of intensive labor, the highly polished fan project/tournament quality fighting game, Fighting is Magic, has been given a Cease and Desist order by Hasbro and officially shut down production. Top pony scientists are describing the event as "really really lame". But why did it happen, and why now? And what can we do about it?
  • Cloudsdale Congress VA Announcement and More!

    Some awesome news from Cloudsdale Congress as their convention date draws ever closer! They are happy to announce the attendance of none other than Lee Tockar, Gary Chalk (Fido of the Diamond Dogs) and Michael Dangerfield (Voice of Braeburn)! They also have a bunch of volunteer and artist's alley registration info to share with you all as well as ticket information. So if you're in the Alexandria, Virginia area and are looking for a convention to take part of in early March please take a look at their official press release after the break!

  • Story: Certain Advantages

    [Comedy] "A tale of royal elegance and conduct that threatens to ruin many a keyboard with a well-deserved spit-take or two." -Pre-reader who just doesn't know what went wrong

    Author: The Descendant
    Description: It's Sisterhooves Social time again. This year, Dash catches wind of two new competitors and gets Spike to bet on the race. When her team is revealed to be a rather famous set of siblings, it looks like poor Spike will be her slave for a week! However, due to a team of masseurs, a minor invasion, unfortunate addictions, and dubious barrel components, victory might not be as near as she thinks...

    Certain Advantages

    Additional Tags: Alicorns participate in worldly competition.
  • Plushie Compilation #103

    If anyone decided to declare war on Equestria I think the sight of Luna in battle gear like this would make me turn tail in retreat. I certainly don't want to get cut up by the Princess of the Night.

    Piles of pony plushies can be yours after the break!

    [1] Source
    Luna in armor

  • Drawfriend Stuff #711

    The "I'm glad I was sitting down or the cute would have given me a heart attack" edition.

    Seth is usually the one in charge of these, so as a result he's the one with the duplicate entry database that the generator I wrote uses. What I'm saying is if there's any duplicates in here from like a week ago, I do apologize. Can't be helped.

    [1] Source

  • Saturday Livestreams

    Hello again guys! It's Saturday and you know what that means right? That's right! Another Saturday filled with Livestreams from artists all across the fandom. Once again our little feature keeps expanding with the inclusion of quite a few new faces to tonight's lineup so make sure to drop in and give them a warm welcome as they draw for your enjoyment.

    As always, if you want to be included for the Livestream event make sure to send me an email at [email protected] with your name, livestream link, gallery link (optional), what you'll be working on (General art or requests), and a banner (also optional). Make sure your stream follows EqD content guidelines which you can find under our Submit tab and also be aware we start the event each Saturday at 4pm EST / 1pm PST so kind these things in mind before submitting.

    Let's get this show on the road!

  • Additional Toy Fair Pictures Surface

    With the 2013 Toy Fair just around the corner, we're getting more and more pictures of the MLP toys to appear there. If my eyes are not mistaken- and I do believe they're not- I spy an Octavia and a Lyra in that bunch. Is that a Chrysalis? Be still, my cheesehole heart. Soon we shall be able to have our favorite attacked-by-a-hole-punch villain for our very own.

    Check the break for more, of course. There's tons, courtesy of Stitch Kingdom.

  • Story Updates - Super Late Edition

    I'm in California, so story updates might be a bit late due to Blogger being a pain when it comes to edit permissions.  Everything else on the site should be the usual though with all the other blogponies on the job!

  • Video: Top Ten Videos of January

    JHaller is back with another top ten video. If you think you're prepared for baby ponies, Portal parodies, and ponies sliding into boxes, check it out after the break!

  • Favorites Collection #2 Revealed

    The MLP Facebook page has revealed the Toys R' Us exclusive favorites set.  It looks like we will be seeing Lyra, Cadance, Chrysalis, a Shadowbolt, Derpy(?), and either Screwball or Diamond Tiara.  My poor phone connection isn't doing too well, so feel free to correct me in the comments!

  • Season Three Finale Promo

    This is it, ladies and gentlemen! One more week until the grand finale of season three.

    To celebrate, we have one (of, I'm sure, many) promos for the episode itself.

    Check after the break, of course.