• Cloudsdale Congress VA Announcement and More!

    Some awesome news from Cloudsdale Congress as their convention date draws ever closer! They are happy to announce the attendance of none other than Lee Tockar, Gary Chalk (Fido of the Diamond Dogs) and Michael Dangerfield (Voice of Braeburn)! They also have a bunch of volunteer and artist's alley registration info to share with you all as well as ticket information. So if you're in the Alexandria, Virginia area and are looking for a convention to take part of in early March please take a look at their official press release after the break!

    The primary mission of Cloudsdale Congress is to introduce the Brony
    Community to talented individuals that may not always get the
    spotlight.  In keeping with that mission, we are pleased to bring you
    some very talented voice actors that have played minor, but beloved,
    roles in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    We are excited to announce that Michael Dangerfield, voice of
    Braeburn, will be making an appaearance at Cloudsdale Congress!  This
    will be his first con on the east coast and only his second Brony
    convention to date.  Mr. Dangerfield, who we're sure is a secret agent
    with a name like that, has also done voice work as Sesshomaru on
    Inuyasha: The Final Act and had a live action role in the TV show
    Smallville.  Come join us and Mr. Dangerfield for some down home
    hospitality worth of AAAAAAAppleoosa!

    Additionally, Mr. Gary Chalk, known to you Bronies as Fido the leader of the Diamond Dogs, will
    be joining us as well. His extensive career has taken him from voicing  Optimus Primal in  Transformers: Beast Wars to a live action  role in Watchmen. A highly-quotable role in My Little Pony, and a major nostalgic role for  most Bronies? That’s nothing to whine about

    And lastly, the ever-involved Mr. Lee Tockar will be gracing us with his presence as well. Be it Steven Magnet or Snips, you  certainly can’t forget his voice, or his exuberant attitude at nearly every pony con thus far. Mr. Tockar is also the creator of FanBuilt, a website dedicated to coordinating the efforts of fans around the world to produce content for their favorite shows. Another attempt to help the undiscovered make it big, this guy is perfect for Cloudsdale Congress .

    As a brief teaser of the awesome panels we have planned for you, we recommend checking out  Welcome to Ponyville, a story-based adventure game that you can download the demo of right now! We’ll be having one of the programmers  discuss what goes into making such an immersive game, and maybe give a sneak peak at new developments they’ll be releasing soon!

    Artists Alley Registration for Cloudsdale Congress is now open!
    Want the world to see your talent? Want to earn a little money? Fill out an
    application and get yourself a table, and have the crowds flocking to
    your booth for all the pony they can handle.  Book soon as space is
    limited and on a first come, first serve basis!

    Volunteers Needed!
    We've got a great staff preparing Cloudsale Congress for you, but one
    thing is missing...YOU!  If you'd like to lend a hand to make
    Cloudsdale Congress the best and smoothest-running con it can be, then
    contact us at [email protected]com.  We've got openings
    for Safety Staff, Line Wranglers, Gophers, Registration and more!

    Cloudsdale Congress asked for your help and you came through!  We've
    successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign and raised $4250!
    This is going to enable us to go above and beyond and bring you all
    the best convention we possibly can.  Missed out on the kickstarter
    but still want to donate?  No problem, just PayPal your donation to
    [email protected]com.

    Tickets are selling fast, so be sure  to register now while they’re still available for only $35. There’s lots to see and do, so grab your wings, take to the skies, and we’ll see you in Cloudsdale!