• How to Submit To Equestria Daily

    --Submit everything  to submit@equestriadaily.com--

    Equestria Daily is fandom driven. We rely on the Pony fandom to keep making things so we can showcase it and hopefully inspire others to join in the creating! If you have something to submit, be it yours or just something you found that is cool, this is the place to do it.

    Get all submission categories and information below!

    General Submission Information

    • Feel free to send your own work! Don't be bashful. 
    • Feel free to send other people's work!
    • We get a lot of submits. Not everything will get a reply. If it is accepted we will tell you :)
    • Please avoid things that are over 2 Weeks Old. We probably already reviewed or posted it. 

    Submitting News and Official Pony Merch
    (Title the email NEWS or MERCHANDISE)

    • Our bread and butter! We live off news, and need ALL of it!
    • Don't worry if you think someone has already sent it, send it anyway! 
    • We'd rather get repeats or old news than no news. Send send! 
    •  (Optional) Include a name to credit you by

    Submitting Drawings
    (Title the email DRAWING)

    • Digital or traditional welcome
    • Include a link to the source (Deviant Art / Tumblr / Etc page it's on) 
    • Drawfriend hardest section to get into, but we do run events for newbies, a weekly OPEN ART section, and have a tutorial section!
    • Title your email OPEN ART if you want a quick entrance to open art! 

    Submitting Comics
    (Title the email COMIC)

    • Judged mainly on story or humor, not as strict on art quality
    • Multi-part comics are welcome  once the story gets going, afterward send pages as they complete.

    Submitting Plushies, Customs, Cosplay, or Other Art
    (Title the Email from the categories below)

    • Custom - Taking an existing toy and customizing it to another character or improving it
    • Plushie - A plushie version of a pony
    • Cosplay - A picture of you, or someone else in a hand-made pony costume (with permission)
    • 3D Pony - Model a 3D Pony, or use 3D models to create a scene
    • Wallpaper - Desktop wallpapers for phones and computers
    • Craft - Anything crafted to make pony, from statues of ponies to painted guitars or even cars. 

    Submitting Videos - Analysis, PMV, Animation, Misc. Videos
    (Title the Email from the categories below)

    • PMV - Pony Music Video. Uses scenes, effects, motion graphics.
    • Animation - An animated pony video
    • SFM Animation - Using the Source Film Maker program or other 3D animation tool
    • Analysis - Analyzing the show, fandom, or anything involving pony
    • Radio Play - Multiple voice actors tell a story
    • Misc Video - Memes, YT poops, or anything that doesn't fall in the categories above

    Important: Always include a link on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc.

    Submitting Games

    • We don't take direct zipped, or any kind of executable file. Please host it somewhere.
    • Trailer or updates to ongoing projects are welcome

    Submitting Music
    (Title the Email MUSIC)

    • (Required) Include the genre (Country, Dubstep, ect) 
    • (Required) Include a description of the song you want your audience to see (200 word max)
    • No loose mp3 files. Always include a link on Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Etc. 
    • For a full album, see this post.
    • It must be under 2 weeks old, we don't take old music currently. 



    We run several databases on EQD for easy reference. Information on helping us keep them updated is on their respective pages:

    (Title the Email Anything) 

    Anything that doesn't fall into the categories above is still welcome! We take just about anything from podcasts to meetup groups. Feel free to give it a shot and we will tell you if it's what we accept or not.

    Inquiries, Press releases, and Complaints go here.
    Fanfiction inquiries go here. 
    For moderation and ban appeals email here
    For other contacts see the About Us section.