• Comic: Out of Bounds / Squeezin' It Further

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    Time for some comics everypony! Check above for some Pinkie Pie antics while down below we have Discord (having given up on ponies since they got their revenge) trying his tricks on an embarrassed Gilda!

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  • Music: Dreams Of Colour / A Rainy Day in Ponyville / September

    We have a few remixes and vocals this time around. First off is a vocal addition to the Dreams of Color song posted a while back. It kind of sounds like that Owl City band to be honest!

    And in the second slot is a new sad acoustic song from Scarlett Peace, because Ponyville isn't always smiles and rainbows!

    And finally a new acoustic remix of September. Check them all out below!

    (Hooff-life Shy is completely unrelated) 

    1.) Dreams Of Colour (Elliptisoar Vocal Cover)
    2.) A Rainy Day in Ponyville - Scarlett Peace
    3.) September (Acoustic Cover)

  • An Update to Audio Issues with Friendship Express

    Some of you may have run into an issue with the audio de-syncing on the first and second episode of the Friendship Express DVD.  It looks like Shout Factory is offering to replace your disc if yours is suffering from this/

    A quote from their Youtube page:

    We have also received a few reports from people that ordered their DVD's from Barnes and Noble, saying that their orders have been delayed. Whether this is to replace Derpy, or fix the audio, remains to be seen.

    Thanks to Jessica for the Image!

    Now one thing to note before you rush to that email address and submit your disc for a replacement: Derpy isn't guaranteed to be intact.  You will probably receive a second wave version, which is completely up in the air in terms of which version of her will be on it. They did mention that the audio fix is the only change, but I'd err on the side of caution. Considering Friendship Express with the old Derpy is pretty much a collectors item at this point, you might want to consider sacrificing the first two episodes for the sake of holding on to her, or at least wait a bit.
  • Derpy's Bestest Day Ever (Mini Art Event)

    So as Derpy Day winds down, I thought it would be fun to send it off by setting a little art event into motion. Nothing very complicated; our little mascot is not one for intricate plots or delicate machinations. What she is, instead, is a happy little pony who has had precious little reason to smile lately. So give her some! Over the next 48 hours, lets all get together and draw some happy, happy Derpys. Which I hope some enterprising young game designer is listening to, because that also sounds like the single best version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos ever conceived. Anyway!

    Here's how this works. You have until 7 pm Pacific time (GMT -8) on Saturday, March 3, to draw a smiling, happy Derpy. Why is she happy? That's up to you! But once you've got her smiling, upload the picture and send the direct image link to our super awesome image submitter: here.

    This is not a contest or a skill event, so don't let fears about your lack of practice scare you off. Derpy loves you just for trying. So come on everypony, smile, smile, smile! I'll see you at the gallery!

    For those that need a bit more assistance with the submitter, check out the tutorial after the page break.

  • Comics: Happy Derpy Day / Better Than You

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    Derpy comics! First is one by Pixelkitties, because who doesn't like Pixelkitties? If you said anything you're wrong.

    Besides that, below we have Derpy being way better than Trixie. Eat it, Seth.

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  • Story Updates March 1st (Evening)

    Story update time! Just three in this one.  Check them out below.

  • Expanded Dragon Quest Synopsis

    A bit more information was given out in the March press release on The Hub's  March 2012 Discovery Highlights page.   Saying anything about it will ruin it though! You can find the synopsis after the break.

    I also tossed the pdf up on Google Docs for those that don't feel like downloading it!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #349 - Derped the Title Edition


    Better run!

    And Happy Derpy filled Drawfriend day.  There sure are a lot of them in here.

    Source 1
  • Story: Naked Singularity

    [Comedy][Random] Twilight being adorkable? You bet!  It does deal with some mature themes, but the comedy... just read it.

    It hit 6 star, then got star bombed, so 6 star

    Author: Cold in Gardez

    Description:  Twilight Sparkle is a gifted student and scholar. When she attempts to harness her creative side by writing a science-themed sensual romance novel, however, things rapidly get out of hoof. Can her friends stage an intervention before she humiliates herself (and them) at a prestigious literature recital?
    No. No, they cannot.
    Naked Singularity

    Additional Tags: Science-themed sensual romance, It's a metaphor, Twilight you're so adorkable
  • Music: Fruits Of Her Labour

    Confound this Fluttershy being awesome delaying fan news! We have another great track this time around, specifically a collaboration between Stormwolf and WoodenToaster.  Check it out after the break!

  • Putting Your Hoof Down: Episode Clip from The Hub!

    She's so assertive guys! This is looking like it's going to be an amazing episode.  Check the clip out after the break!

  • Music Remix: Smile (Macaroni Groove Mix) / One Trick Pony Remix / Shadow of a Flower (ThatSonofaMitch Remix)

    Time for some remixes! We have a reggae remix of Smile, a piano version of One Trick Pony, and some more Shadow of the Flower. Check them out below!

    1.) Smile (Macaroni Groove Mix)
    2.) One Trick Pony Remix - Woody
    3.) Shadow of a Flower (ThatSonofaMitch Remix)

  • Flash: Too Loud? / Trollestia Hates Episode 43

    We have a few animations this time around! First off is an animated Luna interview from Equestria Rave Radio. I do believe animating your podcast episodes is the best idea ever!

    And some extended Celestia sending things to the MOOOOOOOOn after that!

    But it's technically Derpy day, so click this for some cute.

    The animations can be found after the break.
  • Story: Her Sweetest Thing


    Author: Tinwhistle
    Description: The story is an attempt to feature an oft-sidelined character, and to give her a new interpretation. The story is about Bon-Bon, some years after she has married Lyra. Times are not as happy as they used to be, and Bon-Bon's pleasant world begins to show wear. Read how she reacts to the sadness she feels. See what grand and terrible things love can do to the average mare. The story departs from canon appearances of Bon-Bon, and also to attempts to use the "Feeder Bon-Bon" fanon in a way that is slightly uncomfortable, but not explicit or outright horrifying.
    Her Sweetest Thing

    Additional Tags: Unsettling, Emotional, Sweet, Abstract, Conflicting
  • Game: Where's Derpy?

    I for one am perfectly fine with Derpy staying our little "Wheres Waldo" style shoutout in the future!  It just...works.

    This game is completely dedicated to that.  Find Derpy, and her three muffins, in each image.   It's a pretty simple concept, but Derpy is a pretty simple pony.

    Click the image for the game!
  • Happy Derpy Day, Everypony!

    Fillies and gentlecolts, I hope you're having a wonderful day. It's a very special one, as I hinted to you about a week ago. Today is the second the second iteration of the first ever brony holiday: Derpy Day! Conceived on Facebook, this is a day to share kindness with those around us, whether we know them or not. The timing of this day is pretty fortuitous, with all of the recent confusion and fear surrounding Derpy's role in the show due to The Last Roundup. I know that it's been a source of stress and frustration for a lot of you, but let's take all that passion and channel it toward something warm and positive for our favorite mailmare.

    So grab a muffin, cross your eyes, and tell somepony you love them. If you'd like to do a bit more, we'll have a couple of Derpyriffic events for you today. First up is the continuing challenge from superbrony Thanqol to deliver love and positivity to Canberra, Australia. Through the magic of friendship timezones he's already completed the challenge, with some help from a lot of you. The results of his work, along with the materials used in case you'd like to emulate it can be found below the break. If you're low on your daily dose of smiles, I highly suggest you check this out: you'll be carrying a good feeling with you for the rest of the day:
  • Albums: The Adventure / Don't Even Trip

    We have two new album releases this time around.  You guys have been listening to their music for months, so why not give back?

    First off is Aviators.  It includes a few original tracks, along with a lot of the really good stuff we have posted in the last few months from him.

    We also have a new one from Derpygrooves, with lots of neat cross-mixing from a few others.  Click their images for the album pages! 

  • Nightly Roundup #255

    Happy Derpy Day! It looks like Phoe has a bunch of neat stuff scheduled for the event later.   Hope you guys are ready to bask in the glorious wall-eyedness. 

    We also have a new banner for the occasion from Tadashi.  Have a wallpaper version too.
  • Story Updates March 1st (Morning)

    I still really like this banner.  That thing is crazy. 

    Have some stories!