• Pony Voice actresses Up For 2017 UBCP/ACTRA Awards

    ACTRA is once again upon us, and after Andrea Libman's win in 2012 and 2014, we've kept a relatively close eye on it. This year we have a few new names on the circuit for an award:

    Best Voice:

    • Andrea Libman, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Rock Solid Friendship – Pinkie Pie
    • Nicole Oliver, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – A Royal Problem – Princess Celestia / Daybreaker
    • Vincent Tong, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Hard to Say Anything – Feather Bangs

    Thanks to Andrew, Jason, and everyone else for the heads up.

  • Amy Keating Rogers at BABSCon 2018

    Amy Keating Rogers has been signed on for BABScon in 2018. As always, you can find the signup information below if you want to meet her!

  • Nightly Discussion #1209

    Aw, I want a little AJ in a penil holder! She'd be sure to cheer me up on those days when things get just a little bit rough, you know?

    Evening my friends! Time for some chatter!

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  • A Better Look at New Equestria Girls Character Outfits

    How girls have gotten a bit of a makeover which I assume is for the new series that is coming out on Youtube! They look pretty nice and the footwear size has really gone down since the early day! Really loving Rainbows pants here!

    Thanks to those of you who sent them in!


    Other EqG News can be found here!

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  • Toy Review: Unboxing My Little Pony Tinker Toys!

    Well, after working 12 hour days for six out of seven days a week for the last two months, yes I am very tired, I came home one day to a mystery! A box had arrived on my doorstep. A box I had not ordered—I check my tracking information on my incoming packages at least once a day—and yet was clearly addressed to me.

    I knew it wasn't the rewards promised in the Might No. 9 kickstarter campaign… I already have all of those. And I hadn't kickstarted anything else recently. So what could it have possibly been?

    Well, the answer lied in the name of the sender: K'NEX. As soon as I saw that, I knew what was in the box, and what I needed to do. For a free package of toys sent to the largest My Little Pony Fan Blog on the planet deserves only one thing.

    An Unboxing and Toy Review! So strap on in folks, for after the break you'll see what I discovered when I opened up this box of My Little Pony Tinker Toys!
  • EQD 800 Million Celebration! Thanks to ALL of You!

    We missed this in the movie flood a few days ago, but EQD has officially hit that bit 800 million mark. While blogger stats are a bit wonky, it has always been fun to pop a celebration post up for each milestone.

    While things are still slower here than they were a few years ago, with the help of all of you out there spreading the word on the site through sharing the EQD Youtube Ad and just generally sharing the site on comments across Youtube and elsewhere, we are somewhat stable going into the end of the year. It's still a slow decline, but much slower than it was.

    So keep doing that! There are still millions of new fans that have no idea we even exist desperately searching for a good place for constant pony stuff, and you guys are the absolute best resource for letting them know where to find us. Show them the ad, the welcome page, or just tell them about the site. We don't have the massive advertising budgets that come from having a parent organization controlling us that other new sites have, so it's entirely up to you!

    And thanks a TON to our Patreon supporters new and old. You literally saved the site, or at least it's 24/7 pony schedule. I wish we could think of better awards, but this format is a bit limited. We are always open to suggestions though, so feel free to email your ideas.

    We are going to have a big Q&A again, possibly this weekend. I can go over more there. Until then... 

    Dance Party GO!
    (Mobile data warning below AHHH) 

    Cal here too! Love all of you guys! Just wanted to say as the other admin behind the scenes that keeps Seth from making the site all Trixie or Bats (Or Bat Trixie) it has been a great pleasure to help bring you, as of now, 42,335 posts of pony! All of us at EqD would not be here without your support! Here's to 900 million and then the big 1 billion! Party time!

  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #2392

    Your daily Drawfriend post arrives once again! I can't help but feel like that drawing would be a really good 2000 piece puzzle or something.

    Head on down below for tons of art!

    [1] Source

    ov (clean) by mirroredsea

  • Discussion: You're a Changeling - But With Stipulations

    You've complained about not being able to hide from crowds or be that fly on the wall to spy on your neighbor so Starlight, being the kind, thoughtful pony she is and one to solve all problems with magic, hits you with a magical blast that gives you changeling powers. Only it doesn't quite work all the way. While you can change into any creature you want, you can only change into one inanimate object; the first one you change into.

    What inanimate object would you choose?

  • Someone in a Pinkie Pie Wig was Ejected from the MLP Movie Premiere for Recording

    (Note: Episode Followup will be a little late. Expect it some time this evening)

    For those that missed our post a few weeks ago, the official My Little Pony Movie premiere happened today in New York City. This is the one all the staffers and talent get to attend. Unfortunately, someone in the audience thought it would be a good idea to try recording it for whatever reason and was caught in the act.

    During this incident storyboarder Aynsley was apparently removed by security with him for some unknown reason, causing her to completely miss a majority of it. We don't have any information on if the guy recording was charged, but here's hoping he was.

    Opinion: We have a few more early releases of the movie coming up, meaning more chances for stuff like this to go down. Just remember, the staff behind the movie worked their asses off for the past year on it. How about not busting out a handicam and releasing garbage versions online?

    Update: We are getting reports that it was actually a girl and her boyfriend who were recording, and there may be more to this than we first recovered from Twitter. Updating as more information is gathered.

    Update: Aynsley was apparently mistaken for being part of the two recording the movie.


    Thanks to "User" for the heads up.

  • Animation: It's Hard to Be a Princess

    It's always good news when AgrolChannel pops up in the submit box. Journey into the life of the princess of the sun, as she goes about her day-to-day duties with plenty of deadpan ponies to deal with.

    Get it below.

  • Apple-Dash Shippin PMV - All We Know

    Anbother big collaboration project has been created by eight different video editors for one massive compilation of talent. Expect extreme Applejack and Rainbow Dash friendship, cause they are taking it to the next level this time.

    Go get it below.

  • Orchestral Music: Aelipse - Morning At The Lake / Fellowship Symphonies - In The End (feat. Ecilia Amaj)

    Some contrasting orchestral tunes here! First up Aelipse returns with another wondrous piece. This one focuses on the CMC going on a bit of an adventure, with various different instruments representing each pony. It's a lovely idea, and adds a lot of character to the piece. The second piece from Fellowship Symphonies is a little more chilled out, and has some lovely vocals from Blue Note and Ecilia Amaj, the duet style working well for the emotion of the track. The piano especially is very nice, especially with the way some notes are held. Check them both them out below the break!

  • One Hour of Interviews with the Cast and Crew of the My Little Pony Movie

    The cast and crew of the My Little Pony movie were sat down by a a tiny Youtube channel called "Social News XYZ". An hour worth of asking them questions about their roles in the movie, their opinions on pony as a whole, and just about everything else. They have everyone from the main pony voice actresses, to the new people recruited for the movie cahracters and director Jayson Thiessen.

    Head on down below to watch it!

  • German Toys R' Us Stores Running a "Friendship Festival"

    German Toys R' Us Stores have announced a new event tying in to the Friendship Festival from the My Little Pony movie, where an event will take place at 10 different locations all through October and into early November. The exact schedule includes:

    09/30 (Sa): Hamburg-Harburg
    10/06 (Fr): Hanover
    10/13 (Fr): Aachen
    10/14 (Sa): Koblenz
    10/20 (Fr): Schwabach
    10/21 (Sa): Regensburg
    10/27 (Fr): Mannheim
    10/28 (Sa): Wiesbaden
    11/03 (Fr): Darmstadt
    11/04 (Sa): Hanau

    As for what all they have planned at these events, it will probably be similar to other Mexico and the UK with face painting and dressed up pony characters, though we haven't had any confirmation of the decorated buses that appeared over there.  You can check out the announcement on the Toys R' Us German website.

    Thanks to Pulse Wave for the heads up.

  • Morning Discussion #987

    Aw, tiny little Thunderlane! I'm convinced the smaller ponies get the more adorable they then become, don't you guys think?

    Morning my friends! Sleep well?

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