• Music of the Day #35

    We have a ton of music this time around.  Sixteen tracks can be found below tonight!

    One thing I want to note on music overall: We get a lot of it, and some is right on the edge of these posts and the spotlight posts.  If you like pony music at all (Or electronic music, since most of it falls into that category), be sure to check them out! They are all sorted by genre (or at least instrumental/vocal/remix), and if you follow the EQD youtube page at all, even I +like some that fall into here.  It's really up to you what you enjoy listening to.

    Music of the day is doing what it is supposed to do so far, which is give more people a shot to be seen. The amount of musicians is broad,  and the listeners picky.  The most powerful way to become known in the fandom in music is word of mouth. If 400 people watch it and love it, they will tell their friends.

    So give it your all on your music making!   Try something different! Don't just use default samples from whatever program you are using, be creative! Put your best hoof forward!  Worst case is you learn from it for your next one!

  • Story: A FLEet|ng LIght |n thE DArknEsS (Update - Sequel!)

    [Dark] Quote from Pre-reader (/\) - "In a fandom with far too few quality horror fics, this is one that makes the endless wait for some to be written worth it. Suffice it to say, there's more hidden in these lines than immediately meets the eye."

    Author: Flashgen
    Description: The following transcripts are of a journal found in Ponyville on April 16th of this year. The last recorded contact with the town had been 3 days prior, on the 13th, when a team under orders from Princess Celestia was sent to look into several missing pony reports in the area. When another group of investigators were sent on the 16th, the town was found deserted. The journal’s owner is believed to be the princess’s personal student, Twilight Sparkle. None of the town’s inhabitants have been located since.

    A FLEet|ng LIght |n thE DArknEsS
    A Glimmer of Hope in Black
    Pray, Hope and Wander  (New Sequel)

    Additional Tags: Horror, Find what is hidden
  • Discord And Chrysalis Around the World!

    We haven't had one of these posts in a while.  Pluszcz on Youtube has compiled a bunch of Discord and Chrysalis lines into two videos from various parts of the world, showing off the different voice actors that grabbed each role.

    Some are straight up creepy for Chrysalis.

    Head on down past the break to check them all out! 

  • Magic Duel was Season 2, Episodes Take a Long Time!

    Just in case you were curious about how long an episode actually takes to create from start to finish, Meghan McCarthy tossed this up on her Twitter a few hours ago.  The verdict: an incredibly long time!  Trixie's big comeback was in the planning stages way back when the fandom was just getting going. 

    It kind of puts things into perspective on other returning characters.  I wonder who we will see next?

  • Rarity Plushie Next on Funrise Toy list

    It looks like those of you collecting the Funrise pony plushies will be one step closer to a full set. Over on their Facebook page, they have announced a rough estimate on when you can expect to pick up a Rarity. 

    I wonder if we will see more ponies once they finish off the mane six? Only time will tell I suppose!

    Thanks to Marguerite for the heads up!
  • Discussion: You now have the Alicorn Amulet!

    This one was requested yesterday by someone, I completely forgot who though. 

    You wake up one day and realize the Alicorn Amulet is around your neck.  You also have a horn.

    How do you use your newfound abilities? Can you resist the pull and use your new highest level unicorn powers for good? Or do you take over the world and force everyone to build statues in your honor? We can probably assume that someone who is already susceptible to greed, narcissism, and evil will be inherently weaker to it's influences. 

    Hard Mode: If your plan involves Equestrians, the amulet has limited your power to only summon and communicate with ponies you genuinely dislike!
  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: a / Love as a Life Source / The Big Apple

    We haven't had one of these in a while. The swarms of remixes and vocal tracks for the recent episodes, plus music of the day could be to blame!

    Have some music, genres next to their songs.

    1.) Another Donut, Extra Sprinkles! - LeafRunner (Funk)
    2.) Love as a Life Source (Progressive Metal)
    3.) The Big Apple (Acoustic)

  • More New Shirts at Welovefine

    The Magic Duel shirts have begun to roll out already over at Welovefine.  We have a bit of Apple Family painting, Alicorn amulet, and some glowy Trixie eyes so far.   I'm still hoping for some Great and Apologetic Trixie, but she's kinda niche! 

    Find all the shirts here.

  • Story Updates December 5th

    Story updates! Yarrr

  • The Hub Announces This Year's Naughty or Nice Awards

    A press release from The Hub has revealed a bit of information on how the Naughty or Nice awards will work this year.  Voting runs from the 8th of December to the 16th, with the actual event happening on the 22nd.  Apparently Pinkie and Discord will be the hosts for it, which sounds completely amazing and ridiculous at the same time. 

    Things appear to be getting a bit more complex.  The ponies themselves have been spread out into various categories to allow other shows a chance to breathe.  

    For a full list of contestants, and quite a few more categories, head on down past the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #646

    Star Wars edition! I always get crap for liking the Phantom Menace, but without it I would never have gotten that amazing pod racing game on the n64.  Do you know how many times I rented that? It was scary.   Darth Vader's kids have a way lower nostalgia factor for me!

    Uhh, anyway, have some pony before I get assassinated. 

    Source 1
  • Magic Duel Comics: Twilight's Training Montage / Support / Magic Duel / Disapproval

    Comic time! We have training montages, Magic Duels, and Trixie accidentally being cute.  It seems like this episode has spawned more comics than any other so far this season.  I've never had so many entire posts dedicated to just one before. 

    Click for full!

  • Vinyl Scratch Promo Box Launching from Enterplay

    Similiar to the Pinkie Pie box we announced a few days ago, Enterplay is rolling out yet another for those of you that prefer your ponies with a bit more DJ in them.  This one will include a new Octavia and Scratch foil card, as well as cards and the box. 

    It should start popping up at Hot Topic in about two weeks, so keep an eye out if you want it!