• Episode Rewatch - MLP Season 1 Episode 25-26 - Party of One / The Best Night Ever

    In the fanfiction world, the "grimdark" scene was something that was both rare and ridiculously obnoxious. These stories became absolutely notorious around the fandom for corrupting our ponies in ways that shipping never could have come close to.

    You've probably heard of "Cupcakes" in particular, where Pinkie Pie goes completely insane and does horrible things. Our lovable little party horse couldn't possibly do that, right?!


    Luckily her friends stopped her before the fanfics became canon. It was still pretty funny that we had such a weird fanon for her that almost came true.

    And after that, pony just... ended. When The Best Night Ever aired we had no idea what the future had in store for us. Would Friendship is Magic get a second season? Would it keep going past that? I think most assumed it would at least survive for another. I don't think anyone thought we'd be here for a decade. Meanwhile I was sitting over here running a brand new horse site thinking the ride was already over and it was fun for half a year. Yeah, that didn't happen. It was one of the few hiatuses where the fandom grew x5 though with no official content at all. Who would have thought? 

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  • Nightly Discussion #2043

    What a gorgeous picture of Nightmare Moon~ It looks like something she would hang in her castle if she had won against Celestia.

    Evening guys, ready for yet another weekend?

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  • Comics: Laptop / Returning Home / TLA #98-99 / Arrival #183 / Lost Sun #15 / Don't Play With Potions #1


    Celestia does not know how to technology.

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  • Pony Day Swaps, And New, "One Time" Days

    As most of you have probably noticed by now, Spike Day was a little light on content. Certain characters tend to have a lot less created for them on any given year. I could just go back, copy paste old posts, and go do something else, but that isn't really any fun.

    Pony Theme Days are largely about cataloguing the best content of any given character that has been made over the years, combined with motivating people to make new stuff via the Open Art post and other things. When there isn't a whole lot out there to gather, it might be better to spend that day on another character. Obviously the mane 6 have an endless supply of everything, but some days could probably use a few options.

    With that in mind, how about more characters get some celebration over the next year?

    Here are some one-time days we are considering:
    • Kirin Day
    • Cheerilee Day
    • Spa Ponies Day
    • Berry Punch, and and a few other BG ponies day
    • Zecora Day
    • Tempest Day
    • OC Day 
    • Griffon and Hippogryph Day (Gilda, Gallus, Gabby, etc)
    • Dragon Day
    And with those, some swaps:

    • Sunset day ->  Equestria Girls Day, with other EG characters, and Sunset
    • Discord Day -> Villain Day starring Discord, Sombra, Cozy, Grogar, and Tirek (Cozy might be able to rock her own)
    • Lyra and Bonbon Day -> Friendship Day with Lyra, Minuette, Moondancer and Lemonhearts
    • Starlight Day ->Trixie and Starlight Day 
    • Chrysalis Day -> Changeling Day (Adding Ocellus and Thorax)
    • CMC Day ->Foal Day, adding extra kids
    • Shiny/Cady day -> Hearts and Hooves day with various pony couples (Maud/Mudbriar, Big Mac/Sugar Belle, Shiny/Cady, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, etc. )

    This is all still in early discussion, so feel free to add or recommend different ideas for swaps. Rainbow Dash Day is on the 1st of February, and it's pretty easy to fill a day up with mane 6 content so that one will not be changing. We've got some time to figure this all out.

  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #3223

    Sometimes just a simple OC header is nice. Plus she's cute.

    Art below!

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    Beautiful clouds by MagicBalance

  • Open My Little Pony Art Compilation (All Skill Levels Welcome) #43

    Your open art this week has arrived! For anyone out there looking to skillup their pony drawing in a completely open environment, this is it! Sometimes you need to experiment and produce stuff that isn't your current level to break into something more. Or just practice in general!

    Get it all below.

    [1] Source

    Grumpy by AryaTheEditor

  • Fanfiction: In a Hole in the Ground…

    [Slice of Life][Sad]

    Author: Impossible Numbers
    Description: Twilight Velvet's mind was stuck. She only wanted to write her magnum opus; how else could she explore the fantasy worlds of her past? It's just a shame her daughter is more interested in long words than she is in tall tales.
    In a Hole in the Ground…

    Additional Tags: Tolkien Inspirations, Metal Numbers, and the Bravery of Lost Parents
  • Flutterchops Music: StrachAttack - SHYSTEP [Dubstep]

    A complete overhaul of the original ShySt3p and its VIP, this new Dubstep banger from StrachAttack is bringing Fluttershy's irresistible voice and delightful sounds alike. Melodic synths are giving that distinct signature sound that fellow StrachAttack fans will recognize, and the drops are so uplifting and definitely sublimate the vocal chops!