• Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #3365

    Oleander header time, cause she's awesome.

    Art below.

    [1] Source

    Dark Magic by Kaleido-Art

  • SFM Animation: Some Nights

    We have a short little song based SFM animation dedicated to a war against the Changelings. For a description:

    A commander and his squad battle at the forefront to make the ultimate sacrifice that neither side will ever forget.

    Head on down below to check it out!

  • Discussion: Why Do You Like Fallout Equestria So Much?

    Since the earliest days in the fandom, the concept of throwing cute adorable ponies into hyper-grimdark apocalyptic scenarios has been a common trope. When Fallout Equestria released, it essentially unleashed a swarm of this stuff on us, and has become one of the biggest aspects of the pony fandom.

    Why is this one in particular so ridiculously appealing to so many? Why is there almost as much Little Pip art as some of the main characters in the show?

    Drop your 2 cents on Fallout below!
  • Fanfiction: Plugged In

    [Alternate Universe][Romance][Sci-fi]

    Author: Impossible Numbers

    Description: Sunset Shimmer owns this world. She can do whatever she likes, play whatever games are devised, run around in a high-tech simulation the like of which has never been seen, smelled, heard, touched, or tasted before. And why wouldn’t she, when the Spirit of Chaos himself is her own personal game master? But sooner or later, all good games must come to an end…

    Plugged In

    Additional Tags: Hedonistic Simulations, Chaotic Love, and Harsh Reality
  • Changeling Music: Dandelion & Raven - The new Queen of the Swarm [Soundtrack]

    With help from Raven composing the melodies, Dandelion made a very OST-like track about a changeling onslaught, and you can so easily imagine the swarm filling the sky in black and traveling to the target location as this song plays! That melodic aspect is just so my thing, and the synths displayed all throughout the song are quite creative!

  • My Little Pony: Pony Life May Have Been Delayed

    Some strange news has arrived as of yesterday that we still aren't entirely sure on. Discover Family finally released their highlights for this month, and within they do not mention Pony Life at all. They do list a "Pony Palooza" event happening on June 8th, but specifically talk about season 9 and Equestria Girls.

    July's highlights have also released, with no Pony Life in sight.

    The listing sites we were using for titles and synopsis over the past week have all started desisting things and swapping the schedule to other shows on Discovery Family for the 13th of June date that was being teased.

    It could just be a blip, or we could be seeing another delay on the release of this thing. Maybe August? At this point, all we can do is hope. We will let you all know if anything comes up, and definitely prep for June 13th just in case.

    Thanks to Robert, Miak, ImperfectXIII and everyone else for the heads up! 

  • Morning Discussion #1954

    I think the ponies have broken Ember...Does she have a reset button or something guys?

    Good morning everyone! Are you ready for a new day?

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  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds X: Day 5

    Chasing one's dreams can be both a rollercoaster ride of highest highs and lowest lows. But as I have learned throughout my life, the more important something is to you the higher the stakes you put up to accomplish it. While there are usually bumps in the road we can't let them derail us completely and keep us from achieving what we yearn for. We only have one life, we might as well live it the best we can, right?

    For today's prompt we managed to drag in quite a few sleepy and dreaming ponies with a total of 162 ponies! This brings our grand total to 685 ponies in all, keep it up, everyone! We're already halfway to our first makeup/rest day!

    So we've gotten our ponies moving, emoting and you stretch your legs as you chased some dreams but the art world is more than just art itself! Art is also getting to know your fellow artists, making friends and working together! Of course, it can be a little hard to break the ice at times so it's nice to start by sharing something simple to find some common ground. So for tonight's prompt I'd like you all to Draw a pony enjoying your favorite food or if you're shy on sharing Draw a pony family moment. (And yes, feel free to substitute meat dishes with a veggie version).

    As always you can find the submitter here.

    Max Image Resolution is 2000x2000! Resize your pictures to make sure they are the appropriate size, any image software should be able to help you.

    Animations do not animate when sent through the compiler! Include some text with your submitted animation that people should follow your links to the source to see the animation in full.

    Remember, our compiler for the old prompt is up a few hours even after this post goes up with the new prompt so feel free to submit your submission to the previous day's submitter!

    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

    Attention Discord Users:

    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #artist-training-ground for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!
    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload

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