• PMV/Trailers: Songsprites and Ponyblasters / Beer for my Ponies / There Will be Apples

    Confound this weighted companion pony it is way too cute.

    Anyway, a PMV and two trailers! Enjoy!

    1.) Songsprites and Ponyblasters
    2.) Beer for my Ponies
    3.) There Will Be Apples (Trailer)

  • Story: Vengeance and Fashion (Update Part 4!)

    [Comedy] I really like this tag!  Feel free to suggest more!

    Author: Tumbleweed
    Description: When a very...special individual comes
    to Ponyville, Twilight volunteers to manage Rarity's shop. Hijinks
    ensue. What else could happen?
    Vengeance and Fashion (All Links!)(New chapter 4!)

    Additional Tags: Comedy Hijinks Vengeance Fashion
  • Ponychan Shipping Compilation #4

    The Ponychan Shipping Compilation #4 has been released!  106 pages of second person pony romance, lovingly compiled into a giant Downloadable PDF for your viewing pleasure. 

    Ponychan Shipping Collection #4

    And if you like that one, the last three can be found in the links below!

    Ponychan Shipping Collection #1
    Ponychan Shipping Collection #2
    Ponychan Shipping Collection #3
  • Story: Misted Stage

    [Adventure][Shipping] Hey there, fillies and colts. I've got a treat for you. It might look a little long, but don't be daunted: this one is very, very good...

    Author: Raz_Fox

    Description: Welcome, fillies and gentlecolts, to a show like no other! While I see you shaking your heads, expecting the usual fare - romance, adventure, and brightly-colored ponies - I assure you that these can be obtained from any half-bit dreadful or wandering showpony. I can see that you are an audience that demands - neigh, deserves! - more, and more you shall have! Star-crossed lovers, daring apple-fights, imprisoned beauties, and stories within stories - all of this you shall have! For tonight, by royal commission, we bring you a tale so shocking, so daring, that we must ask fillies of weak constitution to leave the audience! For, once the doors close, there can be no leaving this Misted Stage!

    Misted Stage: Chapters 1-3
    Misted Stage: Chapters 4-6
    Misted Stage: Chapter 7

    Additional Tags: Arabian Nights, Metafiction, Phoe-Approved, Alternate Universe, The Play's The Thing
  • Applejack Vs Rainbow Dash Epic Rap Battle Vote

    Lets test the waters with something new.... The internet tends to have a lot of competitions and such for spotlighting various things.  I've always been afraid to back these due to the personal army stigma from 4chan, but this is too easy/good to pass up!

    Over on Youtube, a channel called Nicepeter runs Epic Rap Battle videos between 2 random characters voted on in comments.

    Rainbow Dash and Applejack are currently in the first slot.  Obviously this won't last without your help!

    So get over there and vote!  You can find the thumbs up button in the comments on this video.


    If this works, we can try for that League of Legends 10,000 recruit-a-friend thing for a permanent pony champion over there!  I'll totally raffle off the account/trip to Riot Games HQ if we pull it off.

    And ponychan thread! Credit to Beat for the idea!
  • Comic: Gummy Origins

    New Madmax comic!

    Another game that would be so much better with ponies as the protagonists....

    Or the pokemon.

    Either or.
  • PMV: All the things she said / On the Floor / Every Breath You Take

    Confound these ponies... This is the SECOND TIME they have made me like anything at all relating to Katey Perry. The AJ/Dash banter in the first one is really well done... and number two has some great editing additions.

    1.) All the things she said/ET
    2.) On the Floor
    3.) Every Breath You Take (Pinkie Pie is watching you)

  • Story: Pinkieshy

    [Shipping] We haven't had a straight up cute pony shipping story in a while.

    Author: Drewdle
    Description: A party at Pinkie Pie's is abruptly cut short, but the evening isn't quite over.

    Additional Tags: Cute, sappy, romantic, sweet, gentle.
  • 3D Pinkie Pie Spinny Model

    He ran out of trophies! So have some ponies!

    With 20% less plot

    Pinkie Pie Model
  • International Friendship Day Gift Exchange!

    A gift exchange program has been set up in honor of International Friendship Day on July 30th.

    It's a pretty simple system. You buy something, and toss yourself into a huge pool of bronies where you will be randomly assigned a partner.  Once pairs are chosen, addresses are exchanged and gifts are given out. 

    You can find all information on the page below!

    Internation Friendship Day Gift Exchange
  • Achievement List Version Two

    The Summer Achievements have been pretty neat so far! But I admit, it's all a bit confusing, and the document was bulky as hell. So Achievement List V2 (Lite) has been added by the original creator.

    All new information including the new document can be found after the break! Along with some other random news.
  • Custom Zecora Pony

    This isn't a Rarity. I'm disappointed.

    I am a pony who can appreciate excellent craftsmanship, though. This custom Zecora pony comes to us from Jenovaii over at DeviantArt. It was crafted from an Applejack base. Apparently he/she had to be persuaded to show it to us! Utter nonsense. Enjoy.

    You can check it out at Jenovaii's DA page here.
  • Dash Off!


    Because E3 is boring me right now with it's lack of FiM/Forgotten Realms CRPG crossovers.

    This is a neat little game, sort of an apple collecting platforming thing.

    Play it here!
  • Story: Utter Madness / Happy / Burlap

    [Comedy][Crossover]  Apparently these are all hilarious and I was commanded to immediately post them. Sadly the entire day was already scheduled! So here they are today! Also some Fluttershy.

    Author: LawnPygmy
    Description: On a dark Gotham Street, a complete lunatic ponders the nature of his favorite pony, while Batman watches from above.
    Utter Madness

    Additional Tags: Batman, The Joker, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Silly, Complete, Short

    [Comedy][Crossover] Story 2
    Description: Strange monsters lurk on the edge of the Everfree Forest. One of the most powerful is a jade creature that has found its way to Fluttershy's home and befriended the little pegasus.

    Additional Tags: Comedy, Fluttershy, Silly, The Hulk, Cuddles, Complete, Short

    [Comedy] Story 3
    Description: At the dinner table at Applejack's house, Applejack and Rarity have an impromptu contest, with the rest of their friends as unwitting participants. Twilight shows a hidden side of herself that knocks the horseshoes off of her friends.

    Additional Tags: Comedy, Everypony, Princess Celestia, Burlap, Equestria the Beautiful, Singing, A Dinner Table, Complete, Short

  • Luna the Lonely Astronaut (Update Part 6!)

    This will be the compilation post for Luna the Lonely Astronaut, bumped like a story update.

    Because it's awesome.

    Also a ridiculously cute image to go with it.  Happy Luna is so happy.

    All episodes after the break! Including the pilot found in the old post. Sadly Episode 6 will be the last for a while =[

    1.) Luna, the lonely astronaut Episode 1: Pilot
    2.) Luna, the lonely astronaut Episode 2: Flashback
    3.) Luna, the lonely astronaut Episode 3: Sexual Harassment
    4.) Luna, the lonely astronaut Episode 4: The Rescue 
    5.) Luna, the lonely astronaut Episode 5: Luna Rover
    6.) Luna, the lonely astronaut Episode 6: The TV Show (New!)
  • Pony Rubik's Cube

    Rarity's side up because Rarity is best pony.

    Quinnjaminn built this awesome pony Rubik's cube made out of the main cast's cutie marks! It looks awesome, as does the charts that it's sitting on. I only wish that I had the mental capacity to actually solve one of these. As it is, I can barely feed myself. I set a tuna sandwich on fire once. True story. I'll tell it later if you want.

    You can check out the cube here, on his DA page.
  • Clay Octavia!

    The second best musical pony just became the best clay creation in the history of ever. Sadly, she's not Lyra, but Octavia here has leaped straight onto that table and, I'm sure, into your hearts. Stare at that pony. Stare at it. Look long and hard, and tell me that's not amazing. Oh my gosh I want iiiiiiiit.

    The pony responsible for this magnificent, splendiforous creation is Eneha. Go learn a teeny bit more about little Octavia here, as well as the rest of her clay pony friends. Gawk and be amazed. I'd totally be more articulate about this, but eeeeeeeeeee.
  • BGM: The Great and Powerful Trixie! / Twilight's Speech / FIM Opening / Episode One Closing

    BGM time! because this show has some amazing BGM!

    The first one is primarily just 7 minutes of Trixie, not really a complete song, but several mixed jingles.

    The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are a bit more specified.

    1.) The Great and Powerful Trixie
    2.) Applebuck Season - Twilight's Speech
    3.) Once Upon a Time in Equestria (Episode 1 Opening)
    4.) Celebration of Harmony (Episode 2 Conclusion)

  • Story: Out of the Jungle (Update Complete!)

    [Normal][Human] I feel relatively certain we haven't used all of these yet. Somehow My Little Pony and Vietnam keep coming up in tandem. Whodathunkit?

    Author: Mamoo

    Description: A GI fighting in Vietnam suddenly gets pulled from the jungle to Equestria, friendship ensues.

    Out of the Jungle

    Additional Tags: Vietnam, soldier, romance, human, death
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 12

    Pony bondage is more awesome than it has any right to be edition. If I could tell you exactly what the appeal of seeing these colorful equines tangled up in ropes is, I would. As it is I would really rather just move on before I blush so hard that my face catches on fire. Which feels like a real possibility right now. Ranging from the silly to the saucy, tonight's master plan to flood the internet with trussed up ponies netted 154 escape artists in training. I know this wasn't the easiest theme in the world, and probably not as imagination sparking as some others have been in the past, but we've managed a pretty impressive turnout nonetheless, I think. Very well done, everypony. I'm clopping... er... clapping with glee. What? What do you want? When you bring your hooves together it makes a 'clop' noise! Sheez.

    Moving on. Here's the daily link to the submission guidelines, which you must be sick to death of seeing by this point. Still, better safe than sorry, right? As always, feel free to drop a line at [email protected] if you have any followup questions or concerns that I can handle for you. I read every comment you write for me on the submission gatherer (I love some of the stories you guys tell!), but unfortunately there's really not a whole lot I can do to respond to each of you in the way that I'd like to. If there is a point you need my direct feedback on, please do e-mail it to me even if your picture went up just fine. I'm not dead yet, which means I'm clearly not doing enough to help out!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony armed with a bladed weapon. I've been informed by our gracious Overlord that lightsabers are also acceptable, and in a similar vein I'd be more than happy seeing any sort of crazy martial arts ponies you guys want to throw at me. I figure after tonight you'll be all shipped out, so have some soothing action (action, action...) to cleanse your palates. Rock on, everypony.