• Nightly Roundup #818

    Apple Bloom sure is an adorable little sister for AJ. She might not be the most exciting CMC, but they sure would not be the same without her.

    Time for some news guys. Get it all after the break!

  • Music of the Day #215

    Nightmare Derpy edition.  I'd run while you still can. 

    Have 11 songs.

  • Crazy Pony Cake

    Usually cake goes to the roundup, but this, this right here is an epic cake.  I think a cake of this magnitude deserves it's own bit of love.  We do it for everything else right?

    Apparently these guys made it.  Someone needs to go commission them for a a Ponyville now or something.  Or a legit Canterlot on the side of a mountain.

  • Story: Eye of the Beholder (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Jake The Army Guy
    Description: Manehatten: The City of A Thousand Lights. A place where beings from all corners of the globe live and work together.

    But even the brightest light casts shadow.

    Bodies have started to turn up: broken, beaten, savaged. When the local police turn to Canterlot's Royal Investigative Service for aid, they set off a chain of events that could rock the metropolis to its core.

    A mysterious investigator; a disgraced magician; a desperate detective; an idealistic journalist. Together, they must stop the bloodshed, but at what cost?

    Evil, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder.
    Eye of the Beholder (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: A Murder Mystery in Manehatten

  • FiW: Kimi Sparkle Reviews "Read It And Weep"

    Friendship is Witchcraft tries analysis, and things get really silly.  Get it below.

  • 54/66 Days of Pony - The Crystal Empire, Part 2

    Is there ever a time where Twilight Sparkle isn't cute?  Even her hypnotized form is adorkable.  The second installment of The Crystal Empire actually aired immediately after the first one, giving us loads of stuff to chew on to start off our new season.  And on top of that, a new villain!

    Sombra was a mixed bag for many. Pony was always pretty heavy on the characterization for their villains.  This black unicorn with glowy green eyes kinda shattered that, acting more as an evil object than someone we can really understand fully. He rolled in as coalesced black smoke, and rolled out without so much as the classic villain speech.  Hell, the number of words he uses can be counted on one hand.  We still ended up adopting him for the world of fanon, but nowhere near as much as some of the fan favorites out there. 

    Another question left on people's minds was his fallen horn at the end of the episode.  It was pretty heavily implied that Twilight was going to be sprouting wings either this season or the next, and the idea that Sombra would get a bit more characterization via a later episode was a popular one.  To this day, we still haven't seen anything done with that little cliffhanger.  Maybe season 4 will reveal a bit more?  Or maybe it was simply a way to show that Sombra was vaporized?

    Anyway, get some Crystal Empire part 2 below!

  • Story Updates - November 10th

    Story updates! Get three below.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #981

    This is certainly how I feel right about now. Why are Sundays always such lazy and sleepy days? Just want to curl up with a hot drink and sleep the afternoon away.

    Time for art guys, check it all after the break!

    [1] Source
    Baby Rarity -sleeping-

  • Bronystudy News

    Cal here with a brand new set of announcements from the Bronystudy! They've made some wonderful headway in the realm of science concerning Brony research and are looking for some help to complete a super important longitudinal study concerning season 4. What's a longitudinal study you ask? It's basically a testing of the same variables over a long period of time, in this case before and after season 4 so if you're feeling up to completing the survey now make sure you're ready months from now to complete it again!

    Now on to the news below:

    The researchers at the Bronystudy are happy to announce:
    1)      Two research papers about the Brony fandom have been accepted for presentation at the Southeast Psychological Association annual convention in Nashville, TN.  Two different papers have been submitted to the American Psychological Association for presentation at the annual convention in Washington, DC. ‘The Bronies are coming!’ and the field of Psychology is about to meet the herd!
    2)      We have launched our BRIEF longitudinal follow up survey.  This survey assess the Bronies’ level of interest in the upcoming season 4 of MLP:FiM, and any changes in their involvement in the fandom.  We will conduct a similar survey after season 4 has ended to look at its impact on the fandom.  Everypony is welcome to participate please visit Bronystudy.com and the ‘take the survey’ page. Spread the word to all the Bronies you know!
    3)      Check our webpage in the coming week as we will be posting new research results, including the first comparison of the Brony fandom to another fan group (science fiction fans).
    Thanks to all the Bronies who have made our research of the herd possible, without your dedication and participation there would be no Bronystudy.
    Dr. Psych Ology
  • Spotlight Music: The L-Train - Cerulean Blue / Jealousy'

    The original Cerulean blue was so good and original for it's time in the fandom, that not too many people wanted to try remixing it.  A few years later, and we finally get a speedy rock version.  I nostalgia'd.

    And in slot number two, we have some Feather! I think you all know her at this point.  Get both below. 

    1.) The L-Train - Cerulean Blue (Replacer cover)
    2.) Jealousy' (Original) by Feather

  • Story: Promised Land


    Author: Obselescence
    Description: Twilight Sparkle has walked the wastelands for a very long time, but now, at last, he has reached the end of his journey. He only hopes now that the gods will listen to his prayers, and finally allow him a good place to die.
    Promised Land

    Additional Tags: The last shall be first.
  • SFM: Changeling Infestation

    It's awesome what artists are able to do with the SFM nowadays. 3D pony works have really come a long way since fans first created the Gmod ponies oh so long ago. Now sit back and relax for this 3 minute flick as Rainbow Dash kicks some butt.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Funrise Luna A Bit Too Expensive

    Funrise has answered a question asking why the princess pony everyone is obsessed with didn't get her own plushie in their new lineup.  Apparently moon butt was a bit too expensive to produce, due to the colors she is composed of.  I guess Luna will have to wait! Maybe that is the reason why Hasbro hasn't jumped on the ravenous fandom following her? We still haven't seen her in Funko at that. 

    Thanks to Anne for the heads up!
  • Top 10 Pony Songs of October 2013

    Music! What would life be like without it? Horrible, that's what.  Get your top 10 of October below the break.  You need it to survive.

  • Petting Fluttershy

    Click to pet Fluttershy

    And have a spinny Changeling too just cause.

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Vol. 6 Listed on iTunes

    As many of you realized last season, the MLP episodes on iTunes come out in volumes now instead of seasons.  The 6th installment, which is the first 13th episodes, is now available.  Unfortunately, they list the episode titles as they come out (sometimes a few days early for pre-order), but at least we can bask in the template of new pony on the way.

    It's almost here guys.

    Thanks to Whathisgame and Adam for the heads up!