• Music of the Day #441

    Who cares if Christmas was forever ago, these two can pull this off any time of the year.

    It's Music of the Day time! Get a bunch of it below!

  • Parody: Mr. Incredible Discovers Hasbro's Plan

    By Celestia! So this is how Hasbro has been doing all their takedowns! Let Luna have mercy upon us all...

    Check on after the break for the devious plan.

  • Story Updates - January 23rd

    Cheerilee doing thousands of things, crazy OC ponies, noir, and more! It's story update time.  Get them all below.

  • Nightly Discussion #240

    AJ and Twilight seem to be the best ponies for adventure. Between Twilight's planning and magic and AJ's determination and strength I think they would make a great duo to take on anything!

    Weekend time my friends! You ready for it?
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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1419 - Top Sisters

    Things ponies can do that would be creepy for us: have a plushie of your sibling.  It's just cute when they do that!

     It's art time.  Get the usual loads of it below!

    [1] Source
    Original gift=3

  • Knockoff Ponies Go Winter, Appear in Mass on Ebay

    Before you run off and go on an ebay shopping spree, I wanted to put that warning up here instead.  There have been many people reporting on varying levels of quality from the knockoff lineup.  I'd recommend waiting for the quality controlled, more show accurate stuff releasing later this year if you want your molded mane love.

    Anyway, if you do feel like rolling the dice, we have another wave of knockoff plushies appearing on eBay.  A lot of these have been posted before, but they were only teasers.

    If you are curious about them, head on over here for the prices and listing.  All of them look to be sold by a single person. More images below the break if you are lazy.

    Thanks to Mark, RD237, and Bob for the heads up.

  • Friend Off Round 2 - Rules and Guidelines

    Hello again everyone! It has been a few months since our last Friend Off event and I thought it due time to kick off the year with something fun for our writers and artists out there. Last year's Friend Off went over marvelously with a large number of stories and art pieces submitted!

    Can we beat last time's record of 60 entries? I know you all can do it! As for all of you not used to the Friend Off check out our lovely rule list below for rules and the deadline! Good luck everyone!

    So how does this all work? Well, to borrow from the ancient posts of yore...

    The Rules Are Simple:

    Artists: Take a story from FimFiction or our story archive and draw something about it.
    Writers: Take your favorite piece of artwork and write something about it.

    That's really all there is to it!

    What do I get out of it?

    Plenty of stories out there have nothing but simple artwork for their covers or covers made up of just stock images from Google. Plus it's cool just sometimes to visualize a scene from your favorite fic! The same can be said for amazing artwork as well, sometimes we just wonder what story is hiding in the background that made that scene possible. With just a little effort we can have a lot more amazing pictures as well as stories to help us last the hiatus!

    I'm in! Where do I post?

    Simple my friends! As usual we'd like you all to send in your creations to submit@equestriadaily.com with the subject line starting with Friend Off so we'd be able to sort the submissions.

    What do I send in my email?

    Also simple, when submitting a picture please provide a link to the accompanying fan fiction as well as a link to a source for your picture if you uploaded it anywhere (DeviantArt, ect).

    As for writers, please provide a link to or the picture that you've written a story for in the email as well as a link to your story. We can't host all the text lest the result post explode so include a link to a Google Doc or some other location where you're hosting the story. If you can provide a source to where you write (FimFic account, ect) that would be great too.

    How long is the event?

    The event will run from the moment this is posted to February 6th, giving everyone about two weeks to kick their talents into gear!

    Sounds good! Are there any rules?

    Basically you can write or draw as to your heart's content as long as you follow some basic guidelines.

    • No porn though PG-13 and under situations are fine.
    • No extensive gore
    • No trolling stories or pics, serious participation only.
    • Get someone to proofread your story before submitting. It'll make it more enjoyable for everyone and I don't have the time to read everything.
    • As Seth said long ago, 'If you submit a stick figure with hooves, don't take it personally if it isn't posted.' While it's fun to include as many people as possible in events like these we'll probably be asserting a bit of quality control so that everyone has a good time.
    If there are any questions you can contact me at calpain@equestriadaily.com and I'll do my best to answer them. Keep your eyes on this document though for updates just in case!

    Wonderful header by PixelPrism

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Spotlight Music: Aurora / Shimmer

    We had genres we don't see often earlier, but I bet a bunch of you wanted your daily dose of electronic to go with them. Below the break, get some Festive House from Panic, followed by a Drumstep track from StrachAttack. Expect the vocals to be spliced like crazy in both!

    1.) Aurora - Panic (Instrumental/Vocal Splicing - Festive House)
    2.) StrachAttack - Shimmer VIP (Instrumental/Vocal Splicing - Drumstep)

  • Discussion: What's Your Opinion On the Waifu Phenomenon?

    I'm in the nostalgic mood, and if the early fandom loved to celebrate anything at all, it was those Tubby Wubby Pony Waifus. I'd venture to guess a large majority of it was said jokingly.  "Waifu" has always had multiple meanings in itself.  For some, it was simply their best pony.  For others, it went a bit further.  The actual definition is arguable.

    If you joined from the anime or video game world (the online version at least), you probably ran into it several times before. It wouldn't even be that far fetched to believe that many people's "Waifu" ponies were mainly based on their personalities. And again, a good amount of it is just jokingly as the video link portrays.

    So, good fandom of EQD, what do you think of this very much internet born concept? Does it creep you out? Or do you see it in a lighter, more jovial way?

    And if it applies to you, who's best waifu?

    Hit those comments up!

  • Comic: Screwflying / Dragonborn / TBOI 24 / Party Manester 5 / New Moon 64 / Hear From You 6 / Watermark 2

    Thatagirl AJ! You show them that you don't need no stinking wings. Earth pony power!

    Comics my friends, click for full!

    Comic Update:

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Spotlight Music: Applejack / Twilight Sky

    Applejacks doesn't get nearly enough love in the music sector, so get a new Ponyphonix song, in a genre we don't see often at all. Maybe that's why we don't get much apples?

    And after that, some alternative to mix it up. The accent is pretty heavy on the singing if it seems surprising at first, but you get used to it.

    Get them both below!

    1.) Applejack - Ponyphonic (Vocal - Country)
    2.) Wind Wolf | Twilight Sky (feat. ShadowcatKirara) (Vocal - Alternative)

  • New Improved TY Beanie Baby Ponies Available on Amazon

    A few days ago, we reported on a brand new lineup of TY beanie ponies, completele with improved snouts and manes.  Apparently Amazon couldn't want to get them up, because they are already available.  Have some links:

    Pinkie Pie
    Rainbow Dash

    Unfortunately Twilight Sparkle is currently unavailable. You can find her page over here though.

    And if you are curious about the full set without opening a bunch of links, get their images below!

    Thanks to James for the heads up! 

  • London Toy Fair 2015 Slideshow - Upcoming and Current Merchandise Lines On Display

    The London Toy Fair is currently happening, and with it comes the usual flood of pony merchandise.  Unfortunately it looks like not a whole lot of new is involved, though we did get a glimpse at the Pop Big Mac toy, and whatever that thing up there is.  Scary.

    Anyway, get the video below!

    Thanks to James for sending it!

  • Reminder: Legends of Equestria Client Now Available to Download - Servers Open Tomorrow!

    Yesterday the site exploded, so we figured we'd delay the reminder to today. The team over at Legends of Equestria has opened up downloads for their upcoming open server weekend on the 24th.  This is your chance to get it set up before the big rush when it's officially available.

    Download links as follows:

    Windows 32 Bit
    Windows 64 Bit
    Windows Launcher (Optional install option) 

    As with last year, logging in requires a Legends of Equestria account.  You can sign up for one of those over here.

    Looking forward to seeing you all fly around and be ponies!  A followup will be posted when the actual servers open.

    Best OC pony

  • Early Morning Discussion #99

    Don't see much artwork of Cranky! I wonder if we'll see some more donkey characters in the future?

    Morning everyone! Ready for a chat?
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