• Equestria Daily Staff Page 2022

    Many a person was confused as to who our staff actually is these days, and the original staff page was getting pretty outdated. Here is the new, fully updated page including all new additions to the moderation team.

    Get a full listing of all staff below! For an about us section, be sure to go to this page.


    Founder / Primary Site Runner

    Bio: I post bats and force everyone to look at them. Then I post kirin and force everyone to look at them. This has been a successful enterprise for over a decade.

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    Community Liason / Second in Command

    Bio: Serving second in command on the website, Calpain first stumbled into the offices of EqD seeking employment in the Equestrian Innovations division. While waiting to pass Equestrian Innovation's extensive battery of background checks and tests he was given a job as a blog author in order to keep him from constantly mailing stuff to the site. Currently mans a number of features on the site, particularly Roundups, Nightly Discussions, Spotlights, Comics, and anything that needs posting.

    Joined the fandom in February 2011 and actively began participating in pony communities starting in April that year. Currently looking into teaching as a career after spending two years on a Master's Degree studying Alzheimer's Disease and two years of a PhD studying Parkinson's Disease. Is also an editor of Ask Gaming Princess Luna and Hunters of Salamanstra by John Joseco. He also runs the excellent Steven Universe fansite The Beach City Bugle.

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    Programmer / Mobile APP Developer

    Bio: Around September 2012 Gameleon contacted Sethisto about a little app he was creating to view EQD posts. Over the following 6 months, this little app would evolve to become what is now known as the Equestria Daily app, done just in time to be released for the Season 3 finale news. Let's just say the app was properly stress-tested during Gameleon's first few days on the team.

    Learning about the fandom in November 2011 and becoming a more active member after the app was released in March 2013, Gameleon is now part of the EQD team as app developer. Aside from his app development duties, his contribution to EQD consists of posting minor news posts and confusing us all with a 7-9 hour time difference and kilometers.

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    The Illustrious Q

    Official My Little Pony Comic Reporter

    Bio: "After joining the fandom in March of 2011—and watching Over a Barrel as his first brand new episode—The Illustrious Q was a fairly quiet member of the Brony fandom willing to just enjoy the show and let other more interested/energetic people make their mark in the fandom. Then the IDW Comic series was announced in July 2012, and that completely changed. Absorbing any and all pieces of information about the comic series—in addition to buying everything related to that series in sight—The Illustrious Q quickly became one of the fandoms experts in the My Little Pony Comic world. Once he had started interviewing and submitting interviews of the IDW staff to Equestria Daily, it wasn’t long before he was invited aboard as their Comic Expert."

    Be sure to check out the complete IDW My Little Pony Checklist.

    Click Here for Q's Twitter, and Here for Q's interview.

    Silver Quill

    Comic Reviewer / Editorial Writer

    Bio: Silver Quill first took a step into the Brony fandom by submitting a comic to Equestria Daily. It did not get a posting. But reading the comics that did make it inspired him to try again, and that comic did make the cut. One comic led to another, and then the Princess Twilight debate happened. After seeing fans argue back and forth, Silver tried his hand at video production and eventually created the “After the Fact” series. His role in the fandom has grown far beyond anything he anticipated, and the future continues to change and surprise. Having been a part of the fandom since 2012, he sees it as a gathering place for creativity and no matter how much drama or conflict arises he still sees this as a positive force.

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    We Are Borg

    Editorial Writer / Reviewer

    Bio: Joined EQD after 4 years of whining to do so proving once again, that resistance is futile. Borg started in the fandom by running game servers for EQD’s steam group in 2012. In 2013 he became the Associate Director for Ponyville Live! and helped run the pony media conglomerate through its hay days of media wars, convention coverage, and some of the best brony music ever made. He’s also been sighted running lucrative PR and marketing campaigns for BABSCon and Nightmare Nights Dallas. Marriage to the lovely Cynder has mellowed him now and the once fearsome Borg pony now dedicates his time to his family, assimilation, and an occasional EQD editorial. WeAreBorg is also the Head of Friendship is Gaming and Owner of Best Pony Radio.

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    The Masked Ferret

    Pre-reader (Fanfiction Submission) Head

    Bio: The masked ferret (Mustela putorius furo) is the domesticated form of the European Polecat, a mammal belonging to the weasel genus of the family Mustelidae. She loves kibble, squeaky toys, and hiding in shoes. Sometimes she will hey did you see that rainbow? It was awesome. kinda like Celestia's mane... but anyways I really love reading silly fics and talking to authors all day long. Things have only gotten better now that I can sometimes sneak posts onto EQD!

    Click Here for The Masked Ferret's interview.


    Editorial Writer / Head Moderator

    Bio: "algernon97 hopped on the pony train back in 2011, when he stumbled upon a few episodes that had been thrown into the cold void of youtube. In 2017 he was talked into applying for a job at EQD. For reasons unknown even to himself, he was hired. Alger's been an editorial writer, the head of blog moderation, and even a convention photographer for the site all at some point. Not too bad for someone who sits in the background and rarely speaks.

    When he isn't being a recluse, he's studying film and training to be a bigshot movie director and/or screenwriter. He lives in a quiet mountain town with two dogs."

    Click Here for Here for Algenon97's Twitter.

    Cobalt Comet

    Editorial Writer - Instagram Manager

    Bio: I am the cuteness that eeee's in the night! I am the mango-muncher that loves to give a good fright! I am... a very silly bat who loves a good reference too, apparently. But I am also Cobalt Comet, and welcome to my little staff biography.

    What is there to say about Cobalt? Some of you may formerly know me as "Octavia". I have been apart of this crazy fandom and community since it's very early and humble beginnings back in late 2010 after watching the first episode of season one when it originally aired.

    When I'm not partaking in things MLP-related, I have many other hobbies as well such as cars (especially classics), all types of videogames, art and animation, computer hardware and software, history and antiques, and a plethora of others!

    EqD Moderation Team


    Forum/Discord Moderator

    Bio: Bio: "User" is an adminstrator on the EQD forums and the one that sets up weekly game nights for the EQD steam group. He's considered by many to be a diehard Trixie loyalist and often mistaken for Sethisto himself whether in game or in other chat mediums due to his praise for best pony.

    Discovering pony around 2012 and having a strong interest in competitive Team Fortress 2 he joined up with a pony related Team Fortress 2 gaming community/forum called Pony Fortress 2, which had it's very own mod unique to the servers it ran. When that hit the dust he joined up with WeAreBorg's Friendship Is Gaming which catered to more general gaming in addition to TF2. The site later became the current EQD forums you see today.

    Seemingly having been around other fandoms and forum communities forever with 10+ years of moderating or administrating various websites he's one of the older staff members. His interests outside of Trixie and other unicorns like Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer include politics, investing, business, and other "boring stuff".

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    Forum Moderator / Discord Moderator

    Bio:Self proclaimed Best Changeling, BadShot is an old member of Pony Fortress 2, who migrated to FiG (the now EQD Forums) after it shut down. Just like in PF2, he runs the Roleplaying scene, and now that he has mod powers can properly do so. He’ll usually have a roleplay up at any given time (if he isn’t being lazy).

    Generally a nice and respectable individual and proud owner of over 20 OCs, don't expect him to talk too much as he mostly lurks the forums, but never question his Queen, or he’ll throw you in his dungeon.

    What? Do you think he’s called the Dungeon Master because he runs the Roleplaying scene?

    Drunk Not I am

    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Heya I'm Drunk, Pony fan since 2013, serving the discord team since 2019. I love vaporwave, collecting music, hiking and all sorts of stuff in-between. Feel free to message anytime!


    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Best Pony is Luna ofc I mod the Discord I got into the show late (January 2020), but that doesn't mean I don't love it all the same. I fully intend to make the most of my time in the fandom. Irl I study Condensed Matter Physics and love to play music. If you wanna talk science I've always got some time for that. I've also been known to beat people at Guitar Hero and Smash Ultimate. Just a few.


    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Shrimp is living evidence that even the simplest of life can be trained to do useful things. After joining the fandom in the summer after season 1 of G4 concluded, he sat on the sidelines for years and watched the fandom do its thing. Deciding after the finale of G4 to finally dip their hooves further in, they joined the EQD discord and started reading the blog again to catch up. 6 months later, someone decided it was (somehow) a good idea to bring this crustacean into EQD itself. This shrimp can usually be found playing MMO's while they figure out what they want to do in life aside from enjoy ponies, and simp over Vinyl Scratch.

    King Grimlock

    Discord Moderator

    Bio: King Grimlock (aka SlimPickens) was absolutely enthralled by the show following his late introduction to it in 2020, loving the characters, the music, and even finding values in the lessons that each episode tried to tell. Everything about the show screamed “quality”. And as one does when finding a good show, King Grimlock proceeded to binge the entire series with his roommate PhoenixFire. King Grimlock joined the Equestria Daily Discord server in late 2021 and proceeded to fall in love with the community, this love eventually brought Grimlock to try his hand at modding, where he sits to this day, happily trying to keep the server a safe and friendly place for all.

    Maestro Harmony

    Discord Moderator

    Bio: "Hi everyone. I'm Maestro Harmony, you know me for being a mod in EqD discord chat and a composer for the Ace Attorney and My Little Pony FiM crossover called Freedom For All."


    Discord Moderator

    Bio: Nedemai joined the fandom in 2012 after a co-worker made fun of them for watching the show when at the time they never had seen a single episode. Curiosity lead to them watching the first episode and that lead to promptly joining the fandom and never looking back. Around the same time they starting learning how to draw the cute creatures know as pony's, which lead to them going to school for a college level certificate in Art and Design. At the same time they had completed a degree in Electronics Engineering which they had been working on since 2006.

    Nedemai loves to tinker with electronics, and has often contemplated world domination with robotic pony overlords. They've yet to design a functioning pony AI but each day come closer to their aspirations.

    They had a bit of a hiatus from the fandom between 2016-2019 to pursue an electronics career which train wrecked worse than pony life.

    Currently at the ripe old age of 37, they help moderate the EQD discord and continue to draw cute ponies for the whole world to enjoy. When they aren't drawing ponies they are creating electronics for retro game consoles and computers.


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