• Nightly Roundup #591

    Calpony looks very odd without a lab coat
    Well guys, tonight is the last night with me as your 'Supreme Overlord' here on EqD. It was fun and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves this weekend, whether you were at Unicon or hanging out on the site with me. I'm sure I'll see you all again tomorrow night for another Roundup. And hey, nothing burned down!

    Check out your news after the break.

  • iTunes - Season 3 Episode 12 Fixed

    As is the norm for iTunes and it's broken episodes, we finally have a fix for Games Ponies Play.  If you have it downloaded with that awful sound quality, delete it and re-download the new and improved version.  Hopefully season four won't run into the same issues!
  • Simple Animations: How NOT to Become an Alicorn / One Trick Pony / Derpy's Scientific Adventure

    Got some short and simple animations for you all this evening. Some silly alicorn madness, a short animated bit to the tune of One Trick Pony and finishing off with some very random Derpy. Take a look at them all after the break.

  • Big Apple Ponycon Announces Jayson Thiessen

    Some big news out of New York tonight as Big Apple Ponycon announces the Director of MLP:FiM, Jayson Thiessen! It has been quite awhile since Jayson has attended a pony convention and it's great to see him back again at this years Big Apple Ponycon. For the full press release and details take a look after the break.
  • Plushie Compilation #105

    My goodness the Celestia plushies that pop up from time to time are breathtaking. You can obviously tell a lot of love and care goes into making a plush of this caliber.

    Speaking of plushies, it's that time again folks! Check after the break for some plushie pals!

    [1] Source
    Princess Celestia Plush

  • Drawfriend Stuff #726

    While viewing the above picture I could not help but be hit with a wave of nostalgia. I can't believe that it has been roughly two years now since I followed a link on one of my favorite forums and watched ponies for the first time. Who would have known at the time where all of that would eventually lead.

    Art time! Check it all out after the break.

    [1] Source
    One day in the foothills of Canterlot..

  • Games: Pinkie's Balloon Patrol / TEMNO Trailer

    How about we start off this Sunday afternoon with a small dose of game related news? This morning I've got another small 8-bit game for you all to enjoy! The author is still making tweaks to it so make sure to leave some feedback on their page if you can.

    Game Link

    After the break we also have a trailer for the pony game 'TEMNO' which stars Twilight Sparkle as the leading pony in a game world that looks very much like LIMBO! Go take a look!

  • Comic: Mutter / Plan Ahead / Realities of a Superhero

    Poor Cadance's quest to convince Shining to have kids just keeps getting worse and worse for the beleaguered princess. Don't give up Cadance! You'll figure out someway to get through to him.

    More comics! Click for full.

  • Spotlight Music: Griffon Kingdom / I've Got to Find a Way - Dannybrony, Decibelle, ChisanaAi / Find a Way - Stargrazer Remix

    We have an original orchestral piece dedicated to the Griffon empire, followed by two Find a Way remixes, one primarily focused on covers, and the other house style. Head on down below for both!

    1.) Griffon Kingdom - Pony Empires Complete
    2.) I've Got To Find A Way - Cover by DannyBrony feat. Decibelle and ChisanaAi
    3.) MLP - Find a Way (Stargrazer Remix)(House Mix)

  • Las Pegasus Donations Update!

    We've received some new information on the Las Pegasus situation along with some further incentives to help get people donating for the cause. Thanks for the donations so far everyone! If you have not yet donated you may do so here . Take a look below for an update from the convention staff.

    "We're adding rewards for donations. Currently $10 or more gets Michelle Creber's new Collab track with Blackgryphon, $25 gets Amy Keating Rogers' Derpy Ukelele Song that she finished recording.

    All rewards are retroactive, anyone who already donated will recieve the proper rewards for what they donated. If they want to increase their donations for more rewards, simply donate again from the same email address and we'll combine them.

    Update: Donations Closed! Thanks to everyone that contributed!

  • Panel Writeup: Contemplating Chaos: A Q&A with John de Lancie

    What you see here is pretty much an accurate representation of how JDL's morning panel went yesterday. The moment he took the stage, he opened the floor to questions -- I think I heard the thumping of bodies against the back wall lining up to ask him things.

    Before we begin our recap, however -- and I'm betting on at LEAST a couple of attendees reading this writeup before going to today's panel -- I'd like to stress one important thing. John hasn't had time to keep up with the show as of late due to some very important personal projects of his, which I shall disclose below. If you are planning on asking him a question at the panel, keep this in mind before you ask him about how Discord would corrupt some given background pony or something. Ask these questions, and he'll be honest with you.

    Nevertheless, this panel was full of delightful insights on his experiences with the show, the fandom, and his own life, and I encourage everyone to hit the break and see what our resident lord of chaos had to say about the show, the fandom, and the documentary.

  • Animatic - I Just Can't Wait to Have Wings

    Remember that "I Just Can't Wait to Have Wings" song from the other day?  Well, it looks like those shoutouts for animation in the comments have been at least partially answered.  Someone has created an animatic for the entire thing.  Hopefully they keep on going with it!

    Find it after the break!

  • Comic: Cake Shortage / Sparkle Lessons / The Worst

    You know someone has a problem when they desperately seek out alternatives after they run out of their desired treat. It might be time to take you to Cake Eaters Anonymous, Celestia.

    Comic time! Click for full.

  • Story Updates - February 24th

    Story updates, early morning edition! Go read!

  • Spotlight Music: Wings

    It's 3am here in Vegas, which means it's the perfect time to keep everyone awake with a last minute music submission.  Sim Gretina, The Living Tombstone, and Eilemonty all decided to collab on this one, and its awesome.

    And now wings are even more awesome.

    Find it below, or here, because embeds keep derpin on my cell internet.

  • Double Rainboom Official Trailer and Release Date

    Double Rainboom has launched an official trailer, and a release date to go along with it.  On the 30th of March we will finally get to check all 25 minutes of it out!

    Also, while Double Rainboom may technically be premiering its first half at Momocon
    in Atlanta, that’s not the only place it’ll be that weekend. Three hours after
    its showing in Georgia, part of the team will be at the Cloudsdale Congress in
    DC to show the same footage for a more pony-centric audience. So if you were
    planning a last minute trip to see the first fan-made episode, you now have
    options! Cloudsdale will have Emily Koch, voice of Rainbow Dash, James Lyons,
    special effects animator, Rob Nigro, special effects animator, Amy Galletta,
    storyboard artist, and Nick Iaconis, character animator. While  Zachary Rich,
    director, and Cara Murray, assistant director, will be at Momocon. You can
    register for Cloudsdale Congress here and for Momocon here.

    We’re excited to bring you the most-anticipated fan animation at two cons
    simultaneously, and we hope that everyone enjoys the results of our hard work

    Head on down past the break to find it, and celebrate in the comments!