• Double Rainboom Official Trailer and Release Date

    Double Rainboom has launched an official trailer, and a release date to go along with it.  On the 30th of March we will finally get to check all 25 minutes of it out!

    Also, while Double Rainboom may technically be premiering its first half at Momocon
    in Atlanta, that’s not the only place it’ll be that weekend. Three hours after
    its showing in Georgia, part of the team will be at the Cloudsdale Congress in
    DC to show the same footage for a more pony-centric audience. So if you were
    planning a last minute trip to see the first fan-made episode, you now have
    options! Cloudsdale will have Emily Koch, voice of Rainbow Dash, James Lyons,
    special effects animator, Rob Nigro, special effects animator, Amy Galletta,
    storyboard artist, and Nick Iaconis, character animator. While  Zachary Rich,
    director, and Cara Murray, assistant director, will be at Momocon. You can
    register for Cloudsdale Congress here and for Momocon here.

    We’re excited to bring you the most-anticipated fan animation at two cons
    simultaneously, and we hope that everyone enjoys the results of our hard work

    Head on down past the break to find it, and celebrate in the comments!