• Nightly Roundup #828

    With A Link Between Worlds releasing it would be an injustice not to have a Legend of Zelda header for tonight as you all suggested! Go Derpy go!

    Not much in news tonight guys so enjoy a short Roundup after the break.

  • Music of the Day #221

    I still like Twilight with Wings. Lose the crown and shes perfect. The castle archmage! That's what her new title should have been. "Princess" is so boring.

    Get some art.

  • Wallpaper Compilation #108

    Evil pie.  Or not evil pie.  I forgot what episode this was from.  I suck don't I?

    Anyway, get some wallpapers. 

    As always, click the sources for the full size links.  These are just previews. 

    [1] Source
    Behold the great moustache (Typography)

  • Day 2 Teaser from The Hub, and Adventure Ponies Commercial

    The Hub has released another cap for their countdown.  Nothing spoilery in this one.  Fluttershy has animals.  Does she look a little bit skinnier in this one though? I think Flutters lost a bit of weight in the last 9 months. 

    And below the break, a new commercial based around Adventure Ponies 2 which was released a while back.  Check it out!

    Thanks to Sweetie Bot and everyone else for the heads up!

  • Story: Anxiety


    Author: Bad_Seed_72
    Description: What Spike saw in the doorway of King Sombra's crystal palace hasn't left his mind. The fear of Twilight abandoning him haunts him through recurrent nightmares. Anxiety taunts him when he's at his most vulnerable, reminding him of all his failures, all his inadequacies, all his wounds.

    One night, this fear and anxiety manifests itself in a full-blown nightmare, dragging Spike face-to-face with his greatest fear. What if Twilight never needed Spike in the first place?

    Takes place right after the Season Three opener (before Episode Three).

    Additional Tags: Mind of Spike, moonless midnight

  • We love Fine Adds Flocked Figures

    A new version of We Love Fine's figures is now available.  These are "flocked" which adds a furry texture.  The oldschool style Derpy is still out of stock, so this might be a good chance to pick one up. 

    You can find the new ones over here
  • 65/66 Days of Pony - Magical Mystery Cure

    After weeks of waiting, and way too many teasers, that big episode that all of season 3 kept hinting at was finally happening.  There was still an aura of mystery surrounding it.  Was Twilight's alicorndom a temporary thing? Would her character change with the addition of wings? Do little girls even want brushable alicorn princess pony toys anymore?  The fandom was about to find out.

    Such a massive transformation on one of the most popular characters in the series was something that was inevitably going to cause waves throughout the fandom.  There were stories of depressed kids who related to her geekiness getting up in arms about the pinnacle of adorkable becoming a princess.  I'd venture to guess that running an empire would change a pony. We won't see any of that until Saturday though. 

    Quite a bit of rumbling between conventions and Twitter conversations revealed that the original idea was going to span across two episodes, and it definitely showed.  Trying to pack in such a historic moment into 20 minutes must have been a huge challenge for the guys at DHX.  They did a great job for what they had to work with, and it was interesting to see the show bust out a full on musical, but I would have loved to see an extra episode to really work things out on. 

    In the end, I got the feels out of Celestia's song, and I'm sure a bunch of you did too.

    Hit up Magical Mystery Cure below the break, and expect some Equestria Girls to finish off our countdown series tomorrow. 

  • Note on Episode Parties and Livestreams: Submit Today!

    As many of the planned livestream parties are starting tomorrow morning for the full 24 hour marathon thing, the post will be going up pretty early.  If you have a stream planned, be sure to get it in before the end of the day today.

    This goes for the rest of the season as well.  If you want your stream party posted leading up to an episode, get it in early.  (Ex: Episode airs on Saturday, send the stream on Thursday for Friday posting).

    If you don't run one and just want to join one, expect a compilation of all of them tomorrow!
  • Two More Days! Have a PMV Celebrating Season

    I'm running a little behind on the EQD stuff today, so have a celebratory PMV below the break in a bit of an off slot while I catch back up!

    After 9 months of nothing I really can't wait to see the train come to life again.  Pony all the years!

  • Story Updates - November 21st

    Story updates! Go read stuff below.

  • Comic: A Bad Loser / Cause of Death / Annoy Princess Twilight / Denial

    All my friends give me crap when I say Gamer Luna is my favorite fanon Luna.  I can't help it though.  She looks great with a headset.  It's just natural.  I call them hipsters anyway.

    I have no clue what is going on in the last one.  One of the pre-readers like it though.  Someone explain it for me? 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #991

    I always was freaked out by giant stellar masses floating toward Earth.  Wouldn't that be crazy seeing a massive void floating toward us? It totally would.

    Get some art.  

    [17] Source
    Guardians of our World

  • Spotlight Music: Oxygen / Froggy Bottom Bogg / Chant of Immortality

    That first one has almost an Owl City vibe, though a bit more dancey.  Did anyone not go through an Owl City phase? I think that fireflies song was on the top of Youtube for 3-4 months.  Anyway, new musicians that come out swingin are always fun.

    Slot Number two is dominated by Chi-Chi and 4Everfreebrony.  This is another thing I'm liking about this "new" music scene.  Lots of female vocalists collabin on stuff.  Keep it up ladies!

    And finally, a jungle beat style song dedicated to Froggy Bottom Bog from Das Deer.  No vocals in that one, but I think a lot of you will probably get hit with a nostalgia bomb from those oldschool PS1 era platformers there.   At least I did.

    Anyway, get them below!

    1.) Oxygen - FritzyBeat & Almost Anyone
    2.) DasDeer - Froggy Bottom Bogg
    3.) 4everfreebrony - Chant of Immortality (ft. Chi-Chi)

  • Story: Darkest Before Dawn


    Author: Obselescence & Eakin
    Description: When all hope seemed lost, six ponies came together to form an unbreakable bond. In one swift stroke, the magic of friendship defeated Nightmare Moon and saved Princess Luna from the shadows...

    But still the night remained.
    Darkest Before Dawn

    Additional Tags: The Night Won't Last Forever

  • Megapony Final Release Now Available For Download

    Once upon a time in a magical land called Equestria, a young game designer named Khao Mortadios set out to create a blend of little ponies and classic NES style platforming the likes of which the world hadn't seen before. And now, a little more than a year later, Megapony is ready to take the stage in earnest.

    No mere ROM hack, Megapony is a fully customized Megaman-inspired platformer built from the ground up using Game Maker 8. Featuring new enemies and revamped stage design from its previous iterations, the game is quite polished and provides a level of challenge fans of the classic series can sink their teeth into while still being (I'm pretty sure) accessible to newer players with less experience from the take-no-prisoners-but-instead-all-of-their-quarters style gaming from the 80s and early 90s. It's the best of both worlds! Are you mare enough to take up laser shooting horn and bring Twilight and her friends back to the light and stop the wily Doctor Discord? Time to find out!

    If you've been around for a while you might remember some of the previous iterations of this game. What does this have for you? A short list of improvements includes infinitely better between level art, improved and revamped level design, and of course the long-awaited Discord stages, which are appropriately and satisfyingly tricky to navigate through. Beat the game and unlock the extras, like the ability to replay the game as any of the mane six, bringing their powers to bear instead of the titular hero's. Your old saves will even still work!

    This game has been a long time in the making and is a definite labor of love by its creator. And that labor pays off today. If you're looking for some good pony gaming fun and challenge, then this comes with my highest recommendation. But you've heard me prattle on enough. Download the game today!

    Megapony, Final Release Download

    Update: critical glitch with Extras playthrough as Twilight found and fixed. Download link has been changed to include the new, fixed version.

  • Another Season 4 Clip on The MLP Facebook

    Taking a break from Twilight headers for once, because this one focuses on Fluttershy.  She is in season 4 after all.  The MLP Facebook page has tossed up a teaser for the intro episode.  Get it over here!

    Thanks to Christopher with the first, and everyone else for the heads up! 
  • Comic: My Little sterelis / Expanding Royalties / Bring it on / Down in the... / Aerial Ace

    Comics Comics Comics.   We have a multiparter to start (pages in the description), and a mix below.  I don't know what half of these are trying to accomplish, but they are comics regardless.  Click for full!

  • Untitled

  • Random Ponies in South Park

    I am not sure if it has anything to do with Friendship is Magic (The episode was actually about next gen gaming consoles), but a bit of pony was splattered throughout the most recent South Park. 

    I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen an actual episode on the show.  I guess one can dream.

    Thanks to everyone for the heads up, and whoever uploaded this to derpibooru for that. 
  • TWEET IT - Michelle Creber, Gabriel Brown, Natalie Sharp, Andrea Libman & Andrew Stein

    It's late, this isn't really a pony song outside of the people included in it, but it's entertaining regardless.  I thought it was scheduled up for way earlier, but I apparently never finished the post! (same as that "music of the day" DVD release, woops.)

    Anyway, get it below!