• Another Minecraft Server!

    Yes, I know what many of you are thinking.. "don't we already have 3 of these?".  That was also my initial reaction... then I saw the screenshots.


    This one is pretty awesome!

    So I guess another minecraft server for the brony collective wouldn't hurt.

    You can check out the rest of the screenshots below, as well as the server information page.

    Minecraft Server Screenshots 

    My Little Minecraft Server Information Page
  • Pinkie Pie-Cooking by the Book

    Snips and Snails actually doing something...good? Amazing.

    But they got carried pretty hard by pinkie pie!
  • Story: Rose Tinted (Updated Part 3!)

    [Shipping] Woah, someone already busted out a story based on this image.  That's nuts!
    Description: At the Grand Galloping Gala, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie start making their own fun ..
    Rose Tinted
    Rose Tinted Part 2
    Rose Tinted Part 3 (New!) 
  • Different Types of Ponies Confirmed for Compatibility

    This question has popped up a few times on /co/, and various other places, and we finally got an aswer straight from the creator of the show herself!

    Ponies are in fact, not limited by their own species.  Rainbow Dash can totally hook up with Big Mac, and Applebloom would be perfectly fine with Snails.

    Whether they prefer ponies of their own type is another question entirely though!

    I'm pretty sure dragons aren't a subset of pony though, so Spike remains out of luck.  (Please... don't go ask Lauren if spike is compatible with Rarity!) 
  • Molded Singles Found at Big Lots!

    Magpie over on Ponychan found these at a local Big Lots store after driving to 4 different locations.  I guess that means they are rare, but at least they are finally creeping into the US! 

    Now before you rush to your nearest big lots, here are some things to remember...

    1.) Not every Big Lots location has these in stock! 

    2.) If you call and ask, make sure you specify! G3 has similar sized toys in a 3 pack, and a few singles, so save yourself some gas money and be very clear about what kind of pony you want!  Keywords: Molded, Small, Pony Names, 2$ price tag, singles. 

    3.) As of right now, the 4 pack with Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and Pinkie is still unaccounted for (aside from the crazy 21 dollar one on amazon), so expect these to be in single form!

    Now go find us some ponies! Feel free to report back either on the ponychan thread, or below in comments to help your fellow bronies out! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #61

    Muffins edition!
    Also slow news day edition, zzz
  • Youtube Adds Copyright School

    Copyright has hit us already before on youtube, with the shutting down of Masterlinkx channel.  Google has brought out a new system for dealing with people that violate it, via copyright school.  People that violate copyright are tasked with completing a 2 step program, which is essentially watching the video (Found below the break) and taking a quiz after.

    Hasbro has thankfully been pretty lax on it so far, which is definitely a plus (and probably a smart business decision too considering how fast FiM has grown).

    I honestly think Google wanted the video to be as un-serious as possible, since pretty much everything on youtube is  copyright in some form.  Looking at the top 20 right now, every single one violates it.

    Here is more technical article.

    Youtube's Copyright School

    Thanks to Sgolem for the article link!

    And the video (Hosted by...Happy Tree Friends... I love Google!)
    tl;dr: Every single video posted here so far is violating copyright! hurrah!
  • Story: The Sun Never Sets

    [Sad] This one is supposed to remain mysterious, so have a cool image instead of one that is related!

    Author: Jetfire
    Description: A snapshot of a strange Equestria, far in the future.
    The Sun Never Sets

    Alternate Tags:  OCs, Surprise
  • Discussion: What episode did you start with?

    We haven't had an actual discussion post in a while, and I'm going to give fics a break for a bit (Until late tomorrow morning at least)

    So what episode did you start with?  According to that poll from a while back the majority of bronies actually started watching in March, so only a fraction of us were exposed to it initially. 

    What was your initial reaction?
  • Cereal Velocity's Pony Viewing Guide

    The Great and Powerful Trixie!

    Do you have friends who you want to introduce to bronydom, but don't know where to start them off without scaring them away?

    Introducing Cereal Velocity's Newbie Pony Viewing guide!  This handy, simple to use .jpg should make it easy as Pinkie Pie to show off how awesome Friendship is Magic can be, without accidentally giving the wrong impression. 

    The guide uses state-of-the-art "greenredyellow" technology to easily pinpoint potentially problematic episodes, and leave you showing off only the best starting point for any would-be brony.

    And as your new pony buddy progresses, you can slowly introduce episodes from the other categories.  Remember: Just because it's red, doesn't mean it's bad!  

    So either click The Great and Powerful Trixie above, or follow the link below!

    Cereal Velocity's Pony Viewing Guide
  • April Foals Story Finals!

    Final Round time! (finally..)

    You Can find the information on the top 9 below!

    The winner will receive a custom image from Madmax

    And second place gets Portal (The first one)