• Top Ten PMV's of January

    We sure do create a ton of awesome videos! The new replacement for Movie Brony has released Januaries top 10 community voted PMV's and Animations.  Check it out after the break! Maybe you will find something you missed?

  • Music: Storm of Danger / Shadow of a Flower / At The Gala (Instrumental) / Just Like You

    Apparently Just Like You broke in that post yesterday, and no one emailed me! Slackers! That can be found at the bottom.

    Along with the fix, we have a new vocal track from Big Dave, and two remixes; one an orchestral of At the Gala, and another Shadow of a Flower, drums and bass style.

    1.) Storm of Danger - [Big Dave]
    2.) Shadow of a Flower (Liquid DnB Remix)
    3.) At The Gala (Instrumental) -NickThePunkRockPony
    4.) Just Like You (Re upload due to broken link!)

  • Comic: MLP Hospital Blues / Cutie Mark Mischievers / Ask the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Scootaloo

    We have three comics this time around for everyone! Above is Rainbow Dash's hospital woes, and below we have a few CMC Comics, specifically Scootaloo stealing the spotlight. 

  • Animation: Read it and Freak

    Mr. Poniator is at it again, with yet another questionably SFW pony animation based on the most recent episode.  Check it out after the break! Immediately!

  • Comic: Squeezin' It Wrong

    Click for full
    I think this is my favorite one so far.  Derpy is best discorded pony.
  • Facebook Pony Maker App

    This was actually sent to me earlier, but for some reason the page wasn't working and I assumed it was the one from their website.  Apparently this is completely different.  As you can see above from Drozok the Annihilator, there are quite a few combinations you can choose from in this pony creator!

    Head on over to this page, download the app, and MAKE SOME PONIES.

    Post them in the comments, cause that's what we do when we make ponies, we share them.
  • Shorty Awards Update

    Turns out that Sethisto derped a bit when he told you about these awards. It turns out it's not happy about brand new Twitter accounts. More importantly, you've got to, got to, got to actually write something in your vote tweet! Don't just use the template, alter it. I mean, have you looked at what's on top? Seems kind of... not legit.

    I'm really not one to care about this sort of thing, normally (neither are Seth or Cereal or our small army of interns), but my buttons have been pushed. This would be a really cool thing, and ponies like trips to New York more than condescending jerks and trolls. It's by no means mandatory, but if we win we'll work out a special event to reward you guys with. How's it sound, Scootaloo?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #327

    I want to go explore temples with Daring-Do.  Assuming there aren't too many spiders, I hate spiders.

    Have some news! Art...

    Source 1
  • Instrumental Music: Jeffthestrider befriends Makkon: Trixie Deos // Dat Poni // Psychedelic Brony: Dragon Greed // Party Soft // Daring Do

    Instrumental time! Lots of good stuff down there. We do get a pretty large amount of these now days, but I defenitly recommend checking them out!

    1) Jeffthestrider befriends Makkon: Trixie Deos
    2) Wonderbolts - Dat Poni
    3) Psychedelic Brony: Dragon Greed
    4) MBAlpha - Party Soft
    5) Daring Do - TheMHMproductions

  • Lauren Faust is Just Awesome

    Was there ever any doubt?
  • Comic: The Great and Powerful Consulting Unicorn

    Click for Full
    Clearly the douche-bag Trixie is the one and only personality a pony of her caliber should have.

    This is actually a reference to BBC's Incredible Sherlock series, so she may be even more obnoxious than normal! But it's Pixelkitties, so the anti-Trixie people out there can just drool at the art.
  • Papercraft: Daring Do / Blob Ponies

    Tonight we've got some more papercraft goodies for you all so that you can continue adding to that paper version of Equestria I know you all are building! For your collection we've got the great adventurer, Daring Do, as well as a small collection of blob ponies.

    Daring Do Pattern

    Pinkie Pie Blob Pattern
    Rainbow Dash Blob Pattern

  • Story Updates February 7th (Evening)

    I recognize that image! It's about time!

    Have some story updates while I go read!

  • Music: Neverending Strife (Silva Hound Remix) / Shadow of a Flower / I remember you

    We have two remixes and a vocal this time around! I usually prefer originals, but these are pretty impressive re-creations of their primary tracks.

    1.) H8_Seed - Neverending Strife (Silva Hound Remix)
    2.) Shadow of a Flower (Beard Remix) - ByCelestiasBeard
    3.) Vivix - I remember you

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  • Custom Compilation #45

    I've got to admit I wasn't much of a TF2 player until the others got me in to it. Sure, I'm not that great at it as I spend far more time in game as a red smear than anything else, but at least it's fun!

    Have some more custom ponies after the break!

    Source 1

  • Comic: Interruptions / Egghead Dash

    Click for Full
    You know, considering Pinkie Pie's antics, I wouldn't have been surprised if what happened in the above comic actually occurred in the episode.

    Down below we have more Rainbow Dash trying to, and failing at, concealing her new found love for reading. Too bad Rainbow passed on that ninja correspondence course!

    Click for Full
  • Story: Dear Diary, What am I?


    Author: Solarios
    Description: History isn't fair. Books tell of the terrible spirit of disharmony, Discord, and how he ruled Equestria in a perpetual state of unrest and unhappiness. But, what is there to be found when we dwell deeper into the past? What are the origins of this mysterious and chaotic creature? Take a dive into the past, to the time forgotten by all, except one.

    Dear Diary, What am I?

    Additional Tags: Short, Sad, Tragic, Diary, Dark
  • Music: Vicious Lies / Still Out There / Lance Arrow

    We have an awesome new track by D. Notive based on Nightmare Moon, a Discord portal parody based on a comic that popped up a few days ago, and completely crazy lyrics in the last one. If you don't listen to it for the music, at least check out it out for those lyrics.

    Needless to say, its vocal time!

    1.) d.notive - Vicious Lies (Depeche Mode Imitation
    2.) Statued Discord's Song: "Still Out There"
    3.) Lance Arrow - Ditzy Doo ("Kickapoo" Parody)

  • Everfree Radio Episode 12

    It's that time of the week once again! Have some copy paste:
    Hey everyone, EverFree Radio here again with another episode release: Episode 12: Reading Rainbow, featuring the review of Episode 16 and an interview with the artist PixelKitties! We'd also like to announce that we will be starting 80's week soon, and we are still accepting content donations sent to [email protected].
    Pixelkitties you say?! Sounds like it's time to go listen!
  • Get Distracted

    If you click this, whatever you were doing will suddenly come to a standstill.
  • Story Updates February 7th (Morning)

    Just two stories this time around! If you are fans of either Secret Tub Fun or Sunset, this is the story update post for you!

  • Nightly Roundup #235

    Distracted edition!  I'm slowly finding out that I am terrible at multi-tasking even though I do it constantly.

    Have some news!

  • New Welovefine Derpy Shirt

    I actually Lol'd.  Good show Welovefine! 

    Check the page out here