• Story: The Luxury Lotus Spa Follies (Update Story 2!)

    [Shipping]  This one is pretty borderline-clopfic!  It doesn't mention anything specific..but you have been warned!

    Author: Butterscotch Sundae
    Description: At a visit to the Luxury Lotus Health and Beauty Spa, Twilight Sparkle finds a lot more than the relaxation she was hoping for
    Deviant Art
    The Luxury Lotus Spa Follies Part 1

    Google Documents
    The Luxury Lotus Spa Follies Part 1

    Additional Tags:  cloppy spa pony Bubbly/Aloe Lotus Twilight Sparkle

    Story 2 After the Break! 

  • NPR, Bronies, and The Great and Powerful Sethisto

    Here, have a mad scientist pony because my picasa account rolled over to a new album and all I have quick access to are OC ponies.


    You all probably heard of the National Public Radio thing....  At least the 30 of you in my mailbox have!

    They did in fact have a segment, that has once again attacked us. You can find that and everything else below!

  • Pony Pipes and Another Custom Luna!

    I bet a lot of you partook in the use of pipe cleaners as kids for various projects.  It seems the only thing they aren't actually used for is cleaning pipes!  Draino is way cooler.

    Anyway this crazy brony has done the entire mane cast as pipe cleaners.  Apparently she also has an entire website dedicated to it.  There are some pretty interesting ones!  You can find all of the images after the break, and the website here

    Also another custom Luna, I like the color choices!

  • Spirit In The Sky

    When I die and they lay me to rest,
    Gonna go to the place that's the best.
    When I lay me down to die,
    Goin' up to the spirit in the sky...

    Sorry, what? Oh.

    Another weather-and-rainbows-related phenomenon for you guys- an MSNBC article has highlighted this strange formation that occurred this week over Washington, captured by a resident. From the article:

    The colorful phenomenon known as a circumhorizon arc occurs when sunlight strikes cirrus clouds — the kind that typically look like cotton candy and form very high in the sky — at a certain angle.

    Pretty neato.
  • PMV: Mean Ponies / MLP Random 3

    GlaDOS pony is GlaDOS

    Trailers, and Randoms, and Drawings! It's mix time! Slow day is slow!

    1.) Mean Ponies
    2.) MLP Random -3- You Know My Mane
    3.) Evolution of my Rainbow Dash drawings. (HD)

  • Comic: Derpy Hooves

    I derped a bit.

  • Pony RPG Progress

    A while ago I posted a pony RPG being built by the RPG maker system.  It looks like it has had some pretty interesting progress!

    The person behind it is looking for assistance though.  If you know something about programming, or just art in general, they could really use your help!

    If you are interested in lending a helping...hoof, you can email him here

    You can find the video showcasing progress so far below the break!

  • Appleoosa Button

    I heard you guys liked ridiculous buttons, so have another ridiculous button from our friend Ganton3 on DA.

    You can actually probably click the button to go to his DA, but in case that doesn't work, have a normal link.
  • MinecraftForums Brony Server Pixel Art Showcase

    There are currently 3 primary Minecraft servers that are working to build the actual "world" of Equestria, but over at Minecraftforums, their plans are a bit more simple... on a much larger scale.

    These deal primarily in pixel art, as well as various image packs/mods to make the world feel more "Equestrian".   Their sun and moon have been modified to better reflect their actual source content. 

    They are also looking to re-create those 3D statues (with the stupid sexy plot in tact...).

    Their main goal here seems to be scale, and using ridiculous amounts of blocks to cover the world in pixel ponies.  A noble goal to be sure!  

    Currently access to the server is limited to a select few, but they are willing to invite people to join from the comments below for some of their larger projects.

    Also check up the map that updates over time for it!
  • Drawfriend Stuff: OC Ponies Edition #3

    A few Drawfriends ago, I asked if any of you would want me to bring back OC pony compilations.  I used to do them when this was a primarily /co/ blog, to mixed reactions.  They were relatively difficult to build, and less popular than normal drawfriend, so I dropped the concept.  

    Now that "Friendship is magic" on DA brings up 30 pages a day though, I think I can handle it.

    I tried to get a huge variety here, so feel free to comment on them individually so I can determine what NOT to post. I'm not really huge on OC ponies myself, so I don't know all of the "rules".

    If all goes well, I might do another in the future.

    There are also a few crossovers mixed in.   It's difficult to tell the difference. 

    Anyway on with the OC pony show! Those of you who hate OC ponies should probably just avoid this!

    ( Please do not send me your OC ponies! Thanks! )

    Source 1
  • Poll Results: What Kind of Pony Merch Have You Bought?

    Honestly I think Rarity Vs Trixie was way more fun!

    That banner up there IS getting a bit old....
  • Story: Garden Party (Updated Chapter 4+5!)

    [Normal] For some reason, I like normal Luna more than shipping now days.  I think something is wrong with me.

    Author: Ninja Tales
    Description:  When Luna finds a stranger in the castle garden, she is unsure of how to act around another pony. But as the relationship between the two ponies grows, Luna hints about secrets in her past. There are some nightmare's that you can't wake up from.
    Google Documents
    Garden Party
    Garden Party Part 2
    Garden Party Part 3  
    Garden Party Part 4 (New!)
    Garden Party Part 5 (New!)

    Alternate DA Links
    Garden Party
    Garden Party Part 2 
    Garden Party Part 3 
    Garden Party Part 4 (New!)
    Garden Party Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Needed
  • Three New Custom Dash Plushies

    Source: EvilSugar
    Seems like a sudden creative storm of Rainbow Dash plushies are all popping up at once. Now we just need some official ones!  
    Source: Magnastorm
    Source: Brainbread
  • Story: Carousel

    [Sad] Confound this Rarity! Apparently the pre-readers REALLY liked this one.  But they sucked at giving me quotes this time. 

    Author: Vanner
    Description: When Fluttershy asked Rarity where she learned to sew, she learns that remembering where you came from isn't always easy.

    Additional Tags: Family, Rarity's sewing, generosity, history
  • Banjo and Kazooie YTPMV's

    Time to play some Banjo and Kazooie! See you guys tomorrow!

    I was going to use a Philomena image, but the only new one I can find is a suggestive Philomena from Kloudmutt...yaaah

    So have some weird fiery bird pegasus thing. 

    1.) Freezeezy Pony
    2.) Pinkie Pie is Invincible but then Runs Out of Feathers but then Breaks the 4th Wall and Finds More

  • PMV: Ponies are ravers. / Ponies Sing Pokemon / Wu-Tang Clan

    PMV time! 

    1.) Ponies are ravers.
    2.) My little Pokemon (Ponies sing Pokemon theme)
    3.) Wu-Tang Clan - Shame on a Nigga

  • 2012 Pony Calendar Pre-Orders on Amazon

    A new Friendship is Magic calendar is up for grabs over on Amazon.com.  This thing has a release date of August first, but you can head over to this page and pre-order one now.  It looks like they are rolling out at $10.19.  That's not really too bad for a calendar! 

    Sadly, you won't be able to use it until next year, but at least you will have a good excuse to put ponies on your wall!

    2012 Friendship is Magic Calendar

    thanks to Jorlem for the heads up. 
  • Nightly Roundup #10

    Alright, back to Lyra!

    Nightly Roundup #10 is GO!

    This one is much shorter... not a whole lot to report on. 

    And before I start, I got a HUGE mount of people asking me to help with their "compile letters for Fox news" projects.   I know you guys are angry about it, but no matter what you do, they will twist it into something negative.   Fox news has always been about blowing things ridiculously out of proportion with all sorts of made up nonsense.  It's just what they do!  Look at their reports on 4chan from a while back. 

    Sending them letters won't do anything.  They got their ratings. If anything, it will add fuel to the fire and give them an even bigger excuse to blast us on air. 
  • Story: Dungeons, Dragons, and a Little Friendship (Update Part 15!)

    [Crossover]  I want to play a campaign in Equestria too....

    Author: Lawrence Gander

    Description:After vanquishing a cruel tyrant, a group of seasoned adventurers find themselves within the world of My Little Pony. Can they find their way back home? Have they brought danger to Equestria with them? Read on to find out in this action/adventure tale.

    Dungeons, Dragons, and a Little Friendship (All Chapters) (New Part 15!)

    Alternate Link

    Additional Tags: 4th edition, Rated T, Action, Adventure, light Comedy
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 23

    Derpy Hooves: Master Contractor. Um, Edition. Gosh, you wouldn't think it would be so hard to remember that part, how does Sethisto do it? Anyway, I think it's fair to say that this was a very productive day for pony drawings. As I'm hammering out this post, I feel overwhelmed by the dramatic buildup. So the construction of tonight's gallery is progressing slowly, and I just can't quite nail down the reason why. Today's workload produced 139 bricks, blocks, and the ponies who love them. That brings our grand total to 4,357 pieces in all! Yay!

    Today I got my first ever thank you for constantly linking the submission guidelines! I feel so happy to be justified for constantly repeating myself in this space! This calls for an even bigger celebration, whee! And of course, the door at [email protected] is always open. Goodness that sounds cheesier and cheesier.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony crying. It's a return to our Series of Emotions line of products! Now introducing the melancholy edition. Take the following words to heart and let them be your inspiration: “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.” But if that doesn't do it for you, remember that crying can also include calling out. Ponies as Town Criers are also acceptable. There are other available puns, but you'll have to find those on your own.