• Nightly Roundup #24


    Because I'm out of new Triiiiiixieeeee


  • Rainbow Dash Actually Obeys Laws Of Physics For Once

    Today we're taking a break from talking about rainbows in the sky and instead talking about how awesome Rainbow Dash is.

    She's not as awesome as Rarity, but she comes pretty close sometimes. It's not her fault, really. It's tough to come close to perfection. It's like coming close to the speed of light- the closer you get, the harder it gets to actually reach that plateau of pristine pony perfection. Although, supposedly the way that warp drives work is by squeezing the space time in front and behind the ship with a projected field of some kind so that you never have to deal with the relativistic effects and energy consequences of approaching the speed of light. It's called the Alcubierre drive. Look it up.

    Anyway, so, in an episode whose name I can't remember just from the above picture, Rainbow Dash flew through some clouds, making some nice holes. At first I think we all assumed it was cartoon physics and left it at that. However, supposedly this can actually occur if the object is moving fast enough through said cloud, as soon above.

    I don't have an article to go along with the post this time, but, it's hard to argue with those kinds of results.
  • Story: The Other Side of Friendship

    [Normal] [Adventure] [Comedy] OC ponies!  Apparently they are done really well though!  

    I'll give it a new image if someone draws something with them!

    Author: The Riph
    Description: A group of five ponies come together to learn the ways of friendship in their own way, through much trial and error they learn the Other Side of Friendship.
    Google Documents
    The Other Side of Friendship Part 1

    The Other Side of Friendship (All Links)

    Additional Tags: Humor, Friendship, Adventure, Magic, Love
  • Pony Flash Game Seeks Help

    Another pony flash game has popped up!  This time with a playable engine demo to test out.  It is still in early alpha, but the core gameplay is all fully built and ready to try.

    He is looking for the help of flash artists/animators to assist him in the overall art design.

    If you are interested in giving it a shot, check out his page below, with all additional information available.

    And the link! Woops! 
  • 3D Pony Renders!

    Remember that 3D Pony download pack from yesterday?  Knighty took them and set them up in his personal graphics engine (yes, he has his own self built graphics engine, I 0_o'd too.)    This is a good example of what these models can do! Pretty awesome!

    Oh, and he is apparently a fan of Dashiepie.  That makes him a badass in my book. 

    You can find a video of the renders after the break!  Now someone hurry up and animate these for source!

  • More Random FiM Merch!

    Stickers, magnets, bags, notepads, pens.... Hasbro has EVERYTHING covered!  This is pretty awesome.  I definitely want those magnets. 

    Now we just need those realistic on model plushies.  I hear Cereal is pretty lonely without a Rarity one.  Poor guy...

    Anyway thanks to Claire for the report! You can find her post here!

    Also coloring books at Micheals!
  • Some Words From The Staff: Fan Fiction

    Pretend Dash is rolling in fanfics.

    Today I'm going to talk to you all about fan fiction. More specifically, this is directed at our fiction readers and our fiction writers that submit stuff to us. If this isn't your thing, you can skip this.

    If you're going to read it, though, please read it all the way through before commenting

  • PMV: Winny the Pooh Mare / Step Ponies Trailer / Hakuna Matata

    Classic Cartoons and some Movie Trailer stuff! It's PMV time!

    1.) The New Adventures of Whinny the Pooh Mare
    2.) Step Ponies Trailer
    3.) My Little Pony: Hakuna Matata

  • Step By Step Fluttershy Drawing

    Yesterday I posted this Fluttershy image from Tsitra360 on Deviant Art.  He has posted a step by step of it up on his DA page.  It's pretty interesting to see it all come together.  It's definitely one of the more amazing images in recent drawfriend posts.

    You can find the DA post here!
  • Original Pinkie Pie Development Sketch

    LadyDraconic over on DA has posted this up, along with a really interesting story about how she got it. 

    It's the original, 2008 Pinkie Pie development sketch, from Lauren Faust herself.  I still wonder what she would have been like as a pegasus.  Rainbow Dash would never get a break...

    You can find her DA page here!
  • Senate Voting On 10-Strikes Streaming Bill

    I never did pay attention in my government classes freshman year. I think it was because my professor just rambled about his personal life all the time instead of teaching us stuff. Oh, and he would always interrupt the lecture and basically force us to debate on the subject at hand even if what he was teaching was pretty straight-forward. It was really strange. I think it was because he worked for the government for a good long while and just wanted to see us all get details wrong because he was a grouchy old man. As a result I didn't really learn anything except that governmental practices are often stupid and convoluted.

    So, anyway.

    The United States Senate is poised to vote on a bill that will make it a felony to stream copyrighted content more than ten times in a set period of time. You can find the bill here.

    Seems a bit silly, doesn't it? Ten times? "Oh, you little rascal! If you do that nine more times, we're gonna toss your flank in jail. That's eight! We're onto you!"

    I don't get it. Anyway, supposedly this is pony-related since new episodes were often streamed during season one when they were being broadcast on television. Might wanna keep an eye on this one.

    Also a website to do something about it here!

    EDIT: There is this clause:

    The total retail value of the performances, or the total economic value of such public performances to the infringer or to the copyright owner, would exceed $2,500.

    Meaning I'm not sure if it would impact us if we aren't profiting from it.  
  • Story: Campfire Stories (Update Story 2!)

    [Shipping] Zomg it updated! So many classic stories reborn lately!

    Author: Northern Lights
    Description: When Twilight arranges a group camp-out, the ponies end up discussing their dream stallions around the campfire. Everyone is surprised by what they learn about each other, and the two ponies least interested in romance find they have a lot in common.
    Campfire Stories

    Description: Months have passed since the events in Campfire Stories, so how will Twilight Sparkle feel when Rainbow Dash starts talking about dating other ponies.
    Soaring High (Author is re-working it based on feedback)

    Additional Tags: TwiDash, Shipping, Romance, Same-sex
  • Season 1 Pony Marathon at Filly

    Because it is impossible to watch each episode less than 10 times, another all day synchtube marathon has started up for season one over at the Filly channel.

    Confound these ponies, they are amazing. 

    It started about 5 minutes ago...so charge!

    Looks like they require a name to stay in the channel
  • Comics: Time Off / Just Like Big Sis

    Time for some Epic/Cute comics!  As always, click for the full versions and pray I didn't mix them up/break something!

    I sure do compile a lot of stuff these days.  At least we know it will still be possible to run hourly if/when content dies on our journey to Season Two.  Though I admit, I do just sort of dump whatever into PMV posts these days.  I apologize for that.  It's really difficult to review those.  In fact, I might grab some PMV reviewers to go with my pre-readers some time.

    Anyway I went off on a tangent again.  Have some comics. 

    Sources: exploding_guy / Mixermike622

  • Ponychan Is Down?

    I was going to wait until I could find some information on it, but I can't seem to locate any!

    Apparently ponychan is down, and has been since 3:00 AM.

    It was probably just derpy breaking things or tripping over cables again. Hopefully it will all be up and running soon.

    Looks like it's back!   
  • Brony Movie Night #8

    Brony Movie Night is scheduled today at 7:00 PM EST as always.  This week they are featuring:

    Call of the Cutie

    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

    The Show Stoppers

    Kick Ass

    Sounds like it's a CMC day!

    You can find the stream site here!
  • Afforementioned Facebook Page Surprise Updated

    Updates below!

    Well, that was kind of disappointing.

    I dunno whether this is the surprise they were talking about, but it was indeed an update to the page itself and not anything earth-shattering. I was kind of hoping it would be something totally awesome like a full-size Rarity plush doll that I could cuddle while I sleep. It would be the most comfortable pillow ever because Rarity is basically a marshmallow anyway. Oh, and it would have talked, too. You squeeze the hoof and she'd say something hilarious like, "not that hoof! I just had it manicured!" And if you squeezed it again she'd be all like, "WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU?" in that crazed I'm-going-to-kill-you voice.

    But then you'd put on her included super-fashionable hat and she'd forgive you. You could even wear the hat because it's a pony hat and therefore too big for them anyway. It would even come with a bow, because Rarity always looks better with a bow.


    The point is I would have totally bought that. And so would you. Get on it, Hasbro.

    *Looks like the actual surprise has yet to come!*-Seth 

    From the facebook page: You guys have some great ideas ;-) The fun starts a few days from now. Here's a hint, it's Facebook related!
  • Yale Debates...Ponies?

    Yes, the Ivy League university Yale... more specifically their law and technology department.  Remember that My Little Wu-Tang Clan video?  That is the primary subject of the article, dealing with various copyright issues and fair use clauses.  It's an interesting read if you are into law and stuff, but the real issue at hand here is...


    We have officially spread everywhere.  My goals in life are complete. Season 3, 4, 5...all guaranteed.  I'm converting this into gaming blog #30 now. 
  • I lied

    Rainbow Dash?  What WAS I thinking?
  • 15 Million Pageviews Comic!

    Speccysy is at it again!  Another million threshold comic!  I have no clue how he manages to pump these out so quick.  It's madness!

    You can find his DA below! 

  • Story: The Search for Bighoof

    [Adventure][Comedy] Hey! Cheerilee finally got a story!  About time. 

    Author: Lucres
    Description: On a Filly Scout camping trip in the Whitetail Woods,
    Scootaloo is determined to prove she’s not a chicken. In order to do
    so, she sets out on her own to find and capture the legendary creature
    known only as “bighoof”. Unfortunately, she’s about to find out that
    the Whitetail Woods can be more dangerous than their serene appearance
    suggests. Can Fluttershy bring her back safe, or will something else
    find her first? Also, Cheerilee completely loses her mind!
    In Search of Bighoof

    Additional Tags: Episode-style, Scouting, Cryptids, Skepticism, Scootalove
  • Tons of New Merch Popping Up

    Looks like a bunch of new pony merch is showing up!  Nothing really for us... but hey, I'll report it anyway.  Some of you might want a pink backpack! 

    Backpacks : Toys R' Us
    Purses: (They were on the target website, but poofed when I went to create this post 0_o)
    Animated Storyteller Sparkle: Target

    Thanks to (Diaphone?) For all the tips!

  • Story: Moon Diary


    Author: Purple Prose
    Description: A thousand-year-old document has been successfully translated by a scholar at the Royal University of Equestria. However, the document has not been authorized for publication to the general public, and with good reason. With permission from Her Royal Highness, the document is now presented, in translation with notes, to this site.
    Moon Diary

    Additional Tags: Fictional Document, Diary, Luna, Origin, Madness
  • Rainbow Dash is Awesome


    I should be in bed, but I can't stop thinking about how awesome Rainbow Dash is.

    So yah, shes amazing.

    Alright night.
  • Nightly Roundup #23

    I was technically supposed to use a specific image for this tonight, but I forgot what it was! So have some Luna being Loony!

    On with the news!

  • Story: The Knights of Harmony (Update Part 5!)

    [Normal] Another epic length story!  I can't keep up anymore!

    Author: Silent Magi
    Description: Alternate-timeline of the MLP: FiM verse. One young mage’s quest for peace during a time of war leads her to seek out a mythical set of items known only as the Elements of Harmony in order to bring back the Goddesses: Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.
    Knights of Harmony Chapters
    Chapter 1: Long, Dark Nightmare
    Chapter 2: One Hoof in Front of the Other
    Chapter 3: On a Wing and Prayer
    Chapter 4: Riding With the Shadows of the Night
    Chapter 5: Oatmeal of Destiny 
    Chapter 6: Saddled With The Future (New!)

    Additional Tags: Alternate Timeline Longfic Quest Journey
  • Story: Darkness Descends (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal]  I'm really liking the length of these submitted fics lately. They seem to be aiming more and more toward epic tales as opposed to quick spamfics.

    Author: Gearheart Hound
    Description: An ancient evil is waking once more and threatens to destroy life as everypony knows it. Everypony must unite to hold the line against the darkness or watch as their world is razed around them.
    Darkness Descends
    Darkness Descends Part 2
    Darkness Descends Part 3
    Darkness Descends Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Epic, War, Heroism, Romance, Sacrifice
  • Anonymous Hacks Austrian Political Site...With Rainbow Dash

    Apparently Antisec has some bronies, or maybe they just like Rainbow Dash.  Kurter has been brought down by Anonymous, the same ones wreaking havoc all over the internet right now. 

    I still say Rainbow Dash looks like a duck in that vector.  
  • Music: Minecraft WWU with Music Blocks / So Many Wonders Cover / Colgate Theme [voodoopony] Mix

    Random music time! Have some BEARS

    The first one is an absolutely insane music block version of Winter Wrap Up. It's huge...

    Number Two is another cover!

    And three is voodoopony's version of the Colgate Theme I posted up yesterday

    1.) Minecraft Winter Wrap Up Blocks
    2.) So Many Wonders - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Cover by AubadePrism
    3.) Derpy Hooves - Colgate Theme [Voodoopony Remix]