• Derpy Vs. a Fly

    Who will come out on top?
  • Nightly Roundup #419

    I can't seem to find much in terms of Guild Wars pony outside of that mesmer Twilight Sparkle from the other day, so have some COMMANDER HURRICANE Derpy.

    In other news, you guys stole all the pony names on Jade Quarry.  I couldn't even get Smart Cookie! I'm always Smart Cookie! Thanks a lot!

    Have some roundup while I go level.

  • Fighting is Magic BSU - Palletes!

    Palletes, Recolors, side character shoutouts, you have probably experienced it at some point in your lives while playing fighting games.  Luckily, ponies match it even better than those, what with the constant pallet swaps in the actual show!

    Mane6 has released another bite sized update dedicated to all their variations on each character.  Head on over here to check it out!

    Protip: Not picking Gothshy or Ice Rarity makes your fingers slower.
  • Story: Applejack's Tax Relief Plan

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Seether00
    Description: Applejack gets an unwelcome visit from the Equestrian Revenue Service. Handed a large tax bill and limited time to pay it, Applejack comes up with a creative use of the farm's biggest asset.

    No, not the apple trees.

    Why Big Macintosh of course.

    Can Big Mac save Applebloom's college fund?
    Applejack's Tax Relief Plan

    Additional Tags: Taxes, Macintosh exploitation, mud wrestling

  • Vocal Music: Not Quite Angels / I Don't Hate You / Nightmare's Lament

    We have some soft rock dedicated to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, followed by an acoustic track with a bit of a Hawaiian feel, and finishing with some Nightmare Moon lamenting about not being the main villian amymore! Head on past the break for all of them.

    1.) Haymaker - Not Quite Angels
    2.) I Don't Hate You [ToastBeard ZIQ47]
    3.) Nightmare's Lament

  • Random Merch: Stickers, Books, Shirts and More!

    Let the flow of pony merch continue with another edition of random merch! If the above is any indication, it looks like ponies are sneaking into healthcare offices. What kid wouldn't feel happy after a checkup if they got to sport one of these stickers? Thanks for sending these in Racall!

    Check after the break for some more random merchandise!

  • BUCK Convention Compilation Extravaganza

    The Brony UK Convention happened just this past weekend in Manchester. We asked for your images and accounts, and you delivered in spades.

    Hundreds of bronies gathered together to have a good time and bond in the spirit of friendship, and by all reports a fantastic time was had by all. Check below the break for a metric ton of image galleries, videos, and tidbits from all of the proceedings!

  • Discussion: Your Top Pony List!

    You have been hired to assist The Great and Powerful Trixie with her big come-back show in Canterlot.  Unfortunately, a disgruntled fan from her tour across Equestria (or a group of them, she apparently made a lot of enemies) snuck some filly powder in her hay smoothie, and now you are stuck a unicorn that can't even lift her hat with magic.

    Time to improvise!

    Celestia promised you internet access, a gigantic movie theater sized screen, and popcorn (all but popcorn available via wormhole magic, just because). Your job is to entertain, and to do so, you need to choose your favorite of the following:

    Custom/Plushie Pony
    Drawn/Digital art Piece
    Fan Animation
    And one item of interest that doesn't fall into any of these categories.

    Don't worry about their silly pony reactions.  If grimdark Twilight Sparkle is your thing, then list it!

    Drop your links in the comments below.  Lets dig up some fun stuff!

    Thanks to TopNotchBrony for the idea!

  • Music: No Pain, No Gain // Pinkies Cakes // The Sky's The Limit //

    I don't believe in fairytales
    and no one wants to go to hell.
    You've made the wrong decision
    and it's easy to see!

    Music time- one vocal track and two remixes! Got one for the Wonderbolts, one for Pinkie Pie, and one for Dash! I assume. The cover certainly lends itself to that.

    1) No Pain, No Gain (Original Song) {Soarin}
    2) Pinkies Cakes
    3) Pixeltripper - The Sky's The Limit

  • Equestria Model Contest - Submissions and Winners!

    (First Place Winner)
    The results are in and judges have finished their voting! The Equestria Model Contest was provabably the most complicated one we have done so far, and it shows.  There weren't a huge amount of entries, but we got some epic ones out of it.  Head on past the break for the top 5 winners of the Royal Wedding DVD from Shout Factory, as well as all the others that entered!

    (Note: Numbers are not rankings, check the winner tags)

  • Story Updates August 25th (Afternoon)

    Delays you say? Nonsense! Have some updates.

  • Looking for BUCK Stuff, and European Conventions

    Attention all BUCK attendees! We need your media!

    Did you attend the convention and gather some group shots/videos from the swarms of people there? Send it to [email protected] with BUCK as the label.

    Not everything will be able to be posted, but we will try to give a good amount of stuff for you all to dig through, similar to the Galacon post.

    There has been a pretty large amount of confusion in comments about EQD's status on European conventions, or Europe in general.  As with all things on the site, we cannot function cross seas unless you guys submit things.  I think we got a whopping four emails about BUCK straight from the staffers, and Galacon was even more silent.  Be our eyes and ears! There isn't a bias against European countries, we just need you to send it!

    People are also confused about the window of time EQD doesn't update each day.  This tends to be a no mans land in terms of submissions.  The normal 20-30 emails an hour turns into 5 an hour, most of which is art for the next drawfriend or music that needs to go through review.  If a cool piece of news/media pops up, we will usually post it, but for the most part it's pretty silent.

    tl;dr - Send your stuff!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #544

    Taking the IRONPONY competition to the next level!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    Shoot to Thrill

  • Comic: Some Statistics / What's Wrong / Sibsy Gets Even

    Pinkie. Pinkie. That's not the way you read a scientific study. Poor Twilight, maybe Pinkie will understand one day.

    Comics you guys! Click for full.

  • Rainbow Dash Plushie Pops Up on Amazon

    Add another to that list of odd plushies coming out of Hong Kong! Rainbow Dash has joined the group, complete with rainbow hair and... leaf wings!  As with the Doctor Whooves, Crackle, and Spike, it is unknown who is creating them, or even why.  Is it some bored factory worker with a flash drive filled with pony plushie designs he made at home?  Or maybe a future line of toys that hasn't been announced yet?   Only China knows!

    In other news, I actually ran into one of the Crackle plushies at Everfree Northwest.  The quality was surprisingly awesome.  Why they would choose Crackle of all characters is still beyond me, but I'd buy one.  

    Anyway, you can find Rainbow Dash here.

    Thanks to Perfect Blue for the heads up!
  • Instrumental Music: Octavia's Secret / Love Is In Bloom - Cello Duet Cover / Moonlight Memories

    Actually, this post has nothing to do with Michelle Creber's album, that's just a really cute rendition of it and I couldn't figure out where to put it!

    We have some instrumental tracks for you all this time around.  Head on down past the break to check them out!  For once, there isn't any electronic music!

    1.) Octavia's Secret (Le Orchestral)
    2.) My Little Pony - Love Is In Bloom - Cello Duet Cover
    3.) Moonlight Memories (Soft Rock)

  • PMV: F--k Tha Police // Can't // Time to be Cruel - Jeffthestrider //

    Cadance! Why you so pink? You're messing up the color ordering in my pony folder! Everything must be in order! This is preposturous!

    While I resort my pony folder, have three PMVs! One is rap, one makes me kinda mad, and one starts Flutterbi-, uh, Discordshy.

    1) PMV: N.W.A - F--k Tha Police
    2) PMV: Can't
    3) [PMV] Time to be Cruel - Jeffthestrider

  • Animation: Loyalty

    I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone busted out an animation for this one. We only have... what, 10 PMV's of it? I don't know if Loyalty is the most popular rock song in the fandom, but it sure does spawn a ton of side content!

    Anyway, check it out after the break, or here!

  • Fillydelphia Radio Post-Con Musician Extravaganza

    An armada of musicians are doing a show on Fillydelphia Radio in a bit.  They will all be discussing their experiences at both BUCK and Everfree Northwest. 

    Head on past the break for a list of them, as well as times to hop in.  You can find the site here if you are lazy!
  • Nightly Roundup #418

    Equestria sure is beautiful. I'd love to visit just to see the landmarks of the realm, to breathe the fresh air and just think for a bit. Ponies sure have it good.

    Time for some news you guys! Before we get into that, I'm always looking for header images so let's include you all in on the fun. Leave a suggestion for a theme in the comments and whichever one gets the most thumbs up will be the one I use for my next Roundup.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 24

    Dance, little ponies, dance! It's late at night, when even cultured ponies like darling Octavia let their manes down and just have fun making tweety noises with whistle. Tweet on, little Octavia. Tweet on. Hello again, everyone! After a few days hiatus to recover from an accident, I, your gracious blogprincess, have returned to oversee this event through its final stages. Did you miss me? I missed you! I see you've left me a welcome back gift in the form of 359 ponies of the night. How do you always know just what I wanted? Adding them to the collection, I see a total of 14002 images. I... am going to need a bigger fridge.

    To submit for Day 24 take out your handy little mouse or touchpad and click that helpful link right there. He'll show you just where to go. Hyaah! Ha! See, it's funny because... oh, nevermind. To ask any questions or smack me (gently, please) for that reference, find me at [email protected].

    Our last theme was all about ponies in the night, but what were they really up to? Ms. Heartstrings, where were you last evening at 11 pm, and why are your hooves covered with ash? Do you really expect me to believe that house caught fire all by itself? Well all right then. Draw a pony with a secret/Draw a pony master thief.

    Suddenly, we're onto the gallery. I am the night! It seems there are a lot of eyeballs floating in darkness tonight. I can't be sure, but I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and assumed those eyes were attached to ponies. It'd be pretty scary if they weren't! Let's... not keep thinking about disembodied eyes. Disemponied eyes? I dunno. The point is, I really need to say thank you to Calpain for taking over this event and keeping it running smoothly while I was down and out and unable to do so myself. It hurt me not to be able to keep pace with all of you, but at least you were all able to keep submitting and keep pushing yourselves on in my absence. We're in the final week now, so foward! As a team!