• Nightly Roundup #418

    Equestria sure is beautiful. I'd love to visit just to see the landmarks of the realm, to breathe the fresh air and just think for a bit. Ponies sure have it good.

    Time for some news you guys! Before we get into that, I'm always looking for header images so let's include you all in on the fun. Leave a suggestion for a theme in the comments and whichever one gets the most thumbs up will be the one I use for my next Roundup.

    Global National Infected by Gangnam Style Pony

    The pony Gangnam Style parody continues to pop up alongside the sensational Gangnam Style video. This time we see a report from Global National in Canada adding some pony to their report. Check it out in the link below.

    Global National Story

    Pony Reference in Slender: Hospice

    Ponies continue to pop up in games in ever subtle ways. The Slender: Hospice game has a minor reference in one of it's scenes which you can see below or in this video by PewDiePie starting at 2:36 (Brofist).

    Floppy Drives Play the Smile Song

    I'm always highly impressed with people who can make music using unconventional instruments. Who knew you could make a song using sounds from floppy drives? Check out the song below!

    Bro Team Pill Pony Parody

     Ponies continue to parody popular internet media as they invade Bro Team Pill as Brony Team Pill! Take a look at the parody below.

    Brony Herd Census Needs Volunteers!

    Copy Paste:

    Last year, the Brony Herd Census (www.herdcensus.com) got over 9,000 responses, making it one of the largest surveys of the herd to date.  But that was just scratching the surface.  This year, we'd like to double or triple that number (or even, dare we hope, break into six digits.)  To do that, we're going to need help.  We need people to translate the census into as many languages as we can.  We need community outreach coordinators in the various countries and fan groups.  We need people to suggest and help refine new questions for this year's census.  We need people with a background in statistics to help tune the questions for maximum power.  We need artists to do cover and interior art for the report.

    We won't be launching the census until December 15th, but we're going to start the planning now.  We've set up a forum where people can volunteer and discuss the census, at:


    With your help, we can get an even more precise snapshot of who bronies are, and where they going.

    Pony in Canadian Burger King Ad?

    Not quite sure if it is pony or not, but it sure is an odd coincidence that this commercial has so many pony related things in it. Judge for yourself below.


    Fillydelphia Radio Podcast

    Copy Paste
    This weekend the Fillycast is so big that it will a major two-part event! Join us here on Fillydelphia Radio as we discuss BUCK and Everfree Northwest with some of the biggest musicians in the fandom! This Saturday, 2PM EST, we’ll be having Glaze, RainbowCrash88, Tei the Pony and others who were present for BUCK. Mav, the co-chairman of BUCK will also be joining us to provide an inside look at the convention. Then on Sunday, 6PM, will be our Everfree Northwest recap that will feature the likes of SilvaHound, Mic the Microphone, Alex S, Eurobeat Odyssey, AcousticBrony and much more!
    So remember: Saturday, August 25th, 2PM EST for BUCK and Sunday, August 26th, 6PM EST for Everfree Northwest
    We hope you tune in and enjoy!

    Successful Meetups

    Wellington Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Last Sunday, a great day was had indeed ^.^ with a grand total of 16 Brony brothers and sisters coming to wander the streets of Wellington for a few hours together.

    Out day started with an initial meeting in Reading Cinema Food Court, letting everyone get together and get to know each other. From there we moved onto invade Toy-World, and bought out the last of their blind bags…. It was bound to happen... A few photo ops and a walkabout later, we came to a stop in front of New Zealand's Parliament, where we put on a lovely display and had a grand sing-along on the front steps. Surprisingly no warnings were given, but this is NZ…. (ahem) Laid Back (/ahem)….

    Finally we came to stop in Frank Kitts Park by the bay side where, with help from my Midi Keyboard, a few of the musician bronies showed off their skills and helped entertain both bronies and park goers alike. With a final trip to the Train Station, we waved off those who had to say goodbye, and took to our own separate ways soon after.

    All in all, I'd say that BroniesNZ's 1st Wellington Meet was a great success… We all had a great time, and that's all that ever matters…. Also Ponies….

    Live Long & Brony On

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More


    Copy Paste:

    Abqbronies, a brony group for Albuquerque and central New Mexico, is organizing a small Running of the Leaves race and celebration on September 22nd at 12:00.  As seen on the map ( http://goo.gl/maps/QSljQ ) the distance is only 1 mile and the aim is to have fun.  If you're not interested in racing, consider volunteering to help make this event a success.  Anyone is welcome to participate but they must get in contact with me (either at matt(dot)bohnhoff(at)gmail(
    dot)com or through our group on the Rainbow Dash Network) to register for the event!
    North Dakota Bronies

    Meetup Page
    Planetside 2 Outfit Looking for More

    Copy Paste

    The New Lunar Republic is looking for loyal subjects to fight for the Princess of the Night and for all things purple. We need to fight the hordes of Terrans and New Conglomerate foes with our Vanu Allies at out back. If you are in the Beta and looking for a Brony friendly outfit look us up on the Planetside 2 outfit forums or E-mail [email protected]

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rainbow Dash Patch
    Vinyl Scratch Plush