• Nightly Roundup #335

    Twilight Sparkle is best pony all ponies 2012 edition. Check out all the news that's fit to print after the break.
  • Equestria Inquirer #40

    40 of these? That's crazy.  I would have burned out after just 10!  They just keep getting better too!

    Check out the actual issue here, and the video after the break.

    Copy Paste:
    The 4th All-Freelance Issue of the Equestria Inquirer! All content is reader-submitted material! Thanks to all the freelancers who submitted to make this issue possible. Join us next week when the regular crew returns for Season 2 of the Equestria Inquirer!"

  • Story: Pinkie Prefers her Pasta Plain ... and Phluttershy her Ponies a Pretty Pink

    [Random] [Shipping]

    Author: Adcoon
    Description: The mere thought of Pinkie Pie having a day where nothing happens threw wide the Pancelestial Passages to Pinksanity and produced this tall tale of culinary adventures and true love instead! -- In other words, Pinkie Pie invites Fluttershy over for pasta and wheatballs. Grab a fork and join in, the sauce is about to get real!

    Pinkie Prefers her Pasta Plain ... and Phluttershy her Ponies a Pretty Pink

    Additional Tags: Food Fight, Pinkie Pie Style!
  • Pre-Readers Q&Neigh Episode 2

    Welcome to The Pre-Readers Q&Neigh Round Stable Episode 2, Revenge of the Questioners edition.

    We had a packed stable this weekend, with 5 ponies giving their answers and 2 more egging them on.

    Join Siraj, Kits, Nines Tempest, The Mechanic and Vimbert (with special guest Knighty) as we seek answers to life's persistent questions, after the break.

  • Brony Thank You Project Charity Raffle

    It looks like the deadline for the ad campaign is coming to a close pretty soon!  The guys running it are planning a charity raffle project to celebrate it's success.  Check out the press release below, and find their website here!
    With a day and a half left in the Brony Thank You Ad campaign, we've raised over $16,000!  But rather than go out with a whimper, we want to go out with a bang, and send a really nice check over to the folks at Toys for Tots!  So, we have a special last-minute offer.  Donate at least $10, or donate at least an additional $10 if you've given, and you'll be entered into a drawing for an custom plushie (your choice), created by the awesome plushie makers over at Brony Express (http://sillybulldog.deviantart.com/).  We'll start counting donations made after starting at 5PM Eastern on May 30th, and will announce the winner after the campaign closes.
  • Story: Paint the Sky with Stars


    Author: Lucky Dreams
    Description: Luna thinks of a novel way to cheer up a distraught Sweetie Belle...

    Paint the Sky with Stars

    Additional Tags: It's O.K. to make mistakes
  • Vocal Music: Awoken [H8_Seed + WoodenToaster]

    Woah, Wooden Toaster AND H8_Seed? I'm still recovering from the tsunami of remixes of their last tracks, this is going to be scary!

    Have some awesome new vocal electronic stuff after the break. From the description, it looks like it's supposed to be sort of a sequel to Rainbow Factory.  The quote: 
    He wrote the lyrics as sort of a spiritual successor to Rainbow Factory; as the story goes, a worker has an epiphany and tries to redeem himself in the eyes of the normal world.
    You don't feel like reading though do you? This isn't a fanfic post! Go listen to it after the break!
  • Random Merch: Derpy Belt, Books, Puzzles, and More!

    We have a bunch of random stuff popping up lately on the merch side of things.  Pony really is becoming the next Sponegebob! (Don't kill me!)

    First off, we have a new series of books based around various episodes popping up in Luxemburg for  5€.  The two above are Call of the Cutie and Ticketmaster, and clock in at 25 pages each.  They look pretty high quality compared to what we usually see in pony books! I wouldn't mind a set in English.   Thanks to Beck for the images.

    And in second place is a Derpy Belt.  Remember back when you guys all freaked out and thought she was dead? Turns out Hasbro has been working on Derpy Merch for months.  That Taobao Comic Con Derpy popped up almost half a year ago.  I still get save Derpy emails and hate messages for not pushing the hell out of the website for it. 

    Hot Topic also has Crystal Ponies in stock.  These have been relatively difficult to find for a while now.  I have a review up if you guys are curious about them.  Hopefully they finally complete the set.  I remember Applejack and Rarity had some planned, but still haven't seen them hit shelves anywhere.  Thanks to Ginger Snap for the heads up on both the belt and chrystal ponies!  

    And in the last slot, we have a simple 20 piece pony puzzle.   This particular one was found at a convenience store in Saskatoon, Canada for a measly 2 bucks.  Thanks to sen555 for that one!

    More images of the books can be found after the break. 

    If you guys find obscure pony merch in your various countries of residence, remember to send it off to [email protected]! It's hard to keep track of what we have and have not posted, so toss it anyway!

    (More after the break)

  • Blind Bag Series 3 Available for Pre-Order on Toywiz

    It looks like Toywiz is jumping ahead of everyone with the full set of Series 3 Blind bags available for pre-order.  This is the set that includes colts+shiny metal looking ponies. 

    Oddly enough, their release date says January 2012, but I'm pretty sure they don't have time machines in stock, so you can probably expect to pick them up later in the year!

    Check out the full pack here, or small sets here

    They also have wave 2 for those that didn't grab them on Big Bad Toys a few weeks ago.  Find those here and here!

    Thanks to Travis for the heads up!
  • Blast from the Past #4

    Hey everyone, it's that time once again for another dose of nostalgia. That's right, it's another Blast from the Past heading your way! Ready for a little pony history?

    There have been some questions about whether or not I will do fanfics at some point and the answer is yes! I've talked with the prereaders and they are coming up with a list of old classics for you to chew over in future editions.

    As always, send any suggestions be it music, videos, games, fics, ect to: [email protected]

    First Video: The Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria
    Released in February 2011, this video became one of the first, if not the very first, pony video game trailers to go viral and spread pony to all corners of the internet. Hitting the front page of the video game blog Kotaku (and many others) and even Bethesda's own blog, this video was one of the first to show that pony vids could appeal to those outside of our cozy little fandom at the time.

  • Article on the Overabundance of Lesbian Pony Shipping

    There is no doubt about it, people just love to ship these ponies. I don't know if it stems from the old 4chan days, or the lack of male characters (though with season two, you guys have no excuse), but the majority of the couplings are still mare/mare.

    A lesbian focused blog going by the name of Autostraddle attempted to delve into it and figure why exactly this is the case.  It's actually a pretty entertaining read, especially if you share my complete confusion on Twilight and Rainbow Dash are apparently soul mates in half the shipping fics out there.

    Anyway, check the article out here!

    And in the comments below: What are your views on all the girls on the show having romantic interests in each other?  Are you a fan of shipping in general?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #462

    Confound these tall images.  The thumbnails just never do them justice.

    Time for some art! Check it all out below.

    Source 1
  • Comic: A Cute Painter / Creation of Fire / One Size Fits Foal

    Comic time once again! Fluttershy above has the right idea, never give up on something you like and you'll go far. Great job Fluttershy!

    Once again, click for full!

  • Story Updates May 30th (Afternoon)

    I wonder if non-unicorns actually go to college?  I've never heard Applejack talk about her aspirations in becoming a Biological Engineer.

    Have a ton of story updates.

  • PMV: Soviet Pony March

    Soviet ponies? Soviet Ponies.  Dabuxian has released another awesome one over on his Youtube page.  Check it out after the break!
  • PMV: PONYYYYYYYYYYYY / Alcohol / Working Mare

    That is an odd title to say the least! Have some PMVs.

    2.) Alcohol PMV
    3.) PMV - Working Mare

  • Wallpaper Compilation #54

    These two sure did get a lot of air time together in season two.  Opposites attract I suppose!

    Have some wallpapers.

  • Derpy Toy Confirmed By USA Today

    For what it's worth, the Derpy toy that we previously had rumor-tagged (but was still available for purchase anyway) has been confirmed totally factual by USA Today's sideblog Pop Candy. You can find the article here.

    We just totally made a toy, didn't we?

    Looks like she won't only be at Comic Con either.  East Coast bronies should be able to pick one up at the My Little Pony Fair.  Prices at both venues are $19.99. 
  • Music Vocal/Remix: Luna's Apology / Never Back Down (Acoustic Cover)

    We don't get a lot of good old fashioned vocal acoustic stuff in this fandom. Have two awesome ones from the same musician, one a remix, the other an original.

    1.) Luna's Apology Ft Skelius
    2.) [300 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!] Never Back Down (Acoustic Cover)

  • Ponies are now Robots

    All of the ponies are now robots in season three.  What are your views on this?