• Brony Thank You Project Charity Raffle

    It looks like the deadline for the ad campaign is coming to a close pretty soon!  The guys running it are planning a charity raffle project to celebrate it's success.  Check out the press release below, and find their website here!
    With a day and a half left in the Brony Thank You Ad campaign, we've raised over $16,000!  But rather than go out with a whimper, we want to go out with a bang, and send a really nice check over to the folks at Toys for Tots!  So, we have a special last-minute offer.  Donate at least $10, or donate at least an additional $10 if you've given, and you'll be entered into a drawing for an custom plushie (your choice), created by the awesome plushie makers over at Brony Express (http://sillybulldog.deviantart.com/).  We'll start counting donations made after starting at 5PM Eastern on May 30th, and will announce the winner after the campaign closes.