• Rainbow Dash is Dressing in Style in New Style and Groom Commercial

    Poor Dashy got hit with that hair styling treatment. A new TV advertisement for the Style and Groom figure announced a while back has appeared. Would the real dash let these kids do this to her? Would she have enough self control not to buck?

    Or maybe she's fine with it as long as they don't touch her hooves?

    Get it down below.

  • NIA: Path of Light Gets Greenlit on Steam

    I think we can move this into the News section of the site. We totally have a pony game greenlit on steam. How long has it been? 4 Years? It's about time!

    For those that haven't been following NIA, it's essentially a puzzle game with a pony as the main character, based around solving puzzles and adventure. You can get the video over here. Here's to hoping they have good luck with the Steam marketing crew. Wouldn't it be awesome to see it heading the front page in a few months?

    Thanks to Pir for sending it.

  • Nightly Discussion #454

    Nothing but us normal horses here. Nothing odd going on what so ever. Right Bon Bon?

    Evening everyone! Wednesday has come and gone, so are you ready to chat about it?
    Twitter: Calpain
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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1632 - Glorious FAUSTICORN

    I'm still amazed she's actually going to be at a convention! It has been so long. I almost want to drive on over to EQLA just to say hi!

    Fortunately I'm super lazy and hate driving.

    Get your art below!

    [1] Source

    Lauren Faust by Pixel-Prism

  • Five Nights at Pinkie's 4 - The Nightmare - Releases!

    We had a few previews of this appear, and now we have the full four minutes of creepy awesomeness. Even as someone completely tired of anything and everything involving this Five Nights thing, I enjoyed it. Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • Cosplay Compilation #60

    It was nice to see the return of Photo Finish, at least in the EG short. This cosplayer right here has a Trixie tag too, so DOUBLE WIN!

    Get your cosplay compilation below!

    [1] Source

    Photo Finish Cosplay BronyCon 2015 #2 by ponies-of-insanity

  • Meetup Map Update - US Takeover Almost Complete!

    Back when the meetup map was launched in 2013 I was wondering how many people would actually use the thing. Over the past two years though I can say it has been a resounding success with meetup groups sending in their info from every continent on Earth (except Antarctica) and now we're on the verge of another milestone: a meetup group in every US State represented on our map!

    Today I was able to cross Delaware off the list of States left to ponify, leaving Vermont as the last State on the map without a pin. While I'm sure there are groups in Vermont out there we haven't received any emails from them since the map went up, so if there are any Vermont bronies out there, please let us know of your meetup groups!

    But besides this being an update about the imminent US takeover, this is a general reminder to those of you new to the site that we do indeed have a meetup map! So check on after the break to see if there is a group near you.

  • Halloween BEGINS! Costumes and Accessory Items Appearing at Hot Topic

    Hot Topic is gearing up for Halloween, or just cosplay in general. A new, much better wig and tail have appeared, with some wings to go along with them. Aside from that, they have added a bunch of shirts and a new bracelet thing to their ever-expanding pony stock.

    Head on down below for all of it.

  • Story: Last Words

    [Slice of Life][Romance]

    Author: BlazzingInferno

    Description: Big Mac doesn’t say much. That’s just his way. However, when a routine medical exam reveals he’s going to lose his voice, he decides he’d better get his last round of speaking in while he still can. Saying a few last words to his friends (and asking out a certain schoolteacher) is all he planned on doing. If only he understood the full repercussions of opening his big mouth.

    Last Words

    Additional Tags: Big Mac talks up a storm
  • Comic: Dash Academy 7:8 / Courage / Nap Time / Exhausted Pinkie Pie

    Dash Academy has updated once again with a brand new page! I'm surprised for such a popular comic that none of you send it in to EqD. I stumbled across the new page myself while looking through dA!

    Comics my friends! Click for full!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • EQLA Announces Lauren Faust!

    Huge news coming from a convention that is just a few weeks away! EQLA has officially announced Lauren Faust for their event on the 4th-6th of September. When was the last time we had the god queen of pony gracing out convention halls?! I feel like it has been forever.

    You can find their site for registration over here.

    Video and press release below the break!

  • WWE Culture Shock Episode Airs Today

    WWE's Brony episode of Culture Shock is hitting the TV today at 1:00 PM PST (4:00 EST), with a re-play tonight at 6:30 PM PST for those that can't catch the early showing. As is the norm for our global fandom, there will also be a stream event hosted by Brony Network for those outside the USA.

    You can find the event over here

  • Stay Brony My Friends #108 with Tina Guo

    Stay Brony My Friends is back with another special guest and another awesome charity! This time around they have Tina Guo on the show, a talented musician who has made music for MLP, Octavia Melody, video games, commercials, and so much more!

    The charity she has chosen for this round of Stay Brony My Friends is the Humane Society of the United States, a worthy cause for all us animal lovers out there.

    Check on after the break for the episode and how you can participate in this awesome charity and earn yourself a chance at some prizes.

  • Animation: Canadian Horse Pirates

    PIRACY. IMMATOONLINK has been pretty silent for the past few months,  and I guess this is the reason why! Presented over at BronyCan, we have a brand new animation from him.

    Head on down below the break for it!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds V: Day 5

    Dang guys, we're only on day five and you're bringing the feels! What else can we expect as we enter the last ten days of the ATG? You guys are doing great, keep it up!

    It's not only me watching your progress though, Phoe has been watching intently and has some words of encouragement for you all tonight:

    "So here we are, a third of the way to the end of our little journey. Even though I’m farther back on the sidelines than I’d like to be, it’s still been amazing watching you guys turn out art day after day. And you know, normally I’m the pony jumping up and down and hyping up the image totals we’ve accumulated, but this time there’s something else that’s caught my eye. Did you happen to notice the day-to-day submission totals? Because I’ve seen something incredible. Through the first four days, we’ve lost almost none of our group to attrition. By this point, I’m betting some of you are starting to feel the burn. It’s the middle of the week, you’ve got stuff going on, you’re tired and all sorts of other things.

    But I know you can do it. You can turn in an image every day for the rest of this event. And if you can do that, you can keep on doing it beyond the reach of my derpy little prompts. I’m sure by now if you’ve stayed active you’re noticing little upticks in the quality of your work, whether you’re just being brave enough to try new things or if you’re doing old ones faster, or even if you’ve just learned a bit about how noses work when you turn your snout off to the side like so. There's an old saying that goes 'fake it till you make it.' If you're not feeling like an artist quite yet, live like one anyway and watch the transformation happen. You might be surprised at how similar you are to the real thing. Remember, I'm always watching..."
    Onward to our prompt for today you guys! Hope you're in a stealthy mood tonight as we touch on Drawing a pony in disguise/Draw a pony faker. As always you have 24 hours to submit your completed piece to our submitter here. We got 223 entries today, bringing our total to 1043 entries so let's see if we can keep up the steam!

    We've gotten some confusion on how to submit to our submitter. In the space for the picture URL you want to put in the image URL link. To find this, upload your picture somewhere whether it be dA, Derpibooru, Imgur or wherever and right click on the image. In Chrome you want to click the 'Copy Image URL' button or something similar in other browsers. Input that URL and you should be good to go!

    We've got a tutorial below too if you're still having trouble!

    If a picture you made doesn't end up in the gallery tonight, please try resubmitting it. Sometimes things get eaten.

    You're a third of the way through guys, let's keep going! Get the new gallery after the break!