• Community News Post #2!

    I get a lot of random news each day that I don't really know what to do with, so it's time to compile it!  I tried this out last night, and it seemed pretty successful.

    Also Rarity won today, meaning Rarity gets the spotlight.  Sorry G&PT! 

    Onward to Community News #2! Everything can be found after the page break!

  • Official FIM Tee Shirts

    Looks like some official FiM shirts are finally showing up!  They are actually pretty cool! You definitely wouldn't be able to hide your pony obsession wearing these though.  The giant character images are pretty in your face.

    These guys got an extended License from Hasbro to release the shirts, for those wondering how this is official.

    You can find the website for them below!

    Pony Shirts 1
    Pony Shirts 2

    Thanks to M M For the heads up, and Operator on Ponychan for the find!
  • Story: Never Too Old to Fall

    [Shipping] Oh hey, someone finally shipped Celestia with her guards. What would we do without Pacce?

    Author: Pacce
    Description: With Luna's return, Celestia finds herself with more free time than she's had in a thousand years, perhaps even time enough to pursue a little romance. At the same time, Luna has to come to terms with a world that has become very different from the one she's used to, especially if she's going to help her sister.
    Never Too Old To Fall

    Additional Tags: Romantic comedy with pony royalty.
  • Comic: I Don't Give a Jack About Shipping

    You know, before FiM I didn't even know the word "shipping" existed outside transporting cargo.

    If I can take anything from this fandom, it's the huge increase in my vocabulary.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #101

    What the hell is this and why is dash so cute in an apron edition.

    Source 1
  • Poll Results: Trixie Vs Rarity

    It's ok, Trixie isn't mad.  You all just mis-clicked, right?  She is a bit disappointed that you weren't more careful, but what can you do? 

    Next time I will be sure to make the poll box larger so this doesn't happen again.

    That banner was actually pretty fun to make, so I might do more character battles in the future if you all are interested. It was spur of the moment, as most of the banners are.

    The normal bottom right poll is still ticking away at 6 hours left, be sure to check that one out!

    Anyway back to building the drawfriend post.
  • PMV: Pinkie is a Night Surgeon / Fillies of Bodom / Shipping PMV!

    Lots of shipping PMV's popping up lately!

    And some creepy Pinkie to start things up.

    1.) Pinkie Pie is a Night Surgeon
    2.) Fillies of Bodom
    3.) Toxic/Faint PMV

  • Music: Rarity's Pipes / Pink Pony is Best Pony / Back to the Apple Orchard

    The first one is your typical remix, with some donkey kong thrown in.

    The other two are actually part of a series someone is working on.  Both are  covers dedicated to specific ponies.   I guess he plants to hit the other 4 eventually.

    1.) "Rarity's Pipes" [Art of the Dress + Pokey Pipes Remix]
    2.) Pink Pony is Best Pony (Pinkie Pie Love Song
    3.) Back to the Apple Orchard (An Applejack Love Song)

  • Upcoming Brony Stream Events

    >implying I use this image too much.

    This is the cutest pony image out there.  


    Two brony streams are setting up tonight and tomorrow night.  The first is a brand new one.  Starting at 6:00 PM EST they will be featuring Mystery Science Theater 3k presentations, as well as various other pony related things.  You can find that below here: Ponyburu Stream.

    And Friday at the usual time of 7:00 PM EST, Bronystate will be featuring Brony Movie Night #5!

    This time on the agenda:
    Pony: Party of One
    Super Mario Bros (The Live Action 1993 one lol)
    Young Frankenstein
    Pony: Over a Barrel

    You can find their page here: Bronystate

    I'll post a reminder up tomorrow for it.
  • MLP Puzzle House

    Another new toy set thing has been discovered over on MLP Arena.  Apparently this is specifically for the smaller 2 inch figurines. 

    So far, it has only been spotted on Amazon.de

    From the descriptions on the arena post, It sounds like it comes with 1 figurine, and the entire puzzle is composed of cardboard.

    That might be pretty interesting.

    Anyway you can find it here! 

    Thanks to M M for the tip
  • Story: Prince Elusive and Sir Spike

    [Shipping] And then Rarity was a colt.

    Author: Sunny Blitz
    Description: Spike wants to impress Rarity and gets Twilight's aid in order to make this happen. But the plan backfires, as a spell meant for Spike instead hits Rarity, turning Spike's Princess into a Prince.
    Prince Elusive and Sir Spike

    Additional Tags: Sappy Spike and Rarity cuteness
  • PMV: Ghost Riders In The Sky / The Pinkining / Aint no Rest for the Wicked

    1.) Ghost Riders In The Sky
    2.) The Pinkining
    3.) Aint no Rest for the Wicked

  • Wired Interviews Bronies

    For a few weeks now, someone from Wired.com has been interviewing various bronies for their "Underwired" blog.  It looks like the news finally went up today, and unlike CNN, Angela Watercutter actually took the time to learn a about the community before splurging an article.   

    Pretty much every aspect of the fandom was hit in some way, including various stats for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing.  Even Lauren Faust threw her two cents in.  I'm just glad it didn't turn into one of those "look at these sad adults playing with ponies" articles.  I was nervous, considering she asked for a picture of me in a (Which you can find near the middle of the article). 

    Anyway, check it out below!

    Wired.com Brony Interview

    I'm sure my picture will be shopped to hell thanks to our 4chan background, so at least use the bigger one (After the break, 10 internets to Trixie hat/cloak). 

    Also up on Cartoon Brew now! Go flood it with pony support!
  • Story: Bottled Up

    [Shipping] Someone finally shipped Colgate!

    Author: no space
    Description: Berry Punch is a pony with many demons trying to be a good mother, and Colgate just wants to help.
    Bottled Up: Bite of Lime
    Bottled Up: Night of Stories

    Additional Tags: Relationships, Alcoholism, Parenthood, Recovery, Acceptance
  • Pony Snap Card Game Update

    Hey, guys. Remember this? Lacrox bought them and took pictures for us to peruse!

    I had to look up what snap cards were, actually. I'm kind of ashamed with myself.

    All of the remaining pictures are after the break!

  • Story: Apple Bloom and the Magical Rubious Crystal of Bellemare Sands

    [Grimdark][Comedy] I think that =black comedy, but I'm not sure. This one definitely wins for longest title.  Also this is the best Applebloom+Guns image I could find.  Yay~ 

    Author: Pony Express Hotel
    Description: When Applejack comes down with the terrible Piebald Fever, it's up to Apple Bloom to travel to the faraway Valley of Eternal Torment in search of a cure. What unimaginable horrors await in the deep fog of the valley basin? Apple Bloom will soon discover that there is more at stake than simply her life!
    Apple Bloom and the Magical Rubious Crystal of Bellemare Sands

    Additional Tags: Action, Guns, Lovecraft, Silent Hill, Fun
  • Nightly Roundup #1

    So much random news lately! Lets compile it and throw a bunch of sarcasm into the mix because I'm half asleep and it's fun!

    Friendship is Magic Wiki Page
    First off, if you head over to Wikipedia, you will see a new page dedicated to us.  Apparently FiM is now considered a cult following, or "colt following".  Good work everyone!  Now go empty your bank accounts, fill up your wallets, and meet me at the "shrine" for some super special koolaid fun!  I'll drink it after you guys do it!  Promise!

    Friendship is Magic has Been Upgraded
    And in other news, Know Your Meme has upgraded bronydom from meme to "Subculture".  We are now on the same size level as furry!  I hope you are all proud. Me, Cereal, and Phoe need ponysonas, it is now your job as artists to make us some!  (I think I'll stay a cube actually, I haven't gone THAT far yet.).

    Brony Wins TF2 Competition
    Over on TF2's Saxxy Competition page, it looks like a brony has won the award for "Most Inventive Kill".  It's not really pony related, but he has a pony avatar, so that is totally worth reporting. 

    The Meaning of Love and Tolerance
    And if you travel over to Ponychan, it looks like a bunch of bronies have come together and written what they believe "love and tolerance" actually means!  You can find the massive compilation of responses in this google doc.  They sure do think of everything!

    Pony ARPG
    While you are there, a new game project has started up in /collab/.  This one is aiming pretty high, attempting to emulate an ARPG style game (Think Kingdom Hearts).  Someone really needs to convince a professional game company to just roll with something like this already!  He is looking for pretty much everything, so if you want to join the team, check out this thread!

    Another RP Board!
    There are a few Roleplaying boards out there.   This one is called "The Spurring of Darkness".  They are looking for new members, and asked me to broadcast it for them! Go check it out if you are into that sort of thing.  

    Vote for Trixie! 
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 14

    Game Night at Lyra and Bon Bon's edition. So. Tonight. Tonight is fun. Did you ever have family game night when you were growing up? I didn't. My parents and I were all kind of lazy, so we'd sit together on the couch and watch The Simpsons or Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? together. I mean, we'd play board games sometimes, but it was only ever a spur of the moment, once-and-done, oh my goodness why on earth did we think Monopoly would be fun kind of deal. So other than card games like Magic, I never really did much with the tabletop scene for a long time. It wasn't until college that I learned that there were games not made by Hasbro (oh, the irony!), and got sucked into things like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and more recently gems like Red Dragon Inn. You should see my collection. Between that and the video games, there's basically no room in my apartment. Anyway, ponies! 157 of them tonight!

    Time to do that boring thing again. Here's the submission guidelines. If anything breaks, shoot a line to [email protected] and I will magically solve all of your problems with the unicorn magic I do not have. I outsource, you see.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony representing a famous myth or classic story.
    I've basically given up on this week being anything other than Crossover central, so why fight it? Let's inject a little class all up in this place! Draw me your triumphant samurai ponies, the heroic last stand of the Spartan Cloplites, Twilight Sparkle as Odin... you know, whatever you feel like. Okie Dokie, Loki!