• Nightly Roundup #1

    So much random news lately! Lets compile it and throw a bunch of sarcasm into the mix because I'm half asleep and it's fun!

    Friendship is Magic Wiki Page
    First off, if you head over to Wikipedia, you will see a new page dedicated to us.  Apparently FiM is now considered a cult following, or "colt following".  Good work everyone!  Now go empty your bank accounts, fill up your wallets, and meet me at the "shrine" for some super special koolaid fun!  I'll drink it after you guys do it!  Promise!

    Friendship is Magic has Been Upgraded
    And in other news, Know Your Meme has upgraded bronydom from meme to "Subculture".  We are now on the same size level as furry!  I hope you are all proud. Me, Cereal, and Phoe need ponysonas, it is now your job as artists to make us some!  (I think I'll stay a cube actually, I haven't gone THAT far yet.).

    Brony Wins TF2 Competition
    Over on TF2's Saxxy Competition page, it looks like a brony has won the award for "Most Inventive Kill".  It's not really pony related, but he has a pony avatar, so that is totally worth reporting. 

    The Meaning of Love and Tolerance
    And if you travel over to Ponychan, it looks like a bunch of bronies have come together and written what they believe "love and tolerance" actually means!  You can find the massive compilation of responses in this google doc.  They sure do think of everything!

    Pony ARPG
    While you are there, a new game project has started up in /collab/.  This one is aiming pretty high, attempting to emulate an ARPG style game (Think Kingdom Hearts).  Someone really needs to convince a professional game company to just roll with something like this already!  He is looking for pretty much everything, so if you want to join the team, check out this thread!

    Another RP Board!
    There are a few Roleplaying boards out there.   This one is called "The Spurring of Darkness".  They are looking for new members, and asked me to broadcast it for them! Go check it out if you are into that sort of thing.  

    Vote for Trixie! 

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