• Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 14

    Game Night at Lyra and Bon Bon's edition. So. Tonight. Tonight is fun. Did you ever have family game night when you were growing up? I didn't. My parents and I were all kind of lazy, so we'd sit together on the couch and watch The Simpsons or Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? together. I mean, we'd play board games sometimes, but it was only ever a spur of the moment, once-and-done, oh my goodness why on earth did we think Monopoly would be fun kind of deal. So other than card games like Magic, I never really did much with the tabletop scene for a long time. It wasn't until college that I learned that there were games not made by Hasbro (oh, the irony!), and got sucked into things like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, and more recently gems like Red Dragon Inn. You should see my collection. Between that and the video games, there's basically no room in my apartment. Anyway, ponies! 157 of them tonight!

    Time to do that boring thing again. Here's the submission guidelines. If anything breaks, shoot a line to [email protected] and I will magically solve all of your problems with the unicorn magic I do not have. I outsource, you see.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony representing a famous myth or classic story.
    I've basically given up on this week being anything other than Crossover central, so why fight it? Let's inject a little class all up in this place! Draw me your triumphant samurai ponies, the heroic last stand of the Spartan Cloplites, Twilight Sparkle as Odin... you know, whatever you feel like. Okie Dokie, Loki!

    Suddenly I regret dropping my anecdote above the page break. Suddenly we're here and I have nothing to talk about. Uh... oh, how about these pictures? They're very nice pictures, I like them a lot. Can you believe we've been doing this for two weeks now? I can't. Keep going strong, everypony! You make me proud every night. Now then, it's time to roll the dice.

    1) By DiZaster321 (I need to figure out a way to remove Bon Bon from the equation without wracking myself with guilt.)

    2) By Blueberry Muffin (Silly Derpy, it's the Queen that's made of chocolate.)

    3) By eariesmile

    4) By Inspiration

    5) By Short Trip

    6) By Silent Oink (Ooh, metaphor!)

    7) By Kitty Tail (Look guys, a royal flush! And the suit is HEARTS!)

    8) By ChaosDrop

    9) By Thanqol

    10) By Doc New!Filly

    11) By Emerald Dust (To be clear, the artist does not believe Luna is Robin Williams.)

    12) By Brongaar

    13) By kjh242

    14) By Mellowbloom (Hey, she could ask you the same question, buddy.)

    15) By Konig

    16) By Fallin' Winter

    17) By Kyouhen (I can't fathom a universe in which she actually made that deck function. Pinkie strikes again!)

    18) By MHPayne

    19) By FoxOfWar (This is usually how this game goes for me. Sigh.)

    20) By PandaRoux

    21) By Amehdaus (Right on schedule.)

    22) By Easteu (Is Trixie the king, or do I have that backwards?)

    23) By MHPayne

    24) By devilTV100

    25) By TheBoyd

    26) By Saphin

    27) By Invidlord (Cheer up, Dashie. You can come play on my custom double-sized board. It's way more than 20% cooler.)

    28) By unholyhen

    29) By Mr.Paulsen

    30) By Smock (You... want to play a game? With me?)

    31) By Goggle Sparks

    32) By Midnight Shadow

    33) By Erthilo

    34) By heartbeatpony

    35) By Senkaplz

    36) By AwieUltra (Oh no! Australia!)

    37) By Mr. Wonko

    38) By Mister Bristle

    39) By Sherlock Hooves (I hate solitaire.)

    40) By nido Media

    41) By Alipes

    42) By Partition (The artist's story about childhood memories that surfaced during this drawing made me smile. Really sweet.)

    43) By Codename:Skittys

    44) By Daniel (danis2005) (Two Warmachine references and counting.)

    45) By PastelPony

    46) By Tabs (Board games? Board games.)

    47) By Lucky Charm

    48) By EssAeEm

    49) By Mere Jump (I'd stay in a hotel on the moon. Wouldn't you?)

    50) By Atlur (The funny thing here)

    51) By Ambrose (is that these)

    52) By Ori (weren't planned.)

    53) By ThatOnePegasus

    54) By Zach (Apples to Apples is a game I have fun with despite having no idea how to play.)

    55) By Erica C

    56) By The Obsessor (Guys? Those are... nevermind.)

    57) By Nullh

    58) By Knightly

    59) By Kitsune

    60) By Mockingbird (Strip Yahtzee, woo!)

    61) By Jdan-S

    62) By Chris (Board games. This is a different joke than before, but it's spelled the same.)

    63) By PenguinPlayer

    64) By badzerg

    65) By Doctor Whoof Fanatic (The crossovers just won't stop.)

    66) By Infinity

    67) By rich-tea

    68) By Andï

    69) By Anakah

    70) By DI-FL (Monopoly always ends in tears. ALWAYS.)

    71) By purpletrauma (Fluttershy, it's a figure of speech.)

    72) By Tarragon

    73) By Sierus

    74) By Dangereaux (I love this. So. Much.)

    75) By Gear X. Machina (Also this. For... unrelated reasons. Catch up submissions are the best.)

    76) By Rederik_Wood

    77) By kits

    78) By Neynt (2 xkcd references and counting.)

    79) By Taco Bandit (I don't think this is even catch up. I think I'm just being pandered to. I am ok with this.)

    80) By PinkiePied

    81) By Rraden

    82) By Luna

    83) By The Flying Tomato

    84) By Afentis (Invisible chess!)

    85) By Chromadancer (Somepony make this card set.)

    86) By toonboy92484

    87) By Spiritofthwwolf

    88) By Relias (In her memoirs, Twilight would reference this game as the moment she realized she'd lost control of her life.)

    89) By Buddy Vox

    90) By Pony Stark

    91) By Noisemaker111

    92) By Eliwood10 (Dash took lessons from Gary Gygax.)

    93) By Riokenn (It may not be how you play, but it's definitely how you win.)

    94) By Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

    95) By DJ Rainbow Dash (This is tragically hilarious.)

    96) By Doombah

    97) By Kapten-N (Trying to sneak in a comment) (Fall Weather Friends wasn't as well received in the alternate dimension.)

    98) By mmelvin420 (Mmyes. Quite.)

    99) By Neoridgeback (I've... actually run games like this. Don't judge me.)

    100) By Kt Kat (This is entirely too much fantastic for my one brain to handle.)

    101) By Prismatic Pretzel

    102) By vertlizardgirl

    103) By Tanman (That looks much more fun than the real game.)

    104) By T-Brony (Double entendres! Bro hoof, Celly!)

    105) By Dragon Rage

    106) By Scootaleo

    107) By StarStep

    108) By Lacrox (Well, it... kind of is.)

    109) By fetchbeer (The flood of Monkey Island references continues.)

    110) By Natry

    111) By Tenchi Outsuno

    112) By Da Chi

    113) By Immersa (I think Rarity would be really bad at this game. Lyra would get bored. I know, because I always do.)

    114) By Panda_Instinct

    115) By Starlite

    116) By Philith

    117) By darkursur

    118) By RaspleZS (And the squirrels are 0/1s. Fluttershy only played them to power her enchantment lockdown.)

    119) By Kelz

    120) By Spurs (Note to self: take a unicorn to Vegas.)

    121) By Djrk16 (Come to think of it, how am I not being sponsored for this?)

    122) By Drilltooth

    123) By Starlight Bolt

    124) By Sapphire

    125) By Leaf Growth

    126) By Rydel (Everypony knows a Risk player who is like this.)

    127) By A Terrible Person

    128) By rossy (That game never ever works.)

    129) By Kooldude

    130) By Jena-su (This is patently adorable.)

    131) By 8ftmetalhead

    132) By Zephire

    133) By MasterofRoku

    134) By Shockwave

    135) By Circuit Mane

    136) By Magnet

    137) By The Recliner

    138) By Thattagen (Wow, that would be a weird game.)

    139) By Jiyrath

    140) By Fox E:

    141) By nuclearsuplexattack (Didn't even consider this. Pinkie cheats...)

    142) By DJ RBDash

    143) By Lykan (you sunk my Derpyship!)

    144) By nekoneko

    145) By Pinkamena Pie

    146) By StarSongPony

    147) By djTeka

    148) By zorg

    149) By TapeDiggity

    150) By Frith

    151) By BronyQuest

    152) By Hawkeye92

    153) By Hawkeye92

    154) By Liska

    155) By Periphery

    156) By Eeful

    157) By C-tone

    158) By Uncle Leo

    159) By Jeff


    1. Oh Phoe, it's meant as a joke! Don't take my stupidity so literally! :P

    2. lol at 141

      I wanted to submit something but I felt like crap, and I found myself almost hating what I was drawing. I think I can do this though...

    3. Phoe could you remove 107? 120 is the edited version. I decided to crop the table when I realized I forgot to add in a dealer.


    4. Quick question: what happens when a picture's submitted a few minutes before the deadline? Does it still count for today, or should the picture be e-mailed to Phoe?

    5. Oh Phow just thought of it, do famous URBAN myths count?

    6. While everypony else is in a bar fight. I'm here admiring some nice art, oh and a Strong Bad cameo... Oh, and before I forget, WE NEED CELESTIA OR LUNA OVER THERE TO END THE MADNESS!!!!!

    7. Dammit. My shitty ISP lagged out when I tried to submit and I missed the deadline by SECONDS.

      Any way you can toss that entry in Phoe?
      Entry: Liska.

    8. #13 - Yay I get bonus points. Fuck that card is a beating in draft.

    9. @Anonymous

      You should be fine, I've submitted 10 minutes after the deadline and still made it in.

    10. Guy with the question from before here; I'm sorry for doubting the awesomeness of Phoe.

    11. @Muffinsforever

      Yeah, that sounds like it's within the usual word twisting limits of the rules.

    12. @Spurs

      Ah, that's good to know. I was ready to strangle my modem.

      Well, it's in there. #154. Just painfully unfinished, though. I'll revisit it later.

    13. Phew, glad I managed to finish my piece right on time. I already felt bad enough to miss two days in a row! Of course, I had to rush my colouring, and there's a few mistakes and touch-ups I could have made, but... alas! I'll leave it as-is.

      Tonight's batch was superb, as always, but I honestly can't wait to see what people come up with for tomorrow's theme!

    14. #51 here...

      You're telling me #50-52 came in in that order?
      Bwahahaha... Oh, Celestia... wait, now I'm scared.

      ...and embarrassed that my drawing's so bad...

    15. #95 here!

      I am so very, very pleased with all of the DnD and Magic tg pics.

      and props to 132 for the planking reference~

    16. Classic myth? bring on the slendermanes lol. *shudder*

    17. Did . . did Frith just invent a pony alphabet made of hoofprints and lines? @[email protected] <3

    18. 126 here. I AM a risk player like that >.>

    19. I'm saddened nopony else did Apples to Apples. It's the best game ever.

      (And really easy to learn, Phoe. Seriously.)

    20. 36 & 126 - Somebody please make an Equestria Risk Map!!!

    21. Kill me, I'm a PONYJune 9, 2011 at 12:18 AM

      Next topic proposal: Novel Classics

    22. @Phoe YaY I got a comment! (#79)
      No it wasn't a make up at all but during the coloring process it pretty much hit me that it could of been XD

      Great job everypony. A lot of good work out there. #33 Erthilo why is there two pinkies in the last panel? Just wondering I was like whoa! Pinkie can do anything XD

      Classic Myth this time? Hmm this is going to be a tough one. I'll give it my best. Good luck Bronies! ^-^

    23. @Phoe

      sorry about the e in your name Phoe, I'm playing Alan Wake in the dark so I can barely see my keyboard.

      So, also, by classic, could that mean, well modern classics like... I dunno something from Pixar or whatever?

    24. I've gotta see more work by DI-FL -- too cute X3

    25. #133 here.

      I was thinking of doing a picture with the ponies playing twister but decided to push it aside for what I did. The pair of eyes in the sky are Celestia watching over Fluttershy (the game piece).

      There are some pretty good pictures but I can't list my faves since I'm tired. But I do like #148.

    26. @Muffinsforever

      When I say "Classic" I generally mean that in the sense of "This belongs to the Literary Canon", and not "this is very very good". That precludes the concept of "modern classic" in my mind because my college days beat the idea of such a thing out of my head, but if I'm being honest that sort of interpretation is still within the rules. And I like keeping things open ended, so... run wild, little ponies.

      But I'll be much happier with older works being more heavily represented. *smiles*

    27. #152 and 153 here. sorry for the double post- my browser stopped responding so I hit the submit button twice- the this has already been submitted page only came up after the second hit :-(

    28. # 129 Kooldude here. I need to stop being sloppy...

      #1 LOL I like her logic.
      #3 I hope the gun is another one of Pinkie's friends and that they aren't playing Russian Roulette.
      #14 What's this from I wonder? I feel like I know it...
      #16 I would love to play that.
      #30 Dawww....
      #33 Wow, she got skills.
      #46 That pun is amazing!
      #61 Hey, Mancala! That's a good game.
      #63 Count Bleck playing Big Mac in Chess? Never thought I'd see that crossover.
      #65 Professor Layton is a great game.
      #85 Seconded.
      #104 BURN!
      #155 I love how you used those faces!!!!

    29. #97 Yay! Successful sneaky comment is successful! :D

    30. For the mythology thing someone better do a hippogriff.

    31. #44 here and I just have to say: #26 Twilight, stop cheating, Bile Thrall purge is POW 12 >:I

    32. #14 is a space marine in mark 4 power armour from Warhammer 40,000 for those who are wondering :-p
      so it looks a tad different to normal

    33. Note to self: work faster. I intended #132 to also involve a board of some sort and take place on a checker board (on top of the other board puns) but ran out of time *sad*

      Lots of good entries again tonight. Loved 'em all!

      Now to brush up on my mythology.

    34. #142

      Eye gotta stop doing mine at the last minute, it always gets me near the bottom~

    35. Wow, i'm not last today XD (#136)

      Win goes to #100 <3

    36. #118 checking in. Had idea all day, drew it late. :/

      Why do I pick on my favorite pony, and bolster my least fave of the Mane Cast? (I don't hate Dash! Just feel 'meh' about her!)

      You haven't heard of the Squirrel Nest/Earthcraft combo?

      Squirrel Nest: Enchant land. Tap enchanted land to make a 1/1 squirrel token.
      Earthcraft: Tap a creature to untap a land.
      Infinite 1/1 squirrels.

    37. #138 here! Yay, another comment! That's like 5 in a row!

      I kinda skimped on this one. I didn't really have time to color (cause I was goofing off), but the idea gets through just fine in lineart.

      In Equestria, all chess pieces are knights! Pictured here is the chess set with hats included (so you can play NORMAL chess). It costs $25 more than the set without hats.

      I coulda done better. Today's entries are awesome as always! I can see everyone improving!

    38. #157 here, second pony drawn and I think I should have stayed with the side view and saved myself the embarrassment. The joke was supposed to be
      Twilight playing herself, but I didn't have time to put someone in saying the joke.

      #155 and #141 were my favorites today, plus all the Magic references. I am disappointed that nobody decided to try and do a pic for the Sherlock Holmes story. After all, the game is ahoof.

    39. @DJ RBDash

      It's actually because you always send it via e-mail. The e-mail entries always get uploaded by hoof after the compiler has handled the "normal" entries, so to avoid the numbering going all kersplodey on me I put the manual ones on the bottom.


      Yeah, I... don't have every combo committed to memory. Not even all the famous ones. I don't play a very combo-heavy meta, having been involved in EDH/Commander for so long at this point. Well... ok that's not quite true, but they're much wonkier combos than you'd see normally.

    40. 46 here.

      #126: So true. I am that player. :D

    41. #22 assuming nightmare moon is the black pieces Trixie would be the queen. Queen is always on color

    42. #22 here. Twilight and Trixie are meant to be Queens but I misplaced the figures (serves me right for drawing at night). Actually I'm more or less satisfied with the result this time.

      I think my favorites this time are #15 and #100, seriously, these are great.

      Once again, lots of amazing pictures, it's not even that surprising anymore :D

    43. #140. True story! Happened when we were playing a D&D-like tabletop over the internets.

      Started late, so the whole thing is a comparitively sub par rush job, and I cheated on the last panel since I couldn't get it to look right with markers. Probably wouldn't take so long if I didn't enjoy pencil shading so much. OH WELL

      Liking #6, #11, #28, #62, #92, #97, #100, #124, #128 and #155 today.

      #21: <3
      #45: Yes, shading like that.
      #50-#52: That's some Twilight Zone stuff right there.
      #74: irl lols
      #141: No more shoobeedoo for YOU!

      You ponies draw too well, it's getting too hard to choose faves. =X

    44. #11 this time. And there's only one Jumanji reference here besides mine? I... don't know, I guess I thought there'd be more.

      Oh, and number 16: I'd totally buy that game. Several times, probably, just to be safe. And I'd play it constantly for the rest of my life, without ever taking a break to do anything else. So I'd probably die of thirst or overexhaustion, but that would be so worth it.

      Ahem. Anyway, all these entries are awesome and adorable, especially the ones with Fluttershy. I'm really glad this event is still going on, so here's a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to Phoe and everyone else involved. Hurray!

      Now, on to mythology... that'll be hard. It's full of wars and betrayal and bloodshed... I hope I'll be able to come up with something more pleasant than that.

    45. Only one Jumanji reference? I am disappoint.

    46. @Robin
      Yep. ^_^ Good eye. You can see the alphabet here: http://frith.dreamwidth.org/118939.html After I posted that I realized I was missing the "ook" sound (as in book and cook) so the extra symbol on the side of the "Piaffle" board is for "ook". As for the game, it needs to be modified. After I went through my lexicon looking for ready made words to place on the board I realized that phonetic spelling takes fewer letters per word than what I expected. So, this calls for a smaller board and maybe only 6 letters per draw instead of 7.

      I also invented a set of pony number symbols, but I suck at base 4 notation so I stuck to base ten. Anyway, drawing that small base 10 is easier, no double digits.

    47. #19 here. Yea, couldn't resist basing it on MtG. On a sidenote, t'was the first time drawing either Twilight Sparkle or Zecora. ...Zecora was fun to draw, I really got to do more of her.

      @Phoe: we all have those kind of games at times. It's in the nature of MtG.

      Some pretty good references around here, liking it.

      Mythology, eh? Time to power up my Age of Mythology again, I suppose. Plenty of awesome stuff there. Not that I wasn't an ancient-mythology freak to begin with. This is going to be fun. And will likely involve the egyptian mythos if I know myself...

    48. #4 here! (Yay! My favorite number!)

      Had so much more ideas for the drawing, but then I hit artist block and ended up messing around too much, deciding to keep it simple. Again.

      But great work other ponies! Loved them all! :)

      Hmm... I will try doing some sketches and see if I get inspired by any of them, and hopefully everything goes better than yesterday. Now, towards Greek mythology...

    49. I predict 15 Sleipnirs tomorrow! X^D

      Oh! And I think I'm not only the only one to do Scrabble as a board game, but yesterday I think I was the only one to think of shaving as a bladed activity. So many of you are on the same wavelength. Are ya'll brainstorming on Ponychat or what?

      Well, it's getting light out. Princess Luna must be tucking the constellations to bed, and so to bed I go as well.

    50. Odd, Noone got the Tirek reference in #12, you know, though defeated, stillplots his return.. only if... he wins against the Regent of the Sun.

      he would only go back for the muffins.

    51. @Phoe
      [Didn't mean to sound condescending in previous post...]
      Actually, I only have one Magic deck and it's an EDH deck... And I only play MtG because there's squirrel cards (same with Yu-Gi-Oh).

      I'm 100% sure you know more combos than I do in MtG. I don't even know what in my deck for sure (except the squirrel cards) until I have it in play...
      Pokémon on the other hoof...

    52. #16 here, It was pretty fun making Pinkie Pie Party 3 into a picture.

      @Emerald: I'd definitely be playing that game FOREVER as well.

      The title of that picture is "What the Greatest Night Ever Should Have Involved".

      That, or "What I was waiting for Nintendo to announce at E3, but all I got was a Wii U".

    53. @#14: Nice to see a Warhammer 40k brony!
      Also, just submitted my entry for today's stuff.

    54. A trifle disappointed that nopony took this opportunity to make a "Chess" reference. ...Though I'm not an artist, I may try to draw something on that idea sometime in the future.

    55. 4 YGOTAS references and counting

    56. #65 here!

      Wow, all the YGO references... Love it! That didn't even come to mind for me.
      Hmm.... Another crossover-ish theme, yay! I already know exactly what I'm doing!

    57. My favorite ones are #33 and #54.

    58. Lets see hippogriff's, sphinx's, singing sea ponies(sirens), dragons or just a drawing of spike, Brownies, medusa Trixie, gorgon Rarity, Pinkcules, aphrodite Rainbow and A few normal pics of gilda talking to a a chimera. I want to a at least see a Chupacabra please!

    59. Great stuff, everypony!

      I was so tired last night, I just couldn't push myself to draw poni.

      Oh, I have some great ideas for tonight! :D

    60. #126

    61. @Taco Bandit

      Cardboard cutout Pinkie Pie. That is all.

    62. 132 made me snicker. Can a pony plank? They are kinda lumpy. Makes for a funny image!
      139 is cool, Twilight's tree always looks so cramped on the show, I love how you give it a proper sense of space here.
      148-I love Rarity's expression on this! And makes me realize there should have been waaay more Twister ponies X3

      I'm 100 today, nifty number! When I realized there were 6 ponies, and 6 suspects... I had to do Clue. Was loads of fun :D I loved the books and game as a kid. Glad to see there may be some other fans too! ;)

    63. I love #27. Yay Settlers of Catan. :D

      I feel bad for missing the past 3 days... I really need to do today's..

    64. Does ninjas and pirates count as classics?

    65. # 76 here.

      #155 made me roll. XD

    66. #22 is CLEARLY set up wrong.
      #151... In the end, Razputin, aren't we all just ponies playing poker?

    67. #31 here

      Does anyone have any good advices on myth characters and classic stories. I'm in Southeast Asia and I don't think you will get what I'll draw about.

    68. No Saw references? Probably for the best.
      #33, love it!

    69. @frith That's pretty cool, reminds me of the Dinotopian footprint cypher.

      Also, "15 Sleipnirs": This is a brilliant idea for all the wrong reasons and I'm totally stealing it.

    70. @Anonymous

      There are sure to be dozens of Greek, Norse and Egyptian myth references, so you should TOTALLY do something Asian! Multiple heads! Multiple arms! Forest spirits! So many choices... And we will surely 'get' them. I mean really, between manga, video games, and Miyazaki's movies alone, we're primed to get some exposure to Southeast Asian mythos.

    71. #71 here

      I was originally going to have somepony building a card tower somehow using their hooves and have some kind of gag about it, but decided I liked the idea of Fluttershy being adorable better.

      Some great submissions as usual. Particularly loving #74 & #99, and a bit surprised how several thought of doing the Star Trek chess game.

    72. @Fox E:

      Yes, I figured hoofmarks and scratches were the way to go for ponies as it doesn't require tools, just hooves. I was inspired by somepony by the name of Melskunk who has a pony alphabet which was neat to look at but impractical. The hoof prints rotate in all directions, which would require a pony to dance about in circles to stamp out a message. By the time you'd have written a few sentences in the dust on the ground, you'd have obliterated most the message by walking all over it.

      I'd call my alphabet classic or olde blockprint. Twilight and Spike seem to favor a modern, cursive script. The heiroglyphics in the 'Talent Show' poster are puzzling, though.

      "15 Sleipnirs": I look forward to seeing what you are going to come up with. 8^D

    73. @Anonymous

      I would definitely encourage you to draw something related to the myths and stories of your homeland. Don't worry so much about everypony "getting" it; you can always leave a note so I can explain. But the greater the variety of submissions, the more fun the event is so please! Expand our horizons!

    74. Does mythology creature count for tomorrow's theme?

    75. #50 here. That is hilarious (and a bit strange) that those 3 lined up like that. Clearly the 3 of us are just all awesome :D

      I had also considered doing a Guess Who picture, with it either involving the owl (Hoo!) or with a character being upset that they got a male pony (making the game a lot easier for their opponent).

    76. #130 checking in. c: Aw Phoe, your comments always make me smile, thank you. ♥
      Kinda sad I took so long and didn't have enough time to colour it, but I'll have a coloured version done.. um... eventually. |D;;

      All the Yu-Gi-Oh references today are just great. I was originally going to go down that route, but in the end just couldn't resist an opportunity for adorable "family" bonding.

      #16: ...I want this to be real. I would never stop playing it.
      #74: You have no idea how wide that made me grin. Oh Fluttershy, you so silly. ♥

    77. #109 here.
      Mwa Ha Ha Ha !
      I didn't realize that one guy making Money island pony pictures constituted a flood!
      If only I could think of something better for today than El Pollo Diablo!
      I just love drawing that jacket though!

    78. 89 today! I feel like my cartoon-y style didn't do my concept justice, but ah well, I managed to submit a completed piece.

      The Apples to Apples one is my favorite. Love your style, Zach.

      ~Buddy Vox

    79. As #88, I... I finally... got a comment <33 YESYESYESYES~

      This was definitely a crazy day. It was hard enough for me, but it looks like a lot of you guys drew MANY ponies and I'm sure it wasn't easy if you're on anywhere near the same level as I am right now of drawing newbie-ish-ness. #91, #100, #122, #151, and #155 are great examples of this, and I want you guys to applaud yourselves for all that work.

      #17, #54 and #74 are all hilarious and wonderful, too. Well, every single one of these are, but those really made me smile.

      Now on to what could be one of the most hair-rippingly difficult days yet, or could be nice, easy, fun and exciting if I get in the right mindset and think of the right idea... this is really, REALLY broad...

    80. AWESOME WORK EVERYPONY!!! I literally sat down for an hour brainstorming before i gave in to the urge to work on my story again . . . which i think is coming along very nicely. HAH there were alot of awesome pics, some i didnt get, but still awesome non-the-less. I really would have liked to have an idea for games one. . . but i couldnt think of anything that fit my . . . well uhhh tastes. Thats just like now . . . i have sooo many ideas for this one . . . but i cant find the "taste" im looking for . . . . its soo hard for me . . . not being too good a drawler an all (shapes and poses) <._.>

    81. @Anonymous

      I see 3 Jumanji references:
      -- There's #11 by Emerald Dust (Luna will have to wait on the moon until the dice read 5 or 8)
      -- #101 comic by Prismatic Pretzel (Derpy delivers Jumanji to CMC trio, Scootaloo gets insulted by chicken reference)
      -- #154 by Liska (CMC trio being menaced by rapidly encroaching vegetation, probably bamboo)

      OK, I was wrong: I see two other references to Scrabble besides my own.

      Top favorites!
      #15 by Konig (Big MacIntosh as the White Knight)
      #22 by Easteu (Monochrome, simple lines, Twilight at eye-level with chess board, team Celestia vs team Luna)
      #87 by Spiritofthwwolf (psychadelic dreamscape "Ponyopoly" with Twilight vs Chance card)
      #100 by Kt Kat (the mane six as the suspects in Clue, each in a different colour)
      #104 by T-Brony (Twilight beats Celestia at chess and goes very far indeed)
      #130 by Jena-su (Spike eats game piece, softly chuckling Celestia looks smashing in this sketch)
      #154 By Liska (Jumanji jungle growth)

    82. 13. wow, didn't think I sent mine in that early.
      Elesh Norn is so fun to pull in sealed- not as much draft b/c you almost never make it to 7 mana, althouh with all the acceleration this block...
      Hehehe the best pony is using the best color. Let's see you get through that annex, Trixie, Planeswalker with your blue magics!

    83. #61 - I love you for drawing one of my favourite childhood game * w *. Though I wonder how are they going to scoop out the marbles. Twilight has magic, I know. But how about Zecora...

      #100 - This reminds me how much the board game costs at my place... OTL
      Other than that, totally loves this!

      Great job to the other bronies ^^

    84. Imo we need more strip yahtzee in the world. Never actually played it but I'm sure it can be done.

    85. Not to be annoying, but aren't unicorns and pegasi mythical to begin with? Sort of? Or is it mythical to Ponyville? Hmmm. HMMM?

    86. #56 i wonder what seth meant with the CMCs...

      -The Obsessor

    87. @Mockingbird

      The best game is strip Bubble Bobble. Seriously.

    88. 99 here

      first time phoe's left a comment on mine pretty happy, although the hardest part starts tomorrow night for me cause i will be heading to anime next and proabably will have a hard time drawing for the training grounds over the next 2 days

    89. :( They didnt post mine.... oh well. Atleast it was fun doing it, maybe I can enter it earlier next time. Great drawings everybody!

    90. 42 stopping by to say the 28 BLEW MY MIND. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sing that song every single time I take anything with a knight from now on.

      FOORREEVVEERR, as it were.

    91. I really hope you aren't two hours ahead timezone wise, Seth, because I'm finally going to take my first shot at this today.

    92. @Phoe
      ...strip Bubble Bobble? Never heard that one before.

      I do wonder why.

    93. love the magic ones, i get whats happening is 13 and i love it, but why would twilight side with phyrexia?

    94. #155: Worst poker faces ever. Dash has at least a flush and the rest have crap. Insta-fold for all and Dash wins antes/blinds.

      Next hand is Mexican Sweat!

    95. >at first Benevolent Celestia - Malevolent Nightmare moon
      >and then Tyrant Celestia - Lovely Luna

      #59 is so freaking true!